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15 Clever Testimonial Page Examples That Convert Customers

Do you want to know how to boost your customer conversions by using testimonial pages effectively? Struggling to convince your website visitors to buy from you?

You’re not alone. In today’s world where everyone looks at reviews first before buying, displaying your testimonials on your website is a must.

That’s why in this post, we’ve handpicked a ton of great testimonial page examples that will help you increase your sales in no time.

By recreating these testimonial page examples on your own website, you can raise customer trust, convert visitors to customers and grow your business over the long run.

This is a long article with lots of high-value examples and tips, so we’ve organized them into categories for you. Have a section you’re interested in? You can click the category to skip ahead:

Ready to take your testimonial page to the next level? Let’s jump right in.

Inspirational Video Testimonials

80% of marketers confirmed that video helped increase sales. That’s why displaying video testimonials on your brand’s website is a powerful way to boost customer conversions. Here are great testimonial page examples using the power of video marketing:

1. Xero

Business and accounting software Xero effectively displayed video testimonials under their “Why Xero” menu. Instead of the company showing off a generic sales copy, they chose to let their customers’ stories do the talking for them.

xero testimonial page example

Video marketing in itself is already effective enough. Xero made it more convincing by including the industry of each customer they served.

This way, prospects in similar industries will have an easier time relating to the stories. The result? They’re more likely to try out Xero’s services. Why? 61% of people find information from “a person like me” to be super trustworthy.

2. Codecademy

Coding seems like an overwhelming topic for Internet newbies. That’s why in Codecademy’s testimonial page, they didn’t talk about confusing coding jargon or complicated programming processes.

codecademy testimonial page example

Instead, their customer testimonials focused on how Codecademy helped improve the lives of their customers. There is a name and a talking person with a life story behind the testimonials — that’s what made them more influential.

Bonus point: Codecademy also answered a common customer objection, fear of starting, in their video testimonials.

3. Yum Yum Videos

Video production company Yum Yum Videos knew what they were doing when they shot their video testimonials, too. They added a cinematic filter to the thumbnails of their videos to give off the impression of a high-quality film — it’s the same kind of filter that’s popular in today’s movie landscape.

yum yum videos testimonial page example

To add more conviction, Yum Yum Videos took advantage of the authority in social proof.

Just check out the official company positions placed next to the names of their customers. This makes the site visitors think, “If top experts in the industry are using them, then they must be good at what they do, right?”

4. Airbnb

When it comes to living in the local’s houses when you travel, Airbnb is one of those companies that comes to mind.

airbnb testimonial page example

Their branding, “belonging anywhere”, is about living in a place that you’d like to call home. Even during traveling. It’s why Airbnb decided to film their video testimonials in the actual homes of their customers.

Kudos to them for also showing off their customers’ smiles in their video thumbnails. What better way to send the message of “belonging” than enjoying your time inside your warm and cozy home, right?

How to Use Video Testimonial on Your Website:

You’ve seen different types of effective video testimonial examples. Most of them have a simple but powerful layout. This layout highlights customer video testimonials in an interactive feed that your site visitors can watch — without leaving your site.

So, how do you apply them to your own WordPress?

By using the Feeds for YouTube Pro plugin, you can easily display customer video testimonials on an engaging YouTube feed on your website. With just a few clicks! The good news? It’s beginner-friendly, so perfect if you’re not a techie.

After installing the plugin, just choose a layout and display testimonial videos by selecting a specific playlist, search term, or single video ID. Here’s how we recreated Airbnb’s testimonial page by using the Feeds for YouTube Pro plugin:

airbnb testimonial page example using smash balloon plugin

Want to do this for your website, too? Check out this helpful tutorial on how you can embed a YouTube playlist on your WordPress.

You may also want to check out this ultimate guide on how to make great customer video testimonials to get started.

Quote Testimonials from Happy Customers

As the name suggests, quote testimonials pull a quote directly from a customer’s review about a product or service. Since 92% of shoppers read online reviews before buying, they’re an effective way to increase your sales. Here are a few testimonial page examples using quote testimonials:

5. Hootsuite 

Social media management platform Hootsuite successfully captures the attention of its site visitors by using quote testimonials — with pictures, positions and full names of their customers.

hootsuite testimonial page example

In their testimonial page, they even included the company logos of their corporate customers. The stronger their customer’s brand’s presence is, the more convincing their testimonials are. That’s why Hootsuite made sure to display high-profile testimonials from different brands known worldwide.

6. Dribbble

A self-promotion and social networking platform for digital designers, Dribbble’s testimonial page is refreshing and functional. Did they place “Testimonials” as its heading? No, Dribbble chose to go with “Community Love”, which appeals to their target market: creative professionals and digital designers.

dribbble testimonial page example

Plus, their testimonials are from both corporate and individual customers, so site visitors can rest easy knowing that Dribbble is fully capable of serving both types of customers.

7. OptinMonster

Lead generation software powerhouse OptinMonster cleverly uses quote testimonials on their page by using the heading, “See What Others Are Saying”. This adds a conversational tone to the testimonials page, so the site visitors feel like they’re just reading a friend’s review of the company.

optinmonster testimonial page example

Plus, their testimonial page design is sleek and minimalistic. It’s easily skimmable so you’re more inclined to browse, stay longer and read the testimonials.

Lastly, they made sure to include the customer’s full name, position, company and picture — all factors using the power of authentic social proof to encourage more sales.

8. Kintripper

If you’re in the travel industry, you can get inspiration for your own testimonial page design by looking at Kintripper’s reviews feed. Sure, their header image is eye-catching, but that’s not all. It’s their engaging Facebook reviews feed that boosts their testimonial page’s convincing power.

kintripper testimonial page example

Instead of displaying a screenshot of their reviews, Kintripper made their testimonials page more credible by displaying their actual Facebook reviews on their website.

People are more likely to believe embedded Facebook reviews. They’re also easier to trust.

Why? It’s because the testimonials aren’t just from random names in the Internet. When you embed your social media reviews on your website such as your Facebook testimonials, there’s a name, a picture and a Facebook profile that publicly vouches for your brand.

How to Display Quote Testimonials on WordPress:

In today’s world where Facebook is still the most influential social media platform, posting your Facebook reviews on your website can get you ahead of the game.

After all, you did your best in getting Facebook reviews from your customers. So it’s only natural to proudly display them in your testimonial page, right?

Want to easily embed Facebook reviews on your WordPress? Just install the Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin and let it do all the work for you.

Even without any technical knowledge, Custom Facebook Feed Pro helps you display your Facebook reviews feed in just under 5 minutes! Here’s an example of a Facebook reviews feed we created using the plugin:

testimonial page example using smash balloon plugin

Why not try it out for your own site? After getting your own copy of Custom Facebook Feed Pro, follow the step-by-step tutorial here to embed your Facebook reviews on WordPress.

User-Generated Content from Hashtags

The great thing about user-generated content (UGC) is that your customers’ visual posts do all the talking for you.

These photos of your real customers actually using your products can be highly convincing. They add authenticity to your brand. And with 86% of consumers saying that authenticity is important to them, authenticity helps you sell more. Here are some testimonial page examples you can copy:

9. Dove

Personal care brand is no newbie when it comes to to showing off UGC in their marketing campaigns. In their latest project, #ShowUs, Dove encouraged their customers to show — not tell — their actual experiences in using Dove products in their daily lives.

dove testimonial page example

Dove’s testimonials appeal to their target audience because they’re showing different kinds of beauty. In addition to its authenticity, Dove also made use of the “community” factor in social proof: the more their audience sees UGC, the more likely they are to try out the products for themselves.

10. Fenty Beauty

Another brand that perfectly executes UGC in their marketing is Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. In their homepage, they also encouraged their customers to upload their own photos and videos of Fenty Beauty products.

fenty beauty testimonial page example

What made their testimonial page more convincing? It’s the “Upload” button that’s cleverly located within the Instagram feed.

Since it’s easy to upload your own media, there’s less friction, so more people are likely to do it. It’s also a great way to encourage more sales. 79% of shoppers believe that UGC highly influences their buying choices, after all.

11. Puffin Packaging

UGC marketing isn’t limited to only personal care and beauty products. Puffin Packaging, an eco-friendly packaging solution, effectively used it in their testimonials page as well.

puffin packaging testimonial page example

Instead of showing a feed of the company’s Instagram posts, they displayed a feed of their customers posting about their product.

And since their testimonials were embedded in their homepage as an Instagram feed in the footer area, their site visitors can immediately see it when they check out their website.

Because UGC is seen as more genuine and inviting, this type of testimonial is effective in convincing prospects to do business with you. Of course, the pet pictures didn’t hurt, either!

12. Fabletics

Sportswear subscription retailer Fabletics is another advocate of using UGC marketing in their testimonials page.

Fabletics makes it easier for their users to submit their photos. They can manually upload it, or add #MyFabletics on their own Instagram posts. As a result, it’s easier for the company to generate authentic social proof.

fabletics testimonial page example

Not yet convinced? Data shows that when UGC is placed on a site, there’s a 90% increase in time spent browsing your website. That’s why UGC is powerful in skyrocketing your sales.

How can you display UGC in Instagram on your own WordPress, you ask? Move on to the next section below for the answer.

How to Show Instagram Testimonials for Your Brand:

Using the Instagram Feed Pro plugin, we recreated the testimonial page of Fabletics.

It’s simple: just install the plugin and choose the Instagram hashtag you want to display a feed of. Then, add the Instagram feed to your website with just a few clicks!

In just a few minutes, we were able to produce our own version. See below for the example:

fabletics testimonial page example using smash balloon plugin

The plugin is ultra-fast and user-friendly, so it’s trusted by over 1.4 million users!

Want to give it a go yourself? Just follow these step-by-step instructions on how to add an Instagram hashtag feed to your own website.

Testimonial Tweets from Happy Customers

According to a study from Microsoft, the average human now has an 8-second attention span.

The best way to capture your audience’s attention and effectively hold it? Display short but straightforward testimonials in the form of tweets. Here are a few examples you can copy for your own brand:

13. SeedProd

As the #1 landing page builder in WordPress, SeedProd‘s testimonial page is sleek and functional. SeedProd leverages Twitter to collect testimonials from their happy customers, so the testimonials are bite-sized in structure, but huge in impact.

Of course, to make the tweets more credible, SeedProd also included the customer’s name, position and company.

seedprod testimonial page example

In addition to SeedProd’s list of customers who publicly praised their brand in social media, what made their testimonial page more effective is the footer area.

After showing their trustworthy testimonials to their visitors, they added a call-to-action banner to try their plugin. This way, site visitors can easily sign up to experience the best landing page builder for WordPress themselves.

14. Bizzabo

Another company that cleverly uses tweets in their testimonial page is Bizzabo. As an event platform, Bizzabo recognizes their customers’ struggle in capturing their audience’s attention. That’s why they used the heading, “You are the center of our Universe” with a cute doodle of an astronaut beside it.

bizzabo testimonial page example

To add the power of social proof in their testimonials, Bizzabo also included tweets in their testimonial page. The sources seemed more credible as well because the testimonials came from actual people with real Twitter accounts.

How to Embed Twitter Testimonials on Your Website

Instead of posting a screenshot of tweets that praise your brand, why not embed the actual tweets on your website?

By displaying your Twitter feed with real tweets, you can even boost the credibility of your sources. After all, their names and avatars are displayed together with their tweets.

Plus, if your site visitors wanted to verify the testimonials, they can simply click on the usernames to check the user’s account.

We replicated SeedProd’s testimonial page example using the Custom Twitter Feeds Pro plugin.

After installing the plugin, we just searched for the tweets with the term “seedprod” and included them in our feed. Using the masonry layout type, we were able to create a beautiful and interactive Twitter feed like this:

seedprod testimonial page example using smash balloon plugin

Want to embed a Twitter feed on your website, even if you’re not tech-savvy? Learn how you can add an interactive Twitter feed on WordPress here.

Combining Video, Photo and Text Testimonials

Finally, one of the best ways to show social proof and skyrocket your sales is by showing a combination of different testimonial types in your page. This is exactly what Zoom did.

15. Zoom

Displaying one testimonial type –video, text or photo– can help boost your sales.

So imagine how much more powerful it would be if you showed more than one testimonial type in your page?

If you have 2 or more social media channels, you can combine them into one social media feed and display it on your WordPress.

zoom testimonial page example

For example, Zoom cleverly combines videos, photos and quotes in their testimonials page. Potential customers can choose to watch videos, read quotes or case studies of how Zoom helped improve their customers’ businesses.

As a result, their layout is visually appealing to their audience. Plus, they’re also giving their site visitors different choices when it comes to digesting information. After all, different people learn differently.

How to Show Multiple Media in Your Brand’s Testimonials

Want to combine videos, text and photo testimonials so you can show an interactive feed in your testimonial page?

You can spend lots of time and resources doing this manually.

Or, you can do what we did and use Smash Balloon’s Social Wall Pro to easily combine different social media feeds into a single wall.

By using Social Wall Pro, we were able to recreate Zoom’s testimonial page below:

zoom testimonial page example using social wall pro

The best part? No need for manual embedding so you can easily do this in a few minutes — just by checking or unchecking options!

That’s it!

By reading this article, we hope you learned about the best testimonial page examples and how you can easily apply them to your own website. Now, you’re on your way to converting more customers and generating more sales for your business.

Want to use Social Wall Pro so you can easily combine your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube posts in a single feed? Sure, you can.

Get the Social Wall Pro bundle here so you can unlock unlimited access to Smash Balloon plugins. And the best part? You can use them on unlimited websites, too!

The awesome thing about Smash Balloon’s pricing method? It comes with a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee so you can try out the plugins first and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Want to cross-promote your social media content on your site so you can get more engagement and sales? Check out this next post on how to integrate social media into your website.

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more social media tips and tricks.

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