How to Embed Tweets in WordPress

How to Embed Tweets in WordPress (Newbie-Friendly)

By Sajjan Sharma on July 20, 2021

Want to learn how to embed tweets in WordPress? We’re going to show you just how simple it is.

When it comes to social media marketing, a great way to do it is simply to show your tweets on your website. This way, you can lead interested people from your site to your Twitter profile.

Plus, your embedded tweets can make your site more engaging for your visitors. For example, you can just add tweets of people enjoying your products to help boost your sales.

It’s easy and effective, and just about anyone can do it. And in this post, we’ll show you how to embed tweets in WordPress easily.

Ways to Embed Tweets in WordPress

First of all, you need to know there are 2 ways to embed a tweet in WordPress.

  • Manually: You can copy the URL of the tweet and paste it on your website. This way, WordPress will automatically embed it. Sadly, it can be time-consuming if you want to embed multiple tweets.
  • Easy Way: With the Custom Twitter Feeds Pro plugin, you can easily add as many tweets as you want on your site. You can even add Twitter feeds that you can set to automatically update as you make new tweets.

How to Embed Your Tweets in Your WordPress (Manually)

To manually embed a tweet, first open the tweet on your browser. Here, just copy the URL from the address bar.

copy twitter url

Now, go to Pages » Add New from your dashboard to open up the WordPress editor.

add new page

You can also use a WordPress post if you like. To do that, go to Posts » Add New.

add new post

Then, you can go to your WordPress site and then paste that URL from earlier and WordPress will automatically embed it.

paste twitter url on wordpress

Or you can use the Twitter WordPress block instead. First, click on the small plus icon (+) and type in “twitter” in the search bar. Then just select the Twitter block.

add twitter feed block editor

Now you can just paste the Twitter URL in that field and then click on embed.

embed twitter post using block

Once you do that, WordPress will embed the tweet for you.

example of twitter post embed

While it can be a simple way to embed a tweet on your WordPress blog posts, there’s a lot of limitations here.

  • For every tweet, you’ll have to go and copy the URL and come back to paste it. And if you make a new tweet, you’ll have to repeat it again. So, you’re wasting lots of your valuable time just to embed multiple tweets.
  • You can’t really customize or change how the tweets look. As a result, the tweets can clash with your own branding style.
  • If you want to add multiple tweets from a specific hashtag, you’ll have to manually add them all yourself.

How to Embed Your Tweets in WordPress (Easy Way)

Great news: there’s a better way to embed your tweets where you don’t have to deal with all those limitations.

With Custom Twitter Feeds Pro, it will be super easy for you.

custom twitter feeds pro

This top-rated WordPress plugin can help you embed tweets in no time, so you can go ahead and engage your users. And you can do all without pasting the link for each tweet. You can just embed entire Twitter feeds at once.

And unlike the manual way, Custom Twitter Feeds Pro comes with lots of customization options. So, you can change the layout, size, colors, font, and more to switch up the looks of your tweets.

In fact, the plugin will automatically copy the design of the website for your tweets. As a result, your Twitter feeds are going to match the look of your brand — with no extra effort on your part.

Still on the fence? Well, here’s a few more features you’ll get with this plugin:

  • Lots of Feed Types: You can post more than just single tweets here. Custom Twitter Feeds Pro can post a user timeline, hashtag feed, search results, mentions, Twitter lists, and more.
  • Lightweight: Don’t worry about all your tweets slowing your site down. Custom Twitter Feeds Pro has been built for speed, so your feeds will load super fast. Plus, a fast website is great for SEO as well.
  • Lightbox for Media: When you embed a tweet with an image or video, your visitors won’t have to leave your site to open it. You can show the media content with a beautiful lightbox.
  • Custom Support: If you ever run into any issues with your Twitter embeds, then you’ll have a team of WordPress experts ready to help you out at any time

All these great features have made Custom Twitter Feed Pro the best Twitter feed plugin for WordPress. Its rating of 4.9/5 stars with over 100,000 active users speaks for itself.

reviews custom twitter feeds pro

And it’s even trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world out there.

brands that use smash balloon

All in all, there’s a lot to love about this plugin. With it, it’ll be super easy to get more Twitter followers and post tweets that engage your visitors.

So, let’s get started and show you how to embed multiple tweets in WordPress with Custom Twitter Feeds Pro.

Step 1: Install and Activate Instagram Feed Pro

First things first, you can go and get your copy of Custom Twitter Feeds Pro here.

Once you have it, just install and activate it on your website.

Not sure how to do that? Well, you can just take a second to look at this helpful guide on installing WordPress plugins.

Step 2: Connect Your Twitter Account

Now that you have your plugin ready, you can go to Twitter Feeds menu from your WordPress dashboard.

You’ll be directed to the plugin’s settings page. Then, click on the large Log in to Twitter and get my Access Token and Secret button.

add account custom twitter feeds pro

Once you click that, the plugin will redirect you to Twitter. Here, you will have to give the plugin access to your account.

Since it’s read-only access, the plugin can only look at the information on your account and can’t actually change anything.

Here, just click on the Authorize app button and you’ve connected your account.

authorize app smash balloon

Step 3: Select Feed Type

After that, you then choose what type of Twitter feed you want to embed on your website. First, go to Twitter Feeds menu from your dashboard and scroll down to Feed Settings.

select a twitter feed type

Here, you’ll have different options to choose from for your Twitter feeds.

If you simply want to embed your own Twitter timeline, then select the Home Timeline option here.

twitter feed home timeline

You can also embed the timeline of any other Twitter account, with the User Timeline option. And if you enable Include Replies, your visitors can even see Twitter threads from your site.

user timeline twitter feed

Or, you can go for the Hashtag option that embeds tweets with a specific hashtag.

hashtag feed for twitter

You can also turn a Twitter search result into a feed. For this, you can select the Search option.

search feed for twitter

And you can even have a Twitter feed that embeds all the tweets that mention your brand. Just select the Mentions Timeline option.

mentions twitter feed

You also have the option to go for Twitter Lists. This will post the timeline from all accounts on that list.

twitter list timeline

Once you’ve picked your option, just scroll down and click on Save Changes.

Step 4: Customize Your Tweets

After you’ve done that, you can now move on to the next step: customizing the looks of your tweets.

First, go to the Twitter Feeds menu from your WordPress dashboard and then select the Customize tab at the top.

customize your twitter feeds

After that, scroll down and you can find the Layout section. There, you can find the Layout Type option to change the looks of your feed.

feed layouts twitter

Here, you have 3 different layout options: list, carousel, and masonry.

The list layout will show all your tweets in a neat list that’s close to the Twitter layout.

list layout example for twitter

For something more dynamic, there’s the carousel layout. This way, you can add a Twitter slider on your website.

carousel slider for twitter posts

And if you want to show your tweets in columns, then you have the masonry option.

masonry feed layout for twitter

Once you pick the layout for your Twitter feed, click on Save Changes.

With this plugin, you can also customize your feed in lots of different ways. You can set the size, background color, font, media layout, and much more.

As a bonus, your Twitter feeds will automatically inherit the design of your website. So, they’re going to match your website branding perfectly.

Step 5: Embed Your Tweets in WordPress

Finally, you can go and embed your tweets in WordPress. You can embed your Twitter feeds in different ways using this top-rated plugin.

Embed Your Tweets in WordPress Pages

First, you can add your tweets on your WordPress pages and posts. To do this, go to Pages » Add New from your WordPress dashboard which opens the editor.

add new page

If you want to use a WordPress post here, then just go to Posts » Add New instead.

add new post

Here, just click on the plus icon (+) and search for the “twitter feed” block. Then just click on Twitter Feed.

add a twitter feed block in wordpress

And that’s it! Now you can check your website and see all the tweets embedded on your website.

twitter feed on website example

Embed Your Tweets in WordPress Footer

You can also embed your tweets on your WordPress footer as a Twitter widget.

Navigate to Appearance » Widgets from your WordPress dashboard and look for the Custom Twitter Feed widget on the left.

Then, just drag and drop it into the Footer panel on the right.

add twitter widget to footer

And you’re done. Just go to your site and you should see your feed on the footer.

embed twitter feed footer

You can also embed tweets on your WordPress sidebar with this method.

And there you go!

You now know how to embed your twitter feeds in WordPress the easy way. No coding, no shortcode.

With this, you can now easily drive your site traffic to your Twitter and gain followers. And at the same time, it helps convert the visitors on your site.

So what are you waiting for? Just go and grab the amazing Custom Twitter Feed Pro!

And you can do this for more than Twitter. You can get Smash Balloon plugins for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

And you can even get all that with the Social Wall Pro Bundle for unlimited access to all the Smash Balloon plugins at a discounted price.

Looking for immediate results for your business? Then check out our article on the best types of tweets to grow your business.

If this article helped you out, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and stay tuned for more social media marketing tips and tricks.

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