How to Embed a Twitter Hashtag Feed on Your Website (Best Way)

By Lianne Laroya on March 9, 2021

Do you want to know the best way to embed a Twitter hashtag feed on your WordPress?

With 40% of users shopping for a product after they’ve seen it on Twitter, cross-promoting your Twitter content on your website helps boost sales for your business.

It’s also an effective way to show social proof about your brand by displaying testimonials from your happy customers worldwide.

But Twitter doesn’t give you an easy way to embed a hashtag feed on your website. If you don’t feel comfortable with coding, it’s pretty tricky to customize Twitter’s code so you can show a hashtag feed on your WordPress.

So in this article, we’ll share with you the easiest way to embed a Twitter hashtag feed on your website — no coding needed. In fact, you can follow this simple tutorial and add your hashtag feed to your WordPress in just a few minutes!

Let’s get started.

Methods to Embed a Twitter Hashtag Feed

When it comes to displaying a feed full of Twitter posts with hashtags, you have 2 ways to do this:

  1. Manual: Generate an embed code using Twitter’s platform. Then, change the code snippets so you can customize your feed and show a Twitter timeline with hashtag tweets. If you’re not tech-savvy, you can hire an expensive developer to help you.
  2. Automatic: Get a trusted WordPress plugin and use it to connect to Twitter’s API. Then, connect your Twitter account to the plugin and embed your Twitter hashtag feed with just a few clicks.

As mentioned, it can be confusing to display your hashtag tweets if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

Also, the manual method is difficult to do since you need to deal with multiple webpages and you have to tweak a lot of code snippets just to customize the content of your embedded Twitter timeline.

It can also be quite expensive if you embed your Twitter hashtag feed manually, since you need to hire a developer to help you change lots of code snippets.

And the worst part? Because you need to tweak code snippets and paste them directly into your WordPress, you can accidentally break your website. And if this happens, you don’t have any dedicated support team who can help you fix it.

But if you use a WordPress plugin to help you embed your Twitter hashtag feed on your website, you won’t have those issues at all!

Easiest Way to Add a Twitter Hashtag Feed

By using the best Twitter feed plugin for WordPress, Custom Twitter Feeds Pro, you can easily create and customize your Twitter feeds and display them on your website — even if you’re not tech-savvy.

The truth is, the plugin is so user-friendly that complete WordPress beginners can quickly set it up and display their Twitter feed with just a few clicks. Yes, even if you don’t have any design or developer background.

embed twitter hashtag feed plugin

Worried about the plugin slowing down your website? You don’t need to be. One of the reasons why Custom Twitter Feeds Pro is the highest-rated Twitter feed plugin is because of its ultra-fast performance.

But don’t just take our word for it — you can let the plugin’s solid 4.9/5 stars rating do the talking. After all, it’s happily recommended by over 100,000 users around the world.

custom twitter feeds pro rating and reviews

Another reason why it’s well-loved by thousands of website owners? Custom Twitter Feeds Pro looks awesome right out of the box because it automatically copies your website’s existing theme and design. So, your embedded Twitter feeds look similar to your brand’s style — effortlessly!

And if you want to customize how your Twitter feeds look like, you can easily do this just by checking or unchecking options — no need to deal with confusing code snippets at all.

Finally, did we mention that Custom Twitter Feeds Pro comes with an amazing customer support team? The cool thing about this is that you’re going to be assisted by WordPress experts who’ll do their best to help you integrate your Twitter content into your website.

With these in mind, let’s move on to the step-by-step tutorial on how you can easily embed your Twitter hashtag feed below.

Step 1: Install Custom Twitter Feeds Pro

First, take your business to the next level by getting your own copy of the Custom Twitter Feeds Pro plugin here.

Already downloaded the plugin to your computer? Great! The next step is to make sure to install it on your WordPress website so you can start using it. If you need help with this, you can use this tutorial on how to install a WordPress plugin on your website as a guide.

Step 2: Connect Your Twitter Account

After installing and activating your plugin, the next step is connecting your Twitter account to it so you can unlock its features.

It’s super easy to do this. First, visit your WordPress admin panel and click on the Twitter Feeds menu. Then, under the Configuration tab, click on the big blue button to connect your Twitter account to the plugin.

embed twitter hashtag feed connect account

Remember to click on Save Settings, then move on to the next step below.

Step 3: Customize Your Hashtag Feed Settings

Now, it’s time to choose the type of Twitter feed that you want to display on your website.

On the same page, scroll down to the Feed Settings section. Under this section, you can choose the type of Twitter feed you want to showcase.

And since this tutorial is all about embedding a Twitter hashtag feed on your website, click on the radio button next to hashtag and enter the hashtag you want to include in your Twitter feed.

For example, in this tutorial, we’re going to show a Twitter feed of tweets containing the hashtag #oatmilk.

Of course, feel free to change this hashtag to your own branded hashtag so you can show your own custom feed.

embed twitter hashtag feed starbucks

Under this section, you can also easily set the number of tweets you want to display initially. Plus, you can also control how frequently the plugin will check for new tweets so your Twitter feed is regularly updated.

Finally, click on Save Settings to preserve your data. Then, move on to styling your Twitter hashtag feed in the next step below.

Step 4: Style Your Twitter Hashtag Feed

As mentioned, your Twitter feed will already look amazing right out of the box. After all, the plugin automatically copies your website’s existing design, so it looks consistent with your branding.

Want to have even more control over your Twitter feed’s style? Sure, you can.

To get started, scroll to the topmost part of the settings page and click on the Customize tab. Here, you can change the width, height and even background color of your Twitter hashtag feed.

embed twitter hashtag feed customize

Scrolling down will take you to the Layout section, where you can easily choose the format that you want your Twitter feed to be displayed in. For this tutorial, we’ll choose the masonry layout so your Twitter hashtag feed can look like this:

embed twitter hashtag feed example

And if you want to have even more design options, you can also scroll again to the topmost part of the page and click on the Style tab.

embed twitter hashtag feed style

On this page, you can take your time and play around with different styling options, such as changing the color, background color and font of text and links in your Twitter feed.

That’s not all — you can also customize your timezone, custom texts, Twitter header, text length and “load more” buttons on this page. The awesome part? You don’t need to have any coding knowledge, just click the options to customize!

When you’re done styling your Twitter hashtag feed, it’s time to embed it on your WordPress website below.

Step 5: Embed Your Twitter Hashtag Feed on WordPress

With the help of Custom Twitter Feeds Pro, you can easily add your Twitter hashtag feed to your website’s page or widget-ready areas like your footer or sidebar.

Add Twitter Hashtag Feed to WordPress Page

You can display your Twitter feed on your new page or post in your WordPress website.

For this tutorial, we’ll add the Twitter hashtag feed to a new page in WordPress. First, visit your WordPress admin panel and create a new page by navigating to Pages » Add New.

embed twitter hashtag feed add new

If you’re using the classic editor, simply paste this shortcode into your new page editor and you’re all set: [custom-twitter-feeds]

embed twitter hashtag feed shortcode

Or if you’re using the block editor instead, click on the Plus (+) icon to add a new WordPress block. Look for the Twitter Feed widget and click on it to automatically add your Twitter hashtag feed to your page.

embed twitter hashtag feed wordpress block

When you’re happy with how your Twitter feed looks like, just click on Publish to make your Twitter feed live on your website.

Add Twitter Hashtag Feed to WordPress Sidebar

Using the plugin’s built-in widget, you can also embed your Twitter feed as a widget on your sidebar or footer areas.

In this tutorial, we’re adding the Twitter hashtag feed to the sidebar area.

To get started, go to your WordPress admin panel. Then, navigate to Appearance » Widgets.

See the Custom Twitter Feed widget? Drag it to your sidebar area to embed the Twitter hashtag feed widget.

embed twitter hashtag feed widget

Finally, click Save. Now, you can see your Twitter hashtag feed live on your sidebar when you visit your website, like this:

embed twitter hashtag feed widget

So, folks, there you have it!

We hope this easy-to-follow tutorial helped you embed a Twitter hashtag feed on your WordPress website. Now, it’s only a matter of time before you get to experience more followers and more sales by adding testimonial tweets to your website.

Get started with Custom Twitter Feeds today.

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The cool part about Smash Balloon’s pricing method is its 100% no-risk money-back guarantee so you can try out the plugins first and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Finally, if you enjoyed this article, connect with us on Twitter and Facebook for more helpful tutorials.

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