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How to Make Great Customer Video Testimonials (+ 13 Examples)

How to Make Great Customer Video Testimonials (1)

Want to know how you can make effective video testimonials? You’re on the right track!

With 80% of marketers saying that videos directly increase sales, it’s easy to see how video testimonials can help you grow your business.

But getting started with video testimonials can be tough — especially if you don’t have a huge marketing budget.

The good news is that we’re here to help you out with this ultimate list of video marketing hacks.

By using these, you can establish your brand, boost user engagement and successfully convert your website visitors into paying customers.

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Ready to skyrocket your sales by using the power of video? Let’s jump right in.

17 Questions to Ask for Great Video Testimonials

There’s a reason customer video testimonials are so effective at increasing sales. 92% of shoppers read online reviews before buying, after all.

Why? It’s because savvy customers trust recommendations from real people more than they trust your other marketing campaigns.

That’s why it’s important that you ask powerful questions during your video testimonial interview.

prepare testimonial video

This way, your customers can give equally powerful answers — emotional, convincing stories that will give your prospects the extra nudge they need to do business with you.

Here are 17 impactful questions you can ask to get started:

  1. Who are you, and what do you do?
  2. How long have you been working with our company?
  3. What services or solutions do we provide to you?
  4. What was it like before you had our product?
  5. What problem were you looking to solve when you found our product or service?
  6. How has our product or service helped you solve this problem?
  7. Where did you start to search for a solution?
  8. What made our product or service stand out from other options?
  9. What’s your biggest concern about buying our product?
  10. What’s the greatest reason that convinced you to buy our product or service?
  11. After getting our solution, what made you the happiest about working with our company?
  12. What’s your favorite product feature?
  13. What are the top 3 benefits you’ve experienced from using our solution?
  14. What’s an example of how we went the extra mile to serve you?
  15. If you were to recommend our solution to your best friend, what would you say?
  16. How has our solution made your life easier or better?
  17. Is there anything else that you’d want to say about our solution?

5 Tips to Create Winning Video Testimonials

How long should a video testimonial be? Is there a guideline you can follow while filming? How can you get video testimonials from customers?

Find out the answers to your burning questions about video testimonials by checking out the best practices below:

1. Show your customers how beneficial video testimonials are

When getting video testimonials from customers, the most important factor isn’t what you ask. It’s how you ask your customers that’ll make them agree to give you video testimonials in the first place.

You need to let your customers know that when they give a video testimonial about you, it’ll benefit not just your company — it’ll benefit them as well.

How? When your customer shares their story through a video testimonial, they get to promote their business, too.

On a video, your customers can freely express how their business has grown for the better. They can even quote their company’s increase in sales or productivity during the interview.

At the end of the day, it’s a win-win situation for both of you. You’re both doing each other a favor, after all.

2. Do the hard work for them

Now that you’ve gotten your customer’s “yes”, it’s time for you to get the ball rolling. Make it easy for your customers to give you a video testimonial.

Remember the questions you read earlier? Start preparing for the filming of the video testimonial by coming up with a list of questions you can ask the customer during the interview. You can use them as your own guide.

To help your customers prepare for the filming of the video testimonial, send them a list of the questions in advance.

On filming day, you can set up a video call with your customer. Even just a video testimonial using your customer’s phone can be powerful. Or you can also edit this into a video if you want to.

do the hard work for them

3. Invest in quality

A poorly made video testimonial will reflect poorly on your brand.

To ensure that you’ll end up with a great video testimonial, you can borrow or rent a high-end DSLR camera for filming.

Plus, you can always browse online for reasonably-priced tripods and microphones that record high-quality sound and crystal-clear voices.

If your budget permits, you can also work with video production companies to turn your video testimonial dreams into reality.

4. Filming

While you’re filming your video testimonial, it’s better to interview your customer instead of asking them to talk in front of a camera all by themselves.

This way, they can feel more comfortable answering questions in their own words — and not just reading a boring script.

Want to make your video testimonial more relatable and natural?

First, talk about your customer’s pain points. Then, ask them how your solution managed to solve their problem.

Finally, focus on their emotions. When your product helped improve their lives, how did they feel — happy, thankful, relieved, overjoyed?

5. Editing

How long should your video testimonial be? Let’s face it: your viewers don’t have a long attention span. So, keep it under 3 minutes — 80% of marketers create videos that are 3 minutes or less, after all.

To keep viewers engaged, you may also want to add graphics and text to your video testimonial. Work with simple text styles so they won’t be distracting.

These elements are helpful, especially when you want to highlight key points in the video.

13 Powerful Video Testimonials You Can Copy

What’s the best way to get inspiration for creating your own video testimonials? Check out existing videos that are brilliantly made and powerful in converting customers. Good for you, since you don’t have to look very far!

Here are 13 awesome video testimonials you can use for your own brand:

1. Amazon

Amazon is a brand that’s known worldwide, so it’s a given that they work with lots of partners.

That’s why in this video testimonial, they chose to feature different business owners who talked about how Amazon was instrumental in their success.

There’s strength in numbers, and this video made use of this concept very well.

From featuring lots of businesses and emphasizing their growth by figures, this video testimonial is effective in encouraging others to try out Fulfillment by Amazon, too.

After all, who wouldn’t want to achieve 800% growth in their business?

2. FreshBooks

This video testimonial cleverly focused on their customers’ pain points and introduced FreshBooks as an effective solution to their problem.

After all, 61% of people trust recommendations from “people like them.” So in this video, FreshBooks featured a warm and honest testimonial from a relatable customer, Sarah.

Sarah perfectly represents the target customer of FreshBooks: small business owners who want easy-to-use software to help them manage their accounting better.

Since she’s so relatable, viewers can easily see themselves in Sarah’s persona. So, they tend to trust her words more than a generic sales copy.

3. American Express

Sometimes, it’s challenging to make an effective video testimonial, especially when your target customers have different profiles.

In this video testimonial by American Express, they managed to make it work by featuring 5 types of businesses they serve.

It doesn’t matter if they’re a B2C company or a B2B brand in different niches. As long as they partnered with American Express, they’re helping their business grow by giving their customers more choices to do business with them.

4. Hotsy Cleaning Systems

Staying true to their tagline, “It’s what the pros use,” Hotsy featured a large-scale business in the form of a dairy farm in their video testimonial.

In the beginning of the video testimonial, Hotsy already established that their customer is an expert in their field — they produce 200,000 pounds of milk every day!

And what does this market leader use as their go-to cleaning system? They trust no other brand than Hotsy to maintain their clean facility and preserve the high-quality status of the milk they produce.

5. Airbnb

Airbnb effectively made a video testimonial by featuring one of their hosts, a couple living in Croatia.

Since the brand is all about traveling and living in a local’s home, the viewer is treated to a visual masterpiece of landscape shots and the hosts’ house — making you feel as if you were their customer instead.

Want to know what made their video testimonial more engaging? It’s using the hosts’ voices as the narrators for the whole video. Sure, this added authenticity to the video testimonial.

And it’s backed up by data, too: 75% of shoppers prefer an informal and chatty tone in a video voiceover.

6. Epipheo

While other video testimonials focus on how a company improved their customers’ lives, Epipheo chose to stand out from the crowd by asking their customers about their experience working together. 

This way, viewers of the video testimonial will have an idea of what’s it like to work with Epipheo.

Will the company be able to help them achieve their business goals? What is their communication process like? Are they the right fit? All these pre-buying questions are answered in the video. In less than 3 minutes!

7. Roku TV

Want to emphasize how user-friendly your company’s solution is? Follow what Roku TV did and connect a range of your customers in your video testimonial, instead of focusing on only one.

Plus, if you want your viewers to remember your product’s main benefits, you can include them in the script. Then, highlight them using an on-screen text that’s easy to understand and even easier to recall.

8. Slack

Not all video testimonials need to be serious and rigid. Just check out what Slack did with this video.

They presented their customer’s pain points and solved them using Slack — all in a mock documentary setting that reminds you of comedy shows in the media.

It’s innovative and done in a fun and light way.

And even though the company adopted a playful style in narrating the benefits of using Slack, viewers can still understand the video’s message: Slack tremendously helped them improve the way they communicate as a company.

9. Zoom

Zoom’s video testimonial featuring Zendesk is another example of a powerful testimonial. Right from the beginning, Zoom already established how trusted its brand is.


By featuring an internationally known brand like Zendesk as their customer.

This makes Zoom’s video testimonial more convincing to their viewers since a million-dollar company like Zendesk uses Zoom as well.

Since Zendesk mentioned that Zoom helped them increase their productivity and save time, viewers are also encouraged to try out Zoom for themselves so they can grow their businesses, too.

10. Oxford

It’s one thing to say you provide great customer service. All companies say this.

But it’s another thing when your loyal customers actually go on camera and say that they’re satisfied with the high level of customer service you give to them.

And this is exactly what Oxford did to make their video testimonial more powerful.

The most powerful line in the video testimonial? “When stuff goes bad, actually, Oxford’s really good.”

This makes the viewers trust the brand more since they have peace of mind that whenever something doesn’t go their way, they can still rely on Oxford to help them sort things out.

11. Dropbox

Since shoppers say that they read up to 10 reviews before feeling like they can trust a business, Dropbox made it easy for viewers to trust them by featuring testimonials from more than 5 of their customers.

In addition to this technique, Dropbox also made its service more customer-friendly by featuring a testimonial about how it helped a company and its customers collaborate.

Instead of just helping company employees collaborate with each other. So it can feel more personal and engaging to the viewer of the video testimonial.

12. Salesforce

Another amazing example that uses emotions to convince viewers is this testimonial video from Salesforce.

This video focuses on telling a story that can resonate with people and create a positive impression of this brand

In this video, Stephanie Herrera talks about the journey that led to her success and the role played by Salesforce. Since the brand isn’t the main focus of the video, it feels a lot more genuine and relatable.

At the same time, it’s a great example of how regular people can benefit from using Salesforce.

13. Okta

For something unique, you can check out this video testimonial for Okta.

Instead of showing regular people using the products, this shows how Adobe used Okta to positively change its workplace.

This testimonial also tries to be informative and goes into a lot of technical details about Okta. So, potential customers can clearly see what Okta offers, and how they can help their brand.

How to Show Your Video Testimonials on Your Website

Now, you already know the questions you need to ask to make a great video testimonial.

You’ve also learned the best practices when it comes to creating, filming, and editing videos.

Plus, with the awesome examples you’ve seen, there’s no doubt that you can already make powerful video testimonials for your own brand. So, assuming that you’ve already made one, what’s the final step?

You need to make sure that your target audience sees it when they visit your website. This is where showing your video testimonials on your website enters the picture.

Easiest Way to Add Video Testimonials to Your Website

If you’re done uploading your video testimonials on YouTube, what’s next? Using YouTube’s platform, you can only display single YouTube videos on WordPress.

So, if you want to manually embed your YouTube videos to your site, you can. But you’d need to spend lots of time — you’ll add your videos one by one.

No worries, though! With the help of Smash Balloon’s Feeds for YouTube Pro, you can automatically embed multiple YouTube videos on your website — even if you’re not tech-savvy.

youtube feed pro plugin smash balloon

With the help of this plugin, you can create, customize and embed feeds of YouTube videos on your website with ease.

The best part? Using this ultra-fast plugin, you can display your video testimonials on your website in under 5 minutes!

How? Just follow the step-by-step tutorial below:

Step 1: Install and Activate Feeds for YouTube Pro Plugin

To begin embedding your video testimonial playlist on your website, get your own copy of the Feeds for YouTube Pro plugin here.

Once you have the plugin, just install it on your WordPress website.

Not sure about how you can do this? Check out this step-by-step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin for full instructions.

Step 2: Create a YouTube Feed

Now, you can use the guided flow to easily create a new YouTube feed to show the video testimonials.

First, go to the YouTube Feed » All Feeds menu from your dashboard and click on Add New at the top.

embed youtube playlist by adding new feed

As the most versatile YouTube plugin for WordPress, Feeds for YouTube Pro helps you choose from 6 feed types:

Since we want to embed a YouTube video testimonial playlist, select the Playlist feed type and then click on Next.

youtube feed types youtube

Just like that, you now have a new YouTube playlist feed for your site. Using this, you can display video testimonials and boost your sales with ease.

Step 3: Connect Your Feed to YouTube

Once you’re done creating your feed, it’s time to connect it to YouTube in this step.

For the easiest way to do this, you can simply add your YouTube API key. If you don’t have an API key yet, check out this helpful guide on creating and using an API Key.

Once you have the key, copy it and then return to your website.

Finally, paste the API key into the popup and click on Add.

add api key youtube

Then, you can choose the playlist that you want to display by entering your playlist ID.

To find your playlist ID, go to the YouTube playlist you want to display. The playlist ID is a string of letters and numbers shown after the “list=” symbol in your playlist’s URL.

For example, in this tutorial, we’ll embed Airbnb’s video testimonial playlist, so copy the playlist ID like this:

get playlist ID for your video testimonials

Next, paste it to the Playlist ID field in this popup to add this playlist as the source.

Remember to click the Next button after.

insert playlist id youtube

Just like that, you’ve created a YouTube feed and connected it to your video playlist.

If you want, you can skip to the final section below and learn how to embed your video testimonials on your website.

After all, the plugin already copies your website’s theme’s existing fonts and styles. So it’s consistent with your brand’s visuals.

Or, if you want to choose your video testimonial feed’s layout, learn how in step 4.

Step 4: Customize Video Testimonial Playlist

To help you easily customize your YouTube feed playlist, you can just import a pre-built template.

With this plugin, you get 8 different layouts that you can choose from:

  • Default
  • Carousel
  • Cards
  • List
  • Gallery
  • Latest Video
  • Showcase Carousel
  • Widget

Once you select a feed template, click on the Next button to continue.

pick a feed template youtube feed pro

Now, the plugin will take you to the live feed editor, where you can easily customize your YouTube video playlist in a few clicks.

On the left-hand side of the editor, you can find the customization panel. Here, you can change your video testimonial playlist feed’s size, layout, color scheme, header, button design, and much more.

youtube feed playlist live editor

And when you make any changes, you can see how your feed looks using the live preview on the right.

Ready to start the customization? Then click on the Feed Layout option on the left.

select feed layout option feeds for youtube pro

From here, you can choose from 4 layouts for your feed: Grid, Gallery, List, and Carousel.

feed layout options youtube feed pro

First, you have the grid layout that can show YouTube videos in simple rows and columns,

If you want to show lots of videos in a neat way, this can be the option for you.

grid layout for youtube feed pro

The gallery layout, on the other hand, can show one large video with small thumbnails underneath.

If you want to highlight one specific testimonial, then you can try this layout.

gallery layout for youtube

Next, you have the list layout, which shows a single column of YouTube videos. It’s a great way to make your testimonials clearly visible.

list layout for youtube

Want to make your site more engaging? You can use the carousel layout and turn your YouTube feed into an interactive slideshow.

Once you select the feed layout that you prefer, click on Save to confirm your changes.

After that, you can click on Customize to return to the main customization options once again.

customize your video feeds once again

After that, you can use the rest of these customization options to change how your testimonial video playlist looks.

You can change your color scheme, feed size, load more button, header design, and much more in just a few clicks. Finally, click on Save to confirm your changes at the end.

Next, you can go to the final step and embed the video testimonials on your website.

Step 5: Embed Your Video Testimonial Playlist on WordPress

Using the Feeds for YouTube plugin, you can display your video testimonials on a WordPress page or on your sidebar.

Let’s talk about both options below:

Add YouTube Videos Testimonials to WordPress Page

To start embedding your videos on a page, you can use the live feed editor as well.

First, click on the Embed button in the top right corner.

click on embed button youtube feeds pro

Next, you’ll see a popup that asks you to choose where you want to embed your YouTube feed.

To continue, click on the Add to a Page button here.

embed to a page youtube feed

Next, the popup will show you a list of all WordPress pages that you can use.

After you select where you want to embed your video testimonials, click on Add.

select your page wordpress

After you do that, the plugin will open the page in the WordPress editor. Here, click on the plus (+) symbol to add a new WordPress block.

add a block wordpress page

Search for “youtube feed” and then click the Feeds for YouTube block to add it to your page editor.

add feeds for youtube block

Once you’re happy with how your video testimonials look, click on Update to make them live on your site.

Now, when you visit your website, you can see your video testimonials displayed, like this:

example of youtube video testimonial feed

Let’s go ahead and look at the next method of embedding YouTube video testimonials.

Add YouTube Videos Testimonials to WordPress Sidebar

Want to display your video testimonials on your sidebar area instead? The plugin allows you to do this from the live feed editor.

First, go to the YouTube Feed » All Feeds menu from your dashboard to see a list of YouTube feeds that you’ve created.

You can then click on the feed that you want to embed.

open your youtube feed gallery

Just like that, you can open any of your YouTube feeds in the live feed editor.

From here, click on the Embed button at the top.

embed your youtube feed

Like before, you’ll see a popup that asks where you want to embed your YouTube feed.

On the popup, click on the Add to a Widget button.

add to a widget option

Next, you can choose to embed your YouTube video feed on your website’s sidebar or the footer.

If you want to use the sidebar, click on the Sidebar panel here.

open sidebar panel

Want to use a footer instead? Then you can click on a Footer panel on this page.

For our example, we’ll go with a WordPress sidebar.

open footer panel

Once you do that, you can click on the plus icon (+) at the bottom to add a widget.

Next, select the Feeds for YouTube widget from the options.

add youtube widget to your site

Click on Update to finalize your choices, and your YouTube testimonials will be live on your site.

When you check out your sidebar area, you can see your video testimonials embedded automatically, like this:

sidebar widget for your video testimonial

Now that you know how to embed video testimonials, let’s see how you can take it a step further and embed tons of online testimonials.

How to Embed Online Testimonials on WordPress

Another great way to boost your sales and get more engagement is to embed customer reviews and testimonials from trusted websites.

And when it comes to displaying online testimonials, the simplest way is to use Reviews Feed Pro.

reviews feed pro plugin

As the fastest growing reviews aggregator plugin, you can use it to create, customize, and embed feeds of customer testimonials in a few simple clicks — no need to touch a single line of code.

example reviews and testimonial feed

And that’s just the start! Here are a few more amazing features you can get with the Reviews Feed Pro plugin:

  • With this plugin, you can embed testimonials from trustworthy platforms like Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook, and Yelp.
  • To create your testimonial feeds with ease, Reviews Feed Pro comes with a guided flow that’ll take you through the whole process of creating, customizing, and embedding review feeds.
guided flow reviews feed
  • You can choose to only show testimonials with specific star ratings and create a great impression of your brand.
  • You can use the moderation options to directly control which testimonials show up on your site or choose to hide specific reviews.
moderation features reviews feed pro
  • Using the visual customizer, you can change the design of your testimonials in just a few simple clicks with a real-time preview to help you out.
  • Since the plugin has a convenient WordPress block, embedding your testimonial feed is easier than ever — no need for HTML, CSS, or any kind of code.

The best part?

The plugin comes with an expert support team who are always ready to lend you a hand. You can reach out to them any time if you want help or have any questions.

Ready to embed online testimonials with ease? Get your copy of Reviews Feed Pro here!

And there you have it!

Now, you can increase your conversion rates by creating and displaying effective video testimonials on your website.

With the help of Feeds for YouTube Pro, you can embed video testimonials on your website in just a few easy clicks — no need to touch a single line of code.

Ready to display video testimonials? Get started with Feeds for YouTube Pro here.

Interested in video marketing on different social media platforms? You can check out our next post on how to embed a Facebook video in WordPress.

And, if you enjoyed this ultimate guide for video testimonials, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more useful tutorials.

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