How to Set Up Instagram Shopping on Your Website (Step by Step)

Last updated on February 7th, 2021

Want to know how to set up Instagram shopping so you can get more sales?

With 60% of its users saying they discover new products on Instagram, Instagram shopping is an effective way to engage with your customers.

Setting up Instagram Shopping in both Instagram and your website encourages your customers to easily click on links to buy your products directly from you. It’s a great way to boost your sales and conversions.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how you can set up Instagram Shopping — even if you’re not tech-savvy.

Since this article is packed with tons of helpful tips, we’ve organized it into several sections for you. Feel free to click on a specific section to skip ahead:

First, let’s find out exactly what Instagram Shopping is.

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What is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram Shopping lets you combine your product catalog and pricing with your Instagram account.  That way, you can turn your Instagram account into a storefront.

By tagging products on your shoppable posts, you can promote your products directly to Instagram users to increase your sales.

Right now, the Instagram Shopping feature allows you to put up to 5 shopping tags per image or up to 20 products per multi-image post.

For example, users browsing your Instagram account can see your post with a View Products icon on it.

how to set up instagram shopping example

Once they tap on the icon, they can see the name of the product, product description, and price of the products tagged in the shopping posts.

If they continue tapping, they’re directed to a link to visit your website so they can buy your product.

how to set up instagram shopping view products

This buying experience sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But is setting up Instagram Shopping the best fit for your e-commerce business?

Let’s find out by talking about its advantages and disadvantages below.

Pros and Cons of Setting Up Instagram Shopping

Pros of Instagram Shopping

If you set up Instagram Shopping, you can enjoy tons of benefits like:

Easier buying experience: Once Instagram users tap on your product, they can see its product listing page with the product details and price.

Tapping again automatically directs them to your website, where they can buy your product and finish the e-commerce transaction via the checkout.

Higher chances of users buying from you: When you tag a product in a post, it’s included in Instagram’s Shop tab. You can also put your shoppable posts on your Instagram stories.

Since Instagram users spend 85% of their time exploring new products, they can see your shoppable Instagram image while they’re in “buying mode.”

how to set up instagram shopping app

Cons of Instagram Shopping

Now that you know its benefits, it’s time to make shoppable posts, right?

Not yet, actually.

You need to set up Instagram Shopping for your account first.

Before you can do so, let’s talk about its several disadvantages, too:

  • Limited availability to businesses: Not all brands can set up Instagram Shopping for their account. You need to pass Instagram’s requirements first.

Instagram’s Requirements to Set Up Instagram Shopping

  1. Have the latest version of the Instagram app.
  2. Convert your Instagram account into a business profile.
  3. Be an admin on a Facebook page or Facebook Business Manager account.
  4. Have an eligible product catalog connected with a Facebook shop for your Instagram shop.
  5. Complete the complication process of domain verification.
  6. Follow all of Instagram’s commerce policies.

Passing Instagram’s requirements isn’t the only challenge:

Limited to selling allowed physical goods only: If you’re a service-centered business, you can’t use Instagram Shopping since you’re not in a supported market.

Also, in setting up shopping for Instagram, you can only tag physical products, so it’s not applicable for all marketers. It’s mostly for product retailers.

Not all countries have Instagram Shopping eligibility: If your business isn’t in the following countries, you can’t make shoppable Instagram posts. So, your Instagram posts can’t have tagged products.

how to set up instagram shopping countries

Instagram controls the way you sell: If you don’t meet their requirements, you can’t start selling on Instagram since they have total control.

Also, you may get approved at first, but if they believe that you’ve failed to meet their requirements, they can disable your account at any time, even after you set up shop on Instagram.

Can You Set Up Instagram Shopping on Your Website?

Now, reading about these cons may cause you to ask: “Since it’s hard to tag my products on my Instagram account, can I easily add shoppable Instagram posts on my website instead?”

If your business isn’t located in Instagram’s list…

Or if you’re not qualified, or your account is not approved by Instagram…

Or if you want to have total control over the way you sell to your customers…

Then, yes. There’s another way you can create shoppable Instagram posts.

How? It’s by using a top-rated WordPress plugin to help you set up Instagram shopping on your website.

This way, you don’t need to have a Facebook catalog, a product catalog or even a Facebook business page to help you pass Instagram’s strict eligibility requirements.

You just need your WordPress website, a trusted WordPress plugin, and your Instagram account so you can start making money from your shoppable Instagram posts.

It’s like your very own Instagram checkout, right at your website. And it’s applicable to your site, whether you have a creator account or business profile.

As a result, your website can be your own e-commerce platform — even if you don’t have a Shopify or BigCommerce account!

Then you can get tons of sales from your new WordPress Instagram shop.

2 Methods to Set Up Instagram Shopping

Want to know how to set up Instagram shopping? You can make shoppable Instagram posts on:

1. Your Instagram account: You need to meet Instagram’s requirements and apply and wait for their approval first.

Then, you create a shoppable feed on your Instagram account where images in your feed link to your website; or,

2. Your own website: Using a WordPress plugin, you can set up Instagram shopping on your site by making a shoppable feed on your website.

Shoppable images have links that people can click on to buy your products.

Since you’ll display the shoppable feed on your website, you can control the links that people click on to buy from you.

This method helps you create another platform for your sales channel so you can make more money for your business.

How to Turn On Instagram Shopping on Your Instagram Account

Once you’ve applied and Instagram has successfully approved your account, you can turn on the product-tagging feature from the Instagram app by following the steps below:

  • On the top-right corner of your Instagram business account, tap the 3 lines so you can edit profile

how to set up instagram shopping

  • Tap Settings, then tap Business 

how to set up instagram shopping settings

  • Then, if your account is approved for Instagram Shopping, tap Shopping. If your account isn’t approved, you won’t see this.
  • Tap Continue to select a product catalog to connect to your business account.
  • Finally, tap Done to turn on Instagram Shopping for your account.

Now that you’ve turned on Instagram Shopping for your account, you can start tagging your products in your Instagram posts

How to Tag Products in Instagram Posts

To make shoppable Instagram posts where you can tag products, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your Instagram business profile. Create a new post and add a caption.
  • Then, tap on Tag Products. After this, tap on the section of the photo where you want to place the product tag.

how to set up instagram shopping tag products

  • Search for the product by typing its name on the search bar. Then, select it.
  • Tap Done and finally, Share, to post it on your Instagram account.

Already know how to install Instagram Shopping and tag products on your Instagram post? Great!

Let’s move on to setting up Instagram Shopping on your website.

How to Set Up Instagram Shopping on Your Website

Instead of making a shoppable feed on Instagram and linking them to your website, why not make a shoppable feed on your website and link them to another page on your site?

That way, website visitors can shop from Instagram feeds on your site.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to use a WordPress plugin like Instagram Feed Pro to set up Instagram shopping on WordPress.

Even if you’re not an IT expert, you can easily display a shoppable feed on your website with the Instagram Feed Pro plugin by Smash Balloon.

Using this plugin, beginners love how easily they can customize how their Instagram feed looks like on their website, even without tackling codes or complicated settings.

how to set up instagram shopping plugin

Plus, the plugin is also lightweight and makes sure your Instagram feeds are lightning-fast. And with a faster site, you also get better SEO.

With over 1,000,000 active users, the Instagram Feed plugin is the top choice of WordPress users in displaying Instagram content from their accounts on their websites.

Also, with an average rating of 4.9, it’s the highest-rated Instagram feed plugin for WordPress, so you know you’re in great hands.

how to set up instagram shopping reviews

Ready to display shoppable Instagram posts on your website? Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Install the Instagram Feed Plugin

To start, you can get your copy of Instagram Feed Pro here by downloading it to your computer.

Then, upload the plugin to your WordPress website and activate it. If you’re not sure how to do this, check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to install a WordPress plugin to your website.

Step 2: Connect Your Instagram Account (Business Profile)

Next, it’s time to connect your Instagram account to the plugin.

With the help of Instagram Feed Pro, you don’t need to connect your Facebook account anymore. Also, having a catalog manager or commerce manager isn’t required.

All it takes is to connect your Instagram account to the plugin and let it do the hard work for you.

To start, go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Instagram Feed » Settings. Then, click on the Connect an Instagram Account button.

Connect an Instagram account

You’ll be asked to choose between connecting your personal or business account.

Choose to connect your business account to get access to more helpful features. Then, click Connect to confirm your choice.

Simply follow the on-screen instructions to link your account to the plugin.

personal or business instagram shopping

Now that you’ve connected your Instagram account, the next step is to choose which feed type you’d like to show.

Step 3: Choose to Show “User Account” in Your Feed Type

On the same page, choose the type of content you want to display.

Since we’re making a shoppable Instagram feed, select to display your User Account to show your latest Instagram posts. Then, click on Save Changes.

how to set up instagram shopping feed types

After this, the next step is customizing how your shoppable Instagram feed looks like.

Step 4: Customize Your Instagram Feed Settings

Scroll up to the top of the settings page, then click on the Customize tab. Under the Customize » General tabs, you can control the width, height, and background color of your shoppable feed.

how to set up instagram shopping customize

If you scroll down, you can also choose from 4 different layouts for your shoppable Instagram feed.

Instagram feed layout types

Choose from a standard grid with fixed square image sizes, scrolling carouselmasonry layout showing original photo sizes, or a highlight gallery showing specific photos larger in the feed.

To choose a layout type, click the radio button and click Save Changes to save your settings.

Step 5: Turn On “Shoppable Feed” in Your Plugin

In a regular Instagram feed, when a user clicks on your Instagram photo, they’re directed to your Instagram account.

how to set up instagram shopping posts

In a shoppable Instagram feed, though, when a user clicks on your Instagram photo, they’re directed to the link you want them to go to instead. For example, you can direct the user to go to your product page.

shoppable instagram feed on website

To turn on shoppable feed, scroll up to the top section of Instagram Feed Pro’s settings page. Navigate to Customize » Posts.

how to set up instagram shopping on website

Under this tab, look for the Link Posts to URL in Caption option and make sure that it’s checked.

how to set up instagram shopping wordpress

Remember to click on Save Changes so that the plugin remembers your chosen settings.

Step 6: Change Your Instagram Post Captions

To set up Instagram shopping on your website, you need to change your Instagram post caption.

Inside the caption area, enter the link or the full URL of the page you want your Instagram post to link to.

If you want to edit your Instagram pictures, just go to the existing posts you’d like to edit, and tap the 3 dots on the upper right hand corner. A menu will appear, so tap on Edit.

how to set up instagram shopping edit post

Delete your original caption and replace it with the full URL of the page you want your post to link to.

For example, when someone clicks on this post on your embedded Instagram feed, they’ll be directed to the URL you put in the post’s caption.

On this page, they can see the pricing and product information so it’s easier for them to buy from you.

how to set up instagram shopping captions

Now that you know a shoppable feed means website visitors can click your posts on your displayed Instagram feed and get directed to the URL you set up…

how to set up instagram shopping

…the next step is all about embedding your Instagram feed on your website.

Step 7: Embed Your Shoppable Instagram Feed on Your Website

Since the plugin works seamlessly with WordPress, Smash Balloon’s Instagram Feed Pro plugin makes it pretty easy for you to display your shoppable Instagram feed on your website.

With just a few clicks, you can add your shoppable Instagram feeds using:

  • The Instagram Feed block: if you’re using the new WordPress block editor
  • The Shortcode: if you’re using the classic WordPress editor
  • The Instagram Feed WordPress widget: if you want to embed on your website’s sidebar

By following the steps below, you can display your feed on your website in under 5 minutes!

Displaying Your Shoppable Instagram Feed with the WordPress Block Editor

The first way is to use the block editor to add your WordPress Instagram shop on a page or post.

To display your shoppable Instagram feed on a new WordPress page, navigate to Pages » Add New to create a new page.

add new page

You can use a WordPress post here instead. Just go to Posts » Add New from your WordPress dashboard.

add new post

You’ll then see a new page with the block editor. Here, click the Plus (+) icon to add a new WordPress content block.

Then you can just click on the Instagram Feed block under the Widgets section.

instagram feed block

Once you add the block, your Instagram feed is automatically displayed on the editor. When you’re happy with how it looks like, don’t forget to click on Publish to make it live on your website.

how to set up instagram shopping wordpress post

Displaying Your Shoppable Instagram Feed with the WordPress Classic Editor

First, go to Instagram Feed » Settings. Scroll down until you see the Display Your Feed section. You can copy the shortcode here.

how to set up instagram shopping shortcode

Once you’ve copied the shortcode, navigate to Pages » Add New to create a new page.

add new page

This time, a new page using the WordPress classic editor will open. Paste the Instagram feed shortcode here, as you can see below:

how to set up instagram shopping

Once you’re done filling in the content you’d like, click on Publish to see your shoppable Instagram feed displayed on your website.

Displaying Your Shoppable Instagram Feed on Your Sidebar

You can also add a shoppable Instagram feed as a widget on your website’s sidebar.

To do this, go to Appearance » Widgets from your WordPress dashboard. Then, drag the Instagram Feed widget over to your sidebar area.

how to set up instagram shopping widget

Click on Save to make your Instagram feed active on your website’s sidebar area.

Now you can open your website and check out your WordPress Instagram shop!

So, there you have it.

You’ve just learned how to easily set up Instagram Shopping both on your Instagram account and on your website.

Now, you can offer your products directly to your customers by displaying a customizable Instagram shopping feed on WordPress.

What are you waiting for?

Get started with Instagram Feed Pro today.

Or if you want unlimited access to Smash Balloon plugins so you can use them on unlimited websites, go ahead and get the All Access bundle here.

The great part about Smash Balloon’s pricing method? It comes with a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee, so you can try out the plugins first and see if it’s a good fit for you. Smash Balloon is completely safe.

Want to display an Instagram hashtag feed on your website using your branded hashtags? Take a look at this post on how to add an Instagram hashtag feed to WordPress.

Interested in converting customers and influencers into your very own brand ambassadors? Check out our next post on how to turn your website visitors into brand ambassadors today.

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