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Top 7 Best Customer Review Platforms For Your Business (2024 Guide)

best customer review platforms for your business

If you’re looking for the best customer review platform, you’re not alone! So many people have asked us which review platform they should pick for their business. 

Since there are tons of review sites with unique selling points out there, picking the one that fits your business can be tricky.

To help you out, we’ve listed the best online review platforms with their pros and cons. That way, you can find the perfect review platforms for your business.

Before that, let’s see how customer review platforms can help you grow your business.

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Why Use Customer Review Platforms?

Here’s a fun fact: 89% of customers check reviews before buying things online.

Using online reviews, people can quickly see if other real customers are happy with the product or not. And if the reviews are positive, people will be more likely to buy from you.

As a result, customer reviews can be a valuable source of social proof for your business.

With lots of positive customer reviews, you can build trust in your brand and convert more people into customers. 

What’s more, embedding the latest customer reviews can help you boost your SEO as well. After all, it shows Google that your site contains fresh and keyword-rich content.

Now, let’s go ahead and look at the best platforms for getting customer reviews.

7 Best Customer Review Platforms For Your Brand

Below, we’ve listed out the top online customer review platforms, along with each platform’s highlights and downsides:

  1. Google
  2. Yelp
  3. Tripadvisor
  4. Facebook
  5. Instagram
  6. Twitter
  7. YouTube

Let’s get started!

1. Google

google business page

When it comes to online review sites, Google is easily the biggest platform out there with the most users.

Instead of focusing on any specific demographic, Google is used by all kinds of people. So, it can be a great place to reach a larger audience for your business.

All you need to get started with Google Reviews is a physical location for your business — that’s it!


  • Google has the biggest user base of any review site out there, so you have the chance to reach more people.
  • Compared to platforms like Yelp, Google has fewer rules for people who want to leave new reviews. This means people can quickly leave new reviews free of hassle.
  • Adding your business to Google is quick and easy, as long as you have a physical store that people can find on the map.
  • For Google, you can directly ask users to leave new reviews or use contests and giveaways to get more reviews.
  • Since Google Reviews is a part of the overall search engine, visitors can find out about your business using Google Search.


  • If your business doesn’t have a physical store, you can’t join Google since it requires an actual location.
  • While there are tons of users on Google, you can also find a lot of trolls, spammers, and fake reviewers.

Since there are so many brands already on Google Reviews, it can be tough to stand out when you’re getting started.

An easy solution for that is to add a Google reviews feed to your website so your visitors can leave new reviews.

google reviews website example

We’ve got a beginner’s guide on how to embed Google reviews in WordPress that you can check out to learn more.

2. Yelp

yelp homepage

Yelp is another great review platform that’s used by millions of businesses all over the world. Compared to other platforms on this list, Yelp has more rules and restrictions, so it’s tougher to sign up.

Not all businesses are eligible for Yelp. We’re mostly focused on traditional brick-and-mortar businesses and local service providers, but we also feature mobile businesses, government services, parks and attractions, and anything else that fits the local scene.

Yelp Support Center

While you have more rules to follow, Yelp is still a great site with a dedicated userbase.


  • Yelp focuses on helping people connect to their local businesses. So, you can reach people in your locality with the help of Yelp.
  • Since Yelp has more restrictions for business, having a Yelp page can give your business some trust and credibility.
  • If you don’t want to compete with all those businesses on Facebook or Google, Yelp can be a great alternative with a smaller audience.
  • Like Google, Yelp will verify reviews and remove the fake ones. It’s great if you want to avoid trolls and spammers.


  • Yelp doesn’t allow businesses to ask for new reviews directly. So, getting reviews can be tricky compared to other platforms.
  • Like Google, you need a physical store to sign up for Yelp. Plus, your store must be in one of Yelp’s supported countries.

Since breaking into Yelp can be tough, we’ve got something that can help you make an impact. All you have to do is add a Yelp review widget to your website.

3. Tripadvisor

If you want a unique review platform with a niche audience, Tripadvisor can be for you.

Instead of allowing every type of business, Tripadvisor only supports businesses, places, and points of interest that are used by travelers.

As a result, Tripadvisor can be the right pick if you want to promote your restaurants, clubs, hotels, airlines, or similar businesses.


  • Instead of competing with every other business for people’s attention, you can target a niche audience of tourists, explorers, and travelers on Tripadvisor.
  • Tripadvisor asks people to provide a lot of details when leaving new reviews. This is a great way to discourage fake reviews.
  • Since Tripadvisor has in-depth reviews, interested people can learn a lot about your business just by checking out the reviews.
  • There’s a handy verification system that can make sure your potential customers avoid fake businesses.


  • Since Tripadvisor asks for a lot of details, some of your customers might be too impatient to finish leaving the review.
  • You’ll need to agree to some specific guidelines if you want your business to join Tripadvisor.

As you can see, Tripadvisor has a lot to offer if you have a business that fits their niche. If you want to get started, there’s less competition to deal with and some unique features.

Just like Yelp, you have an easy way to get tons of new Tripadvisor reviews when getting started.

Take a look at this step-by-step guide on how to embed Tripadvisor reviews on WordPress to learn more.

4. Facebook

facebook for businesses

On top of being the #1 social media platform, Facebook is one of the best customer review platforms out there.

You can set up Facebook business pages for your brand, and interested users can leave new reviews or follow your page for updates.

As a result, you can get new customer reviews for your business and grow a dedicated community as well.


  • Since Facebook is a massive social media platform as well, you can use social media marketing to get more followers and reviews on Facebook.
  • Unlike the previous options on this list, Facebook allows online-only businesses to join, and you also have fewer restrictions to deal with.
  • All the reviewers will need a Facebook account of their own. So people can easily check if the reviewers are real people or not.
  • Since people can follow your business page on Facebook, you can keep them updated on any news, announcements, sales, and more.


  • With so much content already on Facebook, promoting your business on Facebook can be tough if you’re not familiar with social media marketing.
  • Since businesses of all kinds can join Facebook, there’s a lot more competition as well.

If you want a platform to grow a community and get customer reviews, Facebook can be a great option.

Plus, you can display the Facebook reviews on your WordPress website to engage visitors, get more reviews, and boost your sales as well.

5. Instagram

instagram best review website like yelp

While known mostly as a social media platform, Instagram is a great tool for businesses to get genuine customer reviews.

Instagram users can simply mention your branded hashtags or tag your brand directly when posting reviews. That way, you can reach a wider Instagram audience and get more sales.


  • Since Instagram is a platform for visual content, reviews can post engaging photos and videos of your products to grab people’s attention.
  • Instagram doesn’t have limitations, so businesses of all kinds can get customer reviews — even without a physical store.
  • Instead of just posting text reviews, people can use product photos, demonstration videos, livestreams, and more to let others know about your products.
  • With the help of Instagram shopping, you can directly link your product pages to your Instagram posts and get more sales.


  • Even though fake reviews are against Instagram guidelines, it doesn’t have a dedicated moderation system like Tripadvisor or Yelp.
  • Since Instagram focuses on visual content, the text captions on the reviews can get ignored by most users.

The best part?

There’s a simple way to get tons of Instagram reviews and followers with ease. You can just embed Instagram content on your site with the help of Instagram Feed Pro.

In just a few clicks, you can embed feeds of Instagram reviews on your site so you can start converting your website visitors into customers.

Plus, users can see that you’re paying attention to customer feedback on Instagram. This means your customers will be more likely to leave new reviews of their own.

On top of that, you can embed your own Instagram posts and get more likes, comments, and followers with ease.

To get started, check out our beginner’s guide on how to embed Instagram feeds in WordPress.

6. Twitter

twitter for businesses

Twitter (or X if you prefer) can be a great customer review platform as well. Just like Instagram, people can post reviews using branded hashtags or tag your account directly.

Similar to Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is a social media platform as well so you can grow a community of dedicated customers as well.


  • Twitter allows you to create a business profile and collect customer reviews even if your business is online-only and doesn’t have a physical store.
  • You can directly ask your followers to leave reviews of your products to boost your engagement and get more customer reviews at the same time.
  • People can retweet positive reviews, so even more people can check out the review and get a positive impression of your brand.
  • On top of getting customer reviews to boost your sales, you can directly make money on Twitter as well.


  • Twitter doesn’t verify if the reviewer is actually your customer or not, so you’ll have to be wary of reviews from trolls and spammers.
  • Like Instagram, Twitter wasn’t created as a review platform so you won’t get many features to help manage your brand.

As you can see, Twitter can be a helpful platform if you want to get reviews and grow your brand’s online presence at the same time.

And like Instagram, you can add these reviews to your website and convert your website visitors into paying customers. All you have to do is create a Twitter feed using the Twitter Feed Pro plugin.

twitter review feed example

On top of helping you grow your sales, it’s a quick and easy way to keep your site visitors interested with lots of engaging social media posts.

Ready to get started? Check out our guide on how to integrate Twitter feeds with your website.

7. YouTube

youtube channel example

Finally, we have the biggest video platform on the internet and a great source of customer reviews — YouTube!

With almost 2.7 billion active users, YouTube is a massive platform with a huge audience that you can try reaching.

You can make customer video testimonials yourself or promote video reviews made by your other customers.


  • Using YouTube videos, customers can make detailed reviews that include product showcases, demonstrations, and more information about your brand.
  • You can connect with popular YouTube channels and use affiliate marketing to promote your business and increase your sales.
  • YouTube even has convenient Shorts where customers can post bite-sized video reviews that are quick and easy to watch.
  • If your YouTube video review goes viral, millions of potential customers from all over the world can check out your product.


  • Like with Facebook, you’re competing with tons of popular brands and YouTube channels for people’s attention.
  • Unlike photo or text reviews, preparing customer testimonial videos can take a lot of time and effort.

Getting Started With New Review Platforms

Let’s say you’ve chosen the review platforms for your business. Great!

Now, you have to gain a following on the platforms. Normally, that would be intimidating, but we’ve got a secret trick that can make the whole process super easy.

All you need is a reviews aggregator plugin like Reviews Feed Pro.

reviews feed pro home

With it, you can create, customize, and embed customer review feeds on your site in just minutes – no coding needed! 

Your website visitors can then check out the reviews and leave new reviews of their own.

Plus, the plugin comes with support for the biggest review platforms out there:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Trustpilot
  • Tripadvisor
  • Yelp
review feeds example

If you want to give any of these amazing platforms a try, Reviews Feed Pro is the best option for you.

Reviews Feed Pro even lets you set up filters or moderate the reviews feed and pick the embedded reviews. So, you can display high-quality reviews and remove reviews from trolls and spammers.

Better yet, the plugin comes with a highly acclaimed support team of WordPress experts. You can just reach out to them whenever you need help or if you have some questions.

To learn more, you can check out this guide on how to embed social media reviews on your website.

And there you go!

After checking out this list, you know the best customer review platforms out there. As you can see, each of these platforms has a lot to offer for your business.

Just pick the one that suits your brand’s focus and audience, and you can easily get customer reviews to boost your digital marketing.

Ready to get tons of reviews the easy way? Get your copy of Reviews Feed Pro here.

Want to get more out of online marketing? You can check out our list of the best social media feed plugins to boost your sales.

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