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How to Add YouTube Feed to WordPress (Step by Step)

add youtube feed to wordpress

Do you want to add a YouTube feed to WordPress but don’t know where to start? Well, it’s pretty simple and we’ll show you how.

Showing YouTube videos is a great way to improve your visitor engagement. While it is useful, it can be a bit difficult if you’re not very tech-savvy.

There’s no need to worry anymore. All you need is the right tool and you’ll be able to add feeds of YouTube videos to your website in just a few clicks.

Before that, let’s see what you can get by adding YouTube feeds to your WordPress site.

Or, you can just skip straight to the tutorial.

Why Add YouTube Feed to WordPress

At this point, YouTube needs no introduction. It’s basically a household name and the go-to place for internet videos.

Since it’s such a massive platform, there’s tons of content on it as well. And the good news is, you can benefit from that content. It’s just a matter of adding a YouTube feed to your website.

Still on the fence? Well, here are a few benefits to think about:

  • Boost Conversions: Just showing reviews and video testimonials can help convert your visitors into customers. In fact, 84% of people were convinced to buy a product after watching a video review.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): If your visitors watch videos, then they’ll spend a lot more time on your website. This is a huge boost to your SEO. And with an entire feed of YouTube videos to pick from, people are more likely to find something they like.
  • Grow Your Channel: If you have a YouTube channel yourself, then it can be useful as well. Add a feed of your videos and you can start turning website visitors into more subscribers.
  • Saves Space: You won’t have to waste your server space by hosting the videos. Just add a YouTube feed to your WordPress site and you’re set.

Easiest Way to Add YouTube Feed to WordPress

With that, let’s get started on adding a YouTube feed to WordPress. Now there are 2 ways you can do this:

  • Manually: To manually add a YouTube feed, you need to get the embed code for each of the videos. After that, you’ll have to use the codes to embed them all one by one.
  • Using a plugin: You can just connect your YouTube channel to a WordPress plugin for an easier way. After that, you can use the plugin to automatically embed different kinds of video feeds.

If you want to save time, then you’re better off using a trusted WordPress plugin. Plus, you won’t have to bother with a ton of embed codes or anything complex. It’s all easy and automatic.

For best results, you can use the Feeds for YouTube Pro plugin by Smash Balloon. As the fastest-growing YouTube plugin for WordPress, there’s a lot to love about it.

feeds for youtube pro to add youtube feed to wordpress

You can connect to YouTube with just a few clicks and easily create, customize and post video feeds. Plus, you won’t have to bother with coding or anything complicated.

Not just that, this WordPress plugin is powerful as well. You can embed YouTube videos from playlists, YouTube channels, favorite lists, and much more.

Plus, it’s all fully responsive, so mobile users can also see your embedded YouTube feeds without any problems.

And don’t worry about lags either. Feeds for YouTube Pro comes with a special smart loading feature that only loads videos once visitors interact with it. So, your webpage is going to load super fast.

You’ll also get access to high-quality customer support with Feeds for YouTube Pro. If you ever need any help, the dedicated support team will be happy to lend you a hand.

user feedback customer support

And there are a lot more features to explore as well. With the customization options here, you can personalize the layout, colors, size, display info, and lots of other things.

Plus, the customization is super user-friendly and requires absolutely no coding. So, matching your video feeds to your brand will be a piece of cake.

So, let’s get started and see how you can display your YouTube feed to your WordPress site using this plugin.

Step 1: Install Feeds for YouTube Pro Plugin

First, you’ll have to go and download the Feeds for YouTube Pro plugin.

Then, you need to install and activate the plugin on your WordPress site.

Not sure how to do that? Then you can check out this article on how to install WordPress plugins.

Step 2: Connect Your YouTube Account

Now, you’re ready to connect your YouTube account to your site. Don’t worry, it’s pretty simple.

To get started, go to Feeds for YouTube from your WordPress dashboard.

On the new page, click on the Connect to YouTube to Create a Feed button.

feeds for youtube connect account

This will redirect you to your Google account. Here, you’ll have to give read-only access to Feeds for YouTube Pro. Just click on Allow to do that.

allow read only access

Now click on Allow once again in the pop-up to confirm it.

click on allow

You’ve now successfully connected your account. Now you can get started on embedding YouTube feeds to WordPress.

If you want to display more types of YouTube feed, then you can also create a free API Key. For more details, take a look at this handy tutorial on creating an API Key.

Step 3: Select Your YouTube Feed Type

Now, you can pick the type of YouTube feed you want to add to your WordPress site.

This plugin gives you quite a few options you pick from. To see what they are, go to Feeds for YouTube on the sidebar and scroll down to the Select a Feed Type section.

types of feed for youtube

Here, you can choose to embed YouTube channels, live streams, playlists, and more into your WordPress site.

You need to choose between the different feed options and enter your information like the channel, video, or playlist ID.

If you don’t know what the ID is, just click on the small question mark icon to the right of each option.

Here, you can see an example of YouTube URLs with the ID highlighted.

channel options to add youtube feed to wordpress

As an example, let’s try to add videos from the Smash Balloon YouTube channel. To do that, let’s open the channel and copy the channel ID.

So the channel ID is at the end of the URL so let’s copy that. If you have a username instead of a channel ID, then you can copy that instead.

smash balloon channel

Now, we can just go back to WordPress and select the Channel option. All that’s left is to paste the Channel ID and then click on Save Changes.

add channel info for youtube feeds

You can now move on to the next step below to personalize your YouTube feed’s design.

Step 4: Customize Your YouTube Feed

Now that you’ve picked the type of YouTube feed, you can now choose how that feed will look.

With the Feeds for YouTube Pro plugin, you get tons of options to customize your feed. So, it’s easy to match the looks of the YouTube feed to your brand identity.

To start customizing, first go to Feeds for YouTube » Customize tab from your dashboard. Here, you’ll see all the customization options divided into different sections.

customization section

On this page, you can change all the different settings, from the layout and size to the font, color, margins, display info, and much more.

To get started, scroll down to the Layout section.

layout options

If you want to show all your videos in a series of neat grids, then pick the Grid option here. This way, you can show lots of videos in one go.

grid youtube feed example gopro

Want to highlight one video instead of showing a ton of thumbnails? Then you can go for the Gallery option instead.

With a YouTube video gallery, one of your videos will always be prominent. So, you can use it to get the attention of your visitors.

example of a gallery feed wp


Of course, you can also go for the List option to list out all the videos in a simple column.

list layout youtube videos

For something more dynamic, you can select the Carousel layout. This way, you can show your videos in a nice-looking slideshow.

carousel slider video feed example youtube

Just pick the one that interests you and then click on Save Changes.

And this is just the start! If you scroll down, you can see lots of other options to customize your feed below.

customization options youtube feeds

With just a little bit of effort, you can have a feed that’s perfect for your brand.

Step 5: Add YouTube Feed to WordPress

So now, it’s finally time to add your YouTube feed to WordPress. Actually, there are 2 ways to go about it.

  1. Embed YouTube Feed on WordPress Post
  2. Embed YouTube Feed on WordPress Footer

If it seems complicated, then don’t worry. We’ll explain how they work below. It’s a really quick process so you’ll be done before you know it.

Embed YouTube Feed on WordPress Post

To get started, go to Posts » Add New from your dashboard to create a new post for your feed.

add new post

You can also use this method for WordPress pages.

add new page

After creating a new post or new page, you’ll see the block editor appear. Here, just click on the small plus icon (+) to add a new block.

In the search bar, search for ‘youtube’ and you’ll see the Feeds for YouTube widget for WordPress.

add new youtube block

Just click on it so that you can easily add your YouTube feed to the block editor. Then, save your post.

And that’s it! Now you’ve added your YouTube feed to a WordPress post.

wordpress youtube feed example

Embed YouTube Feed on WordPress Footer

With the 2nd method, you can add your YouTube feed to the WordPress footer as a YouTube widget.

To do that, go to Appearance » Widgets and look for the YouTube Feed widget on the left.

Now, just drag and drop the widget into the Footer panel on the right.

drag widget to footer

You can also use this method to add videos to your sidebar.

And your YouTube video widget for WordPress is now ready! Open up your website and you’ll be able to see your video feed on the footer.

youtube video feed in the footer

So that was it!

Now, you can add a YouTube video feed of your own to WordPress.

With this amazing plugin, it’s really easy to add YouTube video feeds and make your site much more engaging.

So what are you waiting for? Just go and grab the amazing Feeds for YouTube Pro today!

Smash Balloon also has plugins for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram if you want to add other platforms to your social media marketing plan.

You can get the All Access Bundle and get unlimited access to all of Smash Balloon’s present and future plugins — so you can use them on unlimited websites.

Want to take your YouTube channel to the next level?, Check out this complete guide on how to grow your YouTube channel.

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