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When you become a Smash Ballooner you are signing up to join our affiliate program. It’s free to join, easy to apply and requires no technical knowledge. Affiliate programs such as this are common throughout the web and offer website owners an additional way to profit from their websites. Affiliates generate traffic and sales for commercial websites and in return receive a commission payment.

How does it work?

When you join the affiliate program, you will earn a commission for any sale made by a customer who arrived at our site through one of your links. You’ll be supplied with your own unique referral link which can use to refer users to our site. You can choose from a range of banners which you can place within your site or marketing materials, or choose to just use your text link. When a user clicks on one of your banners or links and makes a purchase of one of our plugins within 30 days then you will be awarded a commission for the sale.

Can I have some more details?

Sure, here’s a summary of the program:

  • You’ll be awarded a 20% commission on the total cost of each sale that you initiate. This results in a commission range of $7.80 on a $39 sale, up to $99.60 on a $498 sale, or more if multiple plugins or extensions are also purchased.
  • If your referred user makes a purchase within 30 days of using your affiliate link then you are awarded commission for the sale.
  • Payments are made once per month, for the previous month. There is no minimum dollar amount required in order to have your commission paid out if you are based in the US.
  • Commission payments are made via PayPal, so you must have PayPal in order to receive commissions. (Under certain circumstances we will consider other payment methods – please contact us if you need to discuss other options).

What are the rules?

  • It is not permitted to use this affiliate program as your own personal discount when purchasing one of our products. Commissions won’t be paid out to individuals who abuse the program in this manner.
  • It is not permitted to use the affiliate program as part of a coupon/discount site where you offer the affiliate commission as a discount to users.

I have questions

If you have any questions then just contact us and we’ll get back to you right away.

Sign me up!

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Please note, if you’ve already registered for an account on, either during checkout or on the Account page, then please sign into that account first before registering as an affiliate using the form below, that way your accounts will be linked.

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