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"What an AMAZING plug-in. Can't begin to tell you how much time this has saved me. The reviews were so good, I didn't believe them because they seemed over the top. Wrong. They are right on the money. One of the easiest to use plug-ins I've ever purchased.." - Dan Deibert
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Love this plugin, easy to use!. Really great plugin that I’ve used on a few sites now, so they have a nice active gallery of work. The hardest thing as usual is getting clients to find their FB passwords!

- yvetteasker

Best IG Plugin. I love this plugin! It works on my blog/website and links directly to my IG page. It has nice options to customize it as well.

- wendygphoto

Rapid support response & easy to use. I had trouble linking instagram to my wordpress site so got in touch with the support desk. I promptly received a personable response with really helpful and simple to follow step by step instructions. I was able to swiftly install the plugin and reinstate instagram. Thank you

- shawx

Love it – Easy to use. An easy to use plug-in to show your insta feed on your website. Love it!

- pixelmuffin

Great!. Easy setup, runs smoothly, nice design. Nice job!

- emelieherlin

Excellent. Excellent

- hiltdenis

Świetna wtyczka. The best

- iskama

it is good opportunity.. please give us more facility to spend our ads through publishing the site.

- shahab786

Świetna apka. Prosta w instalacji, bardzo dobrze działa.

- klinikazdrowegojedzenia

VERY EASY TO USE. Very easy an simple to configure, like a plug an play!!!!

- patyrod

Excelente. Excelente, lo uso siempre

- murielariadna

Great OFr business. Seriously increased my exposure on business profile

- 1shopadmin

works OK. works OK

- romankramar1964

very usefull plugin. very usefull plugin

- fprb

Good For Business Update. Recommended to all

- yarukhaslam6

works good. nice UI

- sami

Does what it says. Terrific plugin

- darthambiguous

Very good plugin. We´ve been using it a few weeks by now, and we are so happy with it!

- desguacesgranada

Greate Support. Great and fast support!

- floumei

Instagram. This plugin makes it easy!

- brendamc

Plugin muito bom!. Faz o que promete de uma forma simples e com boas funcionalidades na versão free!

- fabiojlcosta

Great!. Very good. Works well and looks great.

- leonordl

Works. This works well. No issues.

- wayne20

Gostei. Sincronizar o site com o perfil no Instagram é uma ótima ideia.

- otgoias

Does what it says. I was looking for a plugin to showcase my Instagram’s post and this plugin did the job.

- olive

Essential. Funciona bem, mas há sempre interrogações

- carlosmedeiros

Works great – one minor critique. I love that the free version is pretty customizable and functional on its own but the paid features are worth it too if you’re looking for more options. I’ve never had an issue with it. The only critique I’d give is the plugin sometimes stops working and needs to be reconnected if the Instagram password is changed. My clients are always forgetting their passwords so that’s a little inconvenient. But it’s still a great plugin!

- ashloni

Perfect plug in to show your Instagram feed on your website. Easy to use/configure, does exactly what I was looking for

- jackiefrank

Top simple easy and WONDERFUL slider for your website. First, install this plugin. Then you go to settings and there is a button to connect directly to your Instagram account.

- dylancohen

Instagram Feed Review. Fantastic Plug-in

- creatonico2020

very good. really raly good

- pechavarria62

Works great. Good detailed settings, stable functionality and fast PageSpeed possible. I liked the fast and helpful support the most.

- delucks

Very Good!. Very Good!

- izojunior

Great plugin, fast service. Love the plugin. It’s incredibly powerful and also user friendly…a very difficult combination to pull off.

- jonblazn

amazing and user friendly. amazing and user friendly for persons like me who are not well versed in website

- hastkaari

Intuitive and good manage to use!. Intuitive and good manage to use!

- alasenespanol

Great Plugin & Great Customer Support. The plugin fixed a major issue we had because no other IG Feed plugin was doing the job correctly and if it was, it kept going down or giving problems.

- mkgdirect

excelent plugin. I love this plugin. I use it for several web pages and it is always working fine. Thanks for the hard work!

- mgdiazanton

Fantastic plugin!!!. Great design, features and easy to use! Highly recommended!

- nandocostamusic

Great plugin with awesome support!. I had a small issue after switching to 2FA and support helped me solve it in no time! thank you so much for this plugin!

- rayge

Fantastic all round. This plugin just works. Good free features and a nice display on the front end. Support is superb in the rare event you will need it.

- gvnet

Good plugin. Good plugin

- sanjays442

Easy to use, Works great. Easy to use, Works great

- bettydom

Great support. A great plug in with excellent support.

- sarahwels

Great Plugin. Does exactly what it’s supposed to do!

- zobabe

Easy to use, Works great. Works as expected. Very easy to insert the code.

- parrotjoy

Great plugin. Great plugin

- moath-hussein-3

Great plugin. Great plugin

- moath-hussein-2

Great plugin. Great plugin

- moath-hussein

Works Great!. Couldn’t be happier. Customizable, updates automatically, and also looks good. Never had a single issue.

- lekey9000-2

This is an awesome plugin.. Can’t say enough about this plugin. Works just as expected.

- dozierc

Good plugin. I am using this plugin on multiple sites. No problem. If yes, support is quick and very effective 🙂

- lukas-bachleda-lavadesign

Great Support on Free Version. I use this plugin at its most basic level, just to display an Instagram feed on a home page. I don’t need the extra functionality of the full version, but I would highly recommend this plugin to anyone thinking of using the extra features. Why? Because of the excellent support I received as a free user. I had to wait a few days for a reply, but when they came through they did a thorough job. Obviously paying customers get first priority, but these guys know their product well and know how to troubleshoot. I’m grateful for being able to get such great support and would not hesitate to buy a product, should I need one from this software developer.

- thedrumdoctor

luv it!. it’s a great plugin I Luv it. and works amazing

- almayova

Insta Feed Footer Widget. Placed the plugin in a footer widget and it displays Insta feed effortlessly.

- burntpixel

Excellent plugin!. Excellent and easy to use! Much better than the plugin I used before!

- spapeschi

Muito útil. Deixou meu site mais bonito, muito fácil de usar, exatamente o que eu estava precisando!

- valkyriadreads

A great plugin. Great work

- polkadotweb

Excelente complemento!. Muy fácil de usar y cumple su misión a la perfección

- claumigue

grateful. Top, use and recommend

- paulo-siqueira

使いやすい. 無料で使える範囲は限られていますが、親切設計で使いやすいです。有料版も必要であれば使いたいと思います。

- himpotan

Fine plugin. It does the trick nicely 🙂

- hjorth007

Great Plugin. Love this plugin. Really easy to configure to my blog and love the way that it looks!

- staccreates

easy to use. simple and easy enough to set up and customize. worth trying out!

- gdm

Best plugin. Useful for me to engage people more on my page

- omer123

Great plugin. Been using the plugin for a couple of years now and the plugin is great and support excellent! Can’t recommend it enough!

- not1_name

Great plugin. Easy to configure. Does a great job!

- aadwork

Just what we needed. It works great with what we wanted for our page;)

- heartshipmj

Great. Good job 🙂

- iwonapa

Great Plugin. Awesome plugin, that is very easy to use. It has not slowed down my site. I like the various configurations that I can choose from.

- themelaningoddess

So easy to set up and use!. This took me every bit of 15-20 minutes to set up and get running on my site. So easy and looks great!

- daleworley

Kjempe fornøyd!. Denne plugin anbefales. Har ingen problemer med den og jeg blir ikke utlogget i tide og utide som på andre plugins jeg har brukt.

- ehpno

Excellent customer support. Their customer support is excellent. The representative we emailed with was responsive, knowledgeable, kind, and gave us step-by-step instructions that were easy to follow on getting our plugin updated. The Instagram integration on our client’s site looks great. Definitely recommend this plugin!

- magnetdms

Everything’s perfect. Really useful, thanks !

- undy08

If only all plugins were so good…. Easy to use, slick display and back-end. Zero learning curve.

- onegraphic

really love it!. it is really easy to use, highly recommend it

- wordpressorgato

Simple to use. Simple to use

- giftgalleryindia

Love this plugin. Love this plugin

- abdulqadir101-2

Love this plugin. Love this plugin

- abdulqadir101

Flawless. Works flawlessly.

- ajryan6of7

Fantastic app. Fantastic app, easy to install and set-up, and synchs as it ought to!!

- dwoott

connection instagram. Excelente

- miwebpanama

Love this plugin!. Great results!

- stonerea656

Amazing plugin by amazing developer. Excellent plugin, very simple to use!

- alexold

great. Great, really great

- tombaker1968

добро е. 6+

- valentin-ivanov

Quick Resolution via Support!. Excellent plugin, very simple to use!

- wdes2021

Fantastic plugin. Fantastic plugin and easy to use

- ivonio-2

Fantastic plugin. Fantastic plugin and easy to use

- ivonio

Usefull plugin with great and quick support. Really good and usefull plugin. I used it on my website and I customized it thanks to the quick support. Brilliant! I suggest it to everyone that wants to integrate instagram!

- clo88

Great tool for your website!!. Awesome Plugin to share YouTube conyent on your website

- gotuaweb-2

Does what it says!. Easy to use, looks great.

- roguenoir

It does what it promises. I am happy with the free version.

- ana-marques-eu

Simple to use. Very simple to use. Work as intended.

- pirigoin

Very easy to use, does the job perfectly. An excellent product which provides a lot of functionality, even in the free version.

- cheesemaker67

I ve love it !!. Thats very work

- arturoverbel

Very useful!. A great alternative that is reasonably customizable even on the free tier. Also very easy to set up

- brunocabete

I love it. I like it

- vanesseb

Nice!. Very nice plug in 🙂

- zklanulapy

Great Plugin. Great Plugin

- %e0%a4%b6%e0%a4%bf%e0%a4%b5%e0%a4%95%e0%a4%be%e0%a4%a8%e0%a5%8d%e0%a4%a4-%e0%a4%b6%e0%a4%be%e0%a4%b6%e0%a5%8d%e0%a4%b5%e0%a4%a4-5

Great Plugin. Great Plugin

- %e0%a4%b6%e0%a4%bf%e0%a4%b5%e0%a4%95%e0%a4%be%e0%a4%a8%e0%a5%8d%e0%a4%a4-%e0%a4%b6%e0%a4%be%e0%a4%b6%e0%a5%8d%e0%a4%b5%e0%a4%a4-6

Amazing plugin by amazing developer. Many thanks for great plugin for social feed. Set things up is super simple and user friendly. Also documentation is amazing and plugin itself provides s**tload of info in case of any error. So you doesn’t even Google the solution, because it si provided right away by plugin. What an excelent job.

- wittytrade

Love !!. No Regrets

- michaela-monique-vilson

Feed for YouTube works great. I’ve been using the YouTube feed for a few months now and have absolutely no issues whatsoever! works great.

- tdellav-2

Feed for YouTube works great. I’ve been using the YouTube feed for a few months now and have absolutely no issues whatsoever! works great.

- tdellav

Gorgeous Instagram showcase. A simple plugin for its integration and customizations.Brilliant as an idea.

- giuseppe-c

Just excellent. The free version is excellent!! Very easy to use. All is working as expected.

- renisauria

Excellent plugin – excellent support. Can’t rate this plugin or the developers highly enough.

- digiroutes

Amazing support. I had an issue with the feed not loading after months of it being fine. I contacted support, and despite being on the free version, had a helpful response in a few hours. It turned out the issue was with a caching plugin on my end rather than Smash Balloon, and we were able to get it back up and working. The plugin itself does what it says, but it’s the support I am really impressed by. Definitely recommend.

- lozula

Works like a charm. Love this plug in. Does what it says it does without a hitch. So many IG feed plugins are super buggy. What a relief to find this one.Get it!

- teetaylor

looks amazing on my site. looks amazing on my site

- hazel-mcqueen

Exactly what you may need… and then some more.. Delivers as promised… and reply from support (on non-documented feature) within a couple of hours!

- paulbas

exelente!. muy útil, y fácil de instalar lo recomiendo

- artechanitos

top markotop. mantap surantap

- ahmadjamilharahap

Facebook connection absurdities sorted. We changed our Insta account name. Big mistake. Facebook in their infinite wisdom just couldn’t sort out the account to reconnect to. But we resolved it, with great help from Joel in Smash Balloon tech support. Instant, detailed responses from him. Top man. Thanks Joel.

- kevan-pegley

Great Plugin with awesome backup support *****. I’ve found this product to be ideal for my requirements in displaying Instagram feeds on websites.

- spotter698

Great Instagram Plugin. This is a great easy to use plugin. Very pleased with it!

- harringtonway

first day clicks with feeds. I ‘ve been very surprise to see 74 clicks the first day without doing much and a website not very workable , a lot of errors, which lead to a high “Bounce score” due mainly to people not finding what they’re looking for. Now, everything has been corrected , the feeds will mean really something and the Bounce will go down , I’m sure . Thanks to the feeds

- bapaksorbo

Unbelievable solution. So helpful and simple in use plugin! Thank you very much!

- jrdkee

Great plugin and amazing support. Been using this plugin for a couple of years now. Never had any issues. With the last update we encountered a problem of the images not loading, but the support team was quick on the case and fixed the issue in record time. Amazing!

- ticok

Thumbs up!. Easy to use and it works!

- prasch

Works. I like stuff that works.

- imogen-bertin

Works great!. It updates fairly quickly, only had one day where it was a little slow.

- angelaboykobooks

Great Plugin and Great Support. I love this plugin and great Support.

- darkestangell1928-2

Why Didn’t I Use This Plugin First 💯💯💯. For some reason I didn’t use this plugin maybe it was because I didn’t know they had a free version but anyway after wasting hours of time with the 2nd best plugin trying to get it to work and support getting back to me a week later I decided to give Smash a try. Problem solved in minutes. Thank you

- micahgaudio

Great Service. great after sales support! Customer service team solved my problem very quick!

- khairen

Works exactly as advertised. Easy to use plugin with straightforward options. I had my feed up and running without any extra coding.

- dbaron

Works great!. Easy to use and works as expected. Thanks!

- sally-wolleat

Great plugin and support. Great plugin and awesome support

- fjura

great service. Had a problem with images not showing. The support response was helpful and quick!

- palasmic

Great. Always works, no concerns!

- themorganmethod

Good support!. I love the support here!

- allesanderewarbesetzt

Great support. I’ve been using this plugin on websites for a long time, and it’s alway my go-to when a client wants to show an IG feed. I recently contacted support about an issue where another plugin was clashing with this one after updates, and they quickly answered my questions and helped me debug. Thank you very much!

- taylor

Great. Great plugin Love it!

- tallyann

super. super

- titihp5757

hot love it. love it

- saeedsol

Good plugin, reasonable cost. The plugin was easy to install. I reached out to Support with a question, and they answered promptly and with a good solution.

- arecibo2

Perfect. Perfect

- noorman13

Perfeito. Na versão paga faz o prometido e necessário, sem necessidades de assinar o pro.

- bambumkt

Great plugin!. Easy to setup. Works!

- svenbrun