10+ Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses (+ Examples)
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10+ Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses (+ Examples)

Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Are you looking for social media marketing tips for your small business?

With billions of active users, social media is massive, and it’s here to stay. And when it comes to marketing, it’s a cheap and effective way to reach lots of people.

But with so many other businesses already out there on the internet, it might be tough to stand out.

And that’s what we’re here for. Today, we’re giving you our tried-and-tested strategies that will help your business grow using social media marketing.

10+ Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Let’s take a look at our social media marketing tips to help your business grow. Don’t worry — they’re all super easy, so you’ll have a dedicated social media following in no time.

1. Post Relevant Content

A great tip for social media marketing is to post relevant content. And you need to post that content at the right time.

Instead of just advertising your products, you can make posts that are relevant to the interests of your followers. This way, you’ll get more interactions, and people will keep following you for similar content.

Before making a social media post, stop and think if your customers would find this:

  • Helpful
  • Entertaining
  • Or informative

You also need to make sure that you’re posting your content at the right time.

People are usually on social media during the afternoon. So you can schedule your content to be posted at that time.

best time to post on Twitter to get more engagement

For example, the best time for marketing directly to consumers on Twitter is from 12 PM to 1 PM on Mondays to Wednesdays.

But if your clients are other businesses, the ideal time to post is between 11 AM to 1 PM on Mondays and Thursdays.

And there are different times for the other social media platforms. All you need to do is change your posting schedule to fit those times and you can reach more people.

To get started with that, you can check out our guide on the best time to post on social media.

2. Create a Community on Facebook

Facebook is easily the most popular social media platform on the globe, with 2.89 billion active users. And creating a Facebook group for your business is a great way to reach those people.

wpbeginner facebook group example

With a Facebook group, you can get a close-knit community of people who are interested in your products. You’ll then have a place to market your products and easily get sales.

You can also use a Facebook group to build a relationship with your customers. This way, you can even turn them into brand ambassadors.

And there’s a way to get more benefits from your Facebook group. You can embed your Facebook group feed on your website.

This way, you can show visitors that you’ve got an active community on Facebook. Since people on your website are already interested in your brand, they’re very likely to join.

Once they join your group, you can turn them into long-term customers.

You can do all this in a few simple steps using the Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin.

custom facebook feed pro

The plugin allows you to embed your Facebook group on your site within minutes — no coding knowledge necessary.

Using the live editor, you can easily and accurately customize the feed. You’ll be able to set the color, layout, margins, background, font, header style, and a lot more to create a feed that looks the way you want.

an example of facebook feed for wordpress

As a bonus, the plugin will automatically match the looks of your website. That means your Facebook group feeds will fit your branding.

And that’s just the start. You can embed other Facebook content on your website, such as Facebook carousels, videos, livestreams, and more.

The best part is, you’ll also have access to a team of WordPress experts to help you every step of the way.

Go ahead and add the Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin and watch your Facebook group grow in size and engagement.

3. Post Social Media Feeds on Your Site

Another social media marketing tip to boost engagement, get more followers and increase sales is to add your social media feeds on your site.

With a social feed, website visitors will immediately see your social media presence.

Instead of just telling them to follow you or share your posts, you’re showing them interesting content and giving them a reason to follow you.

social wall pro feed example

At the same time, showing relevant social media posts on your website is a great way to make your website more engaging.

With posts of actual people discussing your products, you’re showing visitors social proof to convince them to make a purchase.

You can use the Social Wall Pro plugin to post feeds from all major social platforms to your site — no coding needed.

social wall pro plugin

With this plugin, you can show posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube on your website. And you can even show them all on a single feed!

So, your visitors can see and interact with all of your social media content directly from your website.

Plus, you can use this plugin unlimited times on unlimited websites — a bonus if you run more than one business.

Despite all the different social media posts on your website, Social Wall Pro will keep your feeds lightning fast. So, your pages will load faster, and your website SEO will improve.

If you want to use your website traffic to increase followers on all major social media platforms, check out Social Wall Pro.

And if you want the best social media feed plugins, including Social Wall Pro, at a discounted price, you can grab the All-Access Bundle today!

4. Post Visual Content

Did you know that you can boost views on social media by 45% just by adding videos and images?

As you can see, you can increase your engagement just by posting more visual content. This can range from photographs, funny memes & GIFs, infographics, tutorials, motivational quotes/posters, and so on.

post visual content for social media engagement

And if you want a place to post that visual content, you have Instagram. It’s a great platform where people can share photos and videos. So, your visual content can reach lots of people.

You can also embed Instagram feeds on your website so even more people can see and interact with your visual posts.

This will allow you to turn your site visitors into Instagram followers with ease.

As a bonus, adding relevant images, GIFs, and videos to your site will make it look a lot more engaging.

For an easy way to do that, you have the best Instagram feed plugin for WordPress: Instagram Feed Pro.

instagram feed pro plugin

Using this plugin, you can create, customize and post feeds with beautiful Instagram photos and videos, all in just a few clicks.

The plugin is also super lightweight, so there’s no need to worry about all the visual content slowing down your site. Instagram Feed Pro can make sure that your feeds and pages load super fast.

You can also customize your Instagram feeds in lots of ways and make them even more engaging. The plugin allows you to change the colors, font, feed layout, margins, size, and a lot more.

example of instagram feed

Plus, your Instagram feeds will automatically copy the design of your website so they’ll perfectly match your branding.

Just grab your copy of Instagram Feed Pro, and you can engage your visitors with beautiful visual content.

To get started on creating visual content for your website, you can take a look at our guide on the best visual content creation tools.

5. Run Targeted Contests and Giveaways

If you want to go viral online, a great way is to run giveaways and contests.

By giving people something to win, you can easily motivate them to engage with your posts.

Since they’re getting something from you, people are more likely to interact with your post and help share your content.

And the hopes of future contests and giveaways can also convince them to follow you.

social media marketing tips for small business use giveaways to boost engagement

Plus, this will also increase your brand’s goodwill as the customers will see you giving back to the community.

And the prizes don’t need to be expensive either. You can give promo codes, free trials, discounts, gift cards, and similar small prizes.

In the long term, the campaign will definitely pay off with more followers, interactions, and sales.

If you want to run your giveaway and contests without hassle, you can use RafflePress.

rafflepress wordpress giveaway plugin

As the best WordPress giveaway plugin. RafflePress can manage all of your contests and giveaways for you. It can help you set them up, prepare the rules, stop fake entries, and even end them at the right time.

You can set up your giveaway form using the simple drag-and-drop editor and select from a collection of pre-built templates. So your contest will be ready in minutes without touching a single line of code.

select facebook template rafflepress

As a bonus, RafflePress also comes with social media integrations. You can use that to share your giveaway across multiple social media platforms and get more participants easily.

Go ahead and create engaging giveaways and contests for your followers with RafflePress today.

And if you want to get started, check out our helpful guide on how to create an online contest.

6. Interact With People

A simple and effective part of social media marketing is simply to talk with people.

By interacting with people, you can leave them with a positive impression of your brand. Then, they’re more likely to engage with you and even promote you on social media.

At the same time, it will also help you build a relationship with your followers and learn more about them. So, it’ll be easier to turn them into dedicated customers.

You can interact with them in lots of different ways. For example, you can start discussions, answer their questions, create polls to ask them questions in return, and a lot more.

social media marketing tips for small business interact with followers

In fact, interactions can be as simple as sharing their posts when they are relevant to your business. For example, you can share social media posts of people interacting with your product.

With this social proof, you can show others that real people are enjoying your products. This can help convince them to purchase and boost your conversions.

Want that social proof to reach even more people? You can just add social media feeds to your website.

7. Use Videos and Livestreams

Here’s an interesting fact: 80% of marketers have said that video content helped them boost sales.

Instead of just telling people about your products with a text post, you can use videos to show it to them. This way is much more effective if you want people to be interested in your product.

Videos can keep people engaged for much longer too. So, you’ll have much more time to market your business and turn people into customers.

Plus, you can make engaging videos cheaply and easily, even from your smartphone.

And there are lots of different types of videos you can use, like announcements, tutorials, reviews, testimonials, and more.

video marketing example

You can then post all of your videos on your YouTube channel. As the biggest platform for video content on the internet, it can help you potentially reach a lot of people.

If you want even more people to see your videos, you can also embed your YouTube videos on your website.

Using Feeds for YouTube Pro, you can allow people to engage with your videos directly on your site.

feeds for youtube pro plugin

With this plugin, you can embed videos from your channel, livestreams, favorites list, YouTube playlists, and a lot more.

What’s more, adding relevant videos from YouTube on your website is a great way to make it more engaging.

social media marketing tips for small business embed video feeds

You can also show content like video reviews and testimonials promoting your products. As a result, Feeds for YouTube Pro can help you boost conversions and get more sales.

And since you get a team of WordPress experts with this plugin, you’ll have an easy time creating, customizing, and posting YouTube feeds.

What are you waiting for? Get Feeds for YouTube Pro today, and you can use video content to promote your business effectively.

8. Add Popups on Your Website

If you want to ask the visitors on your site to follow you on social media, an easy method is to use popups.

social media marketing tips for small business use popups

With popups, you can grab the attention of visitors and then ask them to engage with your social media. This can include asking them to visit your social media pages, follow you, or even join your online communities.

So, you can turn website visitors into social media followers and get more interactions.

To do this without any hassle, give OptinMonster a shot.

add popups with optinmonster social media tips for small business

The plugin helps you create engaging social media popups with no coding. You can just use the drag-and-drop editor to create beautiful popups that will convince your visitors.

You’ll have a ton of different templates to choose from, so you don’t need to build your popup from scratch either. Just grab a template, edit it, and you’ll have a popup ready to go.

optinmonster spin to win template

And you can even track the performance of your popups with its analytics feature. So, you can clearly see how effective your popups are at social media marketing.

Create social media popups for your business website using OptinMonster to boost your followers and get more interactions.

9. Use Trending Twitter Hashtags

The next social media marketing tip is to use trending Twitter hashtags.

When a hashtag on Twitter is trending, this means many people are talking about it. When you include relevant trending hashtags on your tweets, you can join these conversations.

social media tips for small business use trending hashtags

This means your posts can be seen by tons of people. So you’ll get a lot of interactions and followers, and your brand gets more attention.

If the trending topic is relevant to your brand, you can reach people who might be interested in your products. So, you can find more potential customers this way.

As an extra step, you can even embed Twitter hashtag feeds so your website visitors will also see these posts.

hashtag feed for twitter reviews

This is a great way to showcase relevant tweets on your site to make it more engaging. At the same time, you can also turn site visitors into Twitter followers.

With the Custom Twitter Feeds Pro plugin, you can embed beautiful hashtag feeds on your site in just a few easy clicks.


You can use this plugin to add Tweets from your profile, hashtags, search results, Twitter lists, and more. As a result, you can have a variety of Twitter content on your site.

Plus, the plugin will automatically update your feed whenever there are new tweets. So you don’t have to worry about manually adding new tweets anymore.

And with its amazing support team, your experience of adding Twitter feeds is going to be super smooth. If you run into any issue, they’re always ready to help you out.

Use Custom Twitter Feeds Pro to show relevant tweets and you can boost your Twitter interactions and get site visitors to follow you.

For a quick start, check out our guide on how to embed Twitter hashtag feeds on your website.

10. Pay Attention to Analytics

An important social media marketing tip for small businesses is to pay attention to analytics.

use analytics social media marketing tips for small business

All the major social media sites give you analytics tools to see how you are doing. You can use those tools to see whether your current social media strategy is working or not.

If the analytics show that you’re not getting the results you want, then you can try different marketing tactics.

But if the analytics show good results, then you can focus on your current strategy and get even better results.

facebook page insights

For example, let’s say you organize a targeted giveaway on Twitter. You can then check the analytics and see how effective it was. After that, you can decide if you want to do another in the future.

Plus, you can also find out when your users are active. And then you can adjust your posting time to make sure you’re reaching your audience.

If you want to get started with analytics, check out our list of the best social media analytics tools.

11. Add Social Media Widgets to Website

Finally, you use widgets to show your social media content directly on your sidebar or footer.

By doing that, your social media posts can always be visible to people on your site. And since more people see your posts, you’ll get more interactions and followers.

social media marketing tips for small business add a feed widget

With the Social Wall Pro plugin, you can add social media widgets from all the major platforms in just a few minutes.

And it even has a ton of customization options. You can adjust the feed size, layout, background color, typography, and much more.

Like with the other social media feed plugins we talked about, Social Wall Pro will also copy the looks of your website. As a result, you can get social media widgets that will perfectly match your branding.

If you want to get Social Wall Pro, along with the best social media feed plugins at a discounted price, grab the All Access Bundle today.

For a quick start, check out our guide on how to add social media widgets to your website.

And that’s it!

Those were our social media marketing tips for small businesses. Hopefully, this will show you how you can get more followers, boost engagement, and turn people into dedicated customers.

Once you know what to do, all this can be super easy. You can just follow our proven tips, and you can improve your social media marketing starting today.

But if you want to take your online marketing to the next level, Smash Balloon has the best social media feed plugins for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to help you out.

And you can get them all at a discounted price with the All Access Bundle!

If you want to convert website visitors into customers more effectively, take a look at these amazing Facebook testimonial ideas.

Want your social media posts to be engaging? You can check out our guide on the best types of social media posts to boost user engagement.

If this article was helpful, you can give us a follow on Twitter and Facebook and stay tuned for more social media marketing tips and tricks.

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