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How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Business Page (17 Hacks)

Do you want to get more likes on your Facebook business page?

Are you sick and tired of promoting your Facebook page — only to see very little results? Worry no more. We’ve got your back with these top-picked tips that are guaranteed to increase likes on your Facebook business page over time.

By using these Facebook marketing hacks, you can increase brand awareness, skyrocket user engagement and boost your Facebook page fans.

Before we talk about these high-value tips, though, let’s differentiate between Facebook “likes” and “followers”, shall we?

Facebook Likes vs. Followers

“How to get more Facebook page likes?”

“What to do to get more Facebook followers for business page?”

“How to get likes on Facebook page?”

If you’re promoting your Facebook page, you may have typed these questions in Google before. Facebook “likes” and “follows” are the same, right?

Not really — there’s a slight difference.

Someone who likes your Facebook page is called your page’s fan. Since your fan liked your page, they automatically follow you, too. Plus, having Facebook fans means these people chose to publicly connect their name to your page.

how to get more likes on facebook business page

Meanwhile, when someone follows you, this doesn’t automatically make them a fan. Someone can follow your page, but not “like” it. Meaning, they’ll receive updates when you post, but they’re not publicly connected to your page.

Ideally, it’s best to get Facebook fans who like and follow your business page at the same time. You can use it for added social proof, since Facebook fans may show up in ads about your page, too.

Ready to start getting more likes on your Facebook business page? Let’s dive right in.

1. Put Your Facebook Page on Your Newsletter

The people you’re already talking to, like your newsletter subscribers, are a great audience for your Facebook page.

If you already have an audience for your email newsletter, this is a low-hanging fruit to increase your Facebook page likes since your subscribers can easily like your page, without needing to search for it on Facebook.

How do you do this naturally? Include your Facebook page URL on your newsletter’s welcome email.

how to get more likes on facebook business page

This way, everyone who signs up with your official newsletter can like your Facebook page. You can boost your email subscribers and Facebook fans — at the same time! How’s that for a win-win situation?

For more information, check out this high-quality post on how to create an email newsletter that your fans will love.

2. Choose a Memorable Page URL

Look at these 2 Facebook page URLs and ask yourself, which is easier to remember?

It’s the 2nd one, right? That’s why instead of using a random string of words and numbers, use your company name as your Facebook page name. Remove unnecessary words that sound spammy or unprofessional.

You can do this by going to Page Settings » Page Info and changing your page URL under username.

how to get more likes on facebook business page

A memorable page URL helps with search, too. It’s easier for your audience to search for your Facebook page when you use an easy-to-remember URL.

3. Use Recognizable and Relevant Photos

What do your customers first see when they go to your Facebook page? It’s your profile and cover photos, of course. That’s why it’s important that you use eye-catching photos that encourage your page visitors to engage with you.

For brand awareness, use your brand’s logo as your profile picture. As for your cover photo, choose one of the following ideas:

    • Do you have visually appealing products? Use them.
    • Want to show the amazing people behind your brand? Show them.
    • Does your brand help your customers achieve a specific goal? Display it on your cover photo.

how to get more likes on facebook business page

In choosing photos for your Facebook page, choose ones that best represent what your brand stands for. Also, don’t forget to follow Facebook’s official photo dimensions:

– for profile photos, use square images of at least 800px by 800px to ensure the picture is clear

– cover photo at 820 pixels x 312 pixels on computers and 640 pixels by 340 pixels on smartphones

4. Optimize Your “About” Section

Completing your “About” section is a low-hanging fruit. Every brand should do this. If your page has complete information, it looks more trustworthy in Facebook’s eyes. Meaning, Facebook will more likely show your page’s posts over other pages with incomplete information.

So how do you go the extra mile? Optimize it. Yes, you can also optimize your Facebook page for search — just like your company website!

How? By using relevant keywords in your About section. For example, check out WPBeginner‘s “About” section below.

how to get more likes on facebook business page

Sure, all the fields are completely filled out. But that’s not all. They’ve also optimized the “About” section by using keywords that fulfill their audience’s search intent.

Imagine you’re a newbie who wanted to get tips on how to work on your WordPress website. So, you typed “wordpress for beginners” on Facebook. See the number 1 item on the search results — it’s WPBeginner’s Facebook Page.

how to get more likes on facebook business page

And as a bonus, their official Facebook group also showed up on the search results because its “About” section is optimized as well.

5. Pin Your Top-Performing Post

To maximize its lifespan, you can pin top-performing posts on top of your Facebook page. After all, your target audience already engaged with it before. So, there’s a high chance that someone visiting your page can see it and engage with it, too.

No existing top-performing posts yet? No worries. Just think of this rule of thumb when looking for a post to pin: what reason can you give your page visitors to stay and like your page?

It can be a time-sensitive offer like a sale that only your Facebook fans will know about. Or, it can be special offers limited to your Facebook fans only.

how to get more likes on facebook business page

You can also pin a post that asks your fans to share more about themselves — with a chance to win a reward, to give them that slight nudge to engage with you.

how to get more likes on facebook business page optinmonster

6. Create a “Like Us on Facebook” Popup

How can you get more likes on your Facebook business page using your website? By making your very own “Like Us on Facebook” popup.

Popups can be effective — as long as they’re targeted, so they don’t annoy your site visitors. To do this, it’s best that you customize your popups to show only if they meet certain conditions. You can make your popup appear:

  • only after visitors have visited 2 or more pages on your site,
  • after 30 seconds, so your visitors can read your content first, or,
  • at the moment your visitor is about to leave your website.

Since your popups are highly targeted, there’s a greater chance of your website visitors liking your Facebook page.

how to get more likes on facebook business page optinmonster

You can use a beginner-friendly tool like OptinMonster to help you do this. To find out more, check out their step-by-step tutorial on how to create customized “Like Us on Facebook” popups for your website.

7. Show Your Facebook Feed on Your Website

Take advantage of traffic that your website already gets. Every day, how many unique visitors does your website receive? 50? 500? 5,000?

Imagine if at least 1% of your daily unique visitors like your page just because it’s displayed on your WordPress. That’s 50 Facebook fans per day for every 5,000 unique visitors!

Showing your Facebook page feed on your company website is an effective way to get more likes on your Facebook page. After all, your website visitors have already shown interest in your brand by visiting your site. The next step? Encourage them to like your Facebook page.

By using Smash Balloon’s Custom Facebook Feed plugin, you can easily display your Facebook page feed on your website.

how to get more likes on facebook business page plugin

By showing your feed on your site, you can display your Facebook page to as many people as possible. Plus, the people who see your site and your page are already targeted — they’re prospects who have already shown interest in what you have to offer.

how to get more likes on facebook business page starbucks

Check out this helpful guide on how to add Facebook feeds to WordPress to find out how you can start doing this.

8. Include Your Facebook URL on Emails

The total number of sent and received emails per day is over 269 billion.

How about for your company? Do you send a lot of emails?  If you do, and you’re not taking advantage of your email signature, then you’re missing out on a lot of potential Facebook fans.

You can put your Facebook page URL on your email signature, so whoever receives your email can see your Facebook page’s address.

how to get more likes on facebook business page email

Want to do this manually? Just head on over to your email’s Settings section and edit the Signature area.

Want another tip to increase your Facebook page likes by email? In customer support, when your customer has thanked you for solving their concern, send them a quick message and ask them to like your Facebook page to connect with them there, too.

9. Cross-Promote on Other Social Platforms

Already have followers on your other social media accounts? Great! You can cross-promote your Facebook content on them.

Don’t just post a link to your Facebook page, though. It’s better if you use a content format that’s best suited to the social media platform you’re using.

For example, upload a Facebook-specific content like a video and post it on your Twitter account. Remember to encourage your followers to visit your Facebook page for more info.

how to get more likes on facebook business page

Make sure to highlight your content’s value and link to it on your post. This way, you let your existing followers know another way they can consume your content.

And if you have accounts on all social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube — why not go the extra mile and display all your social media feeds in a single wall?

With Smash Balloon’s Social Wall Pro, you can do this with just a few clicks!

social wall pro plugin

Adding your social media feeds to your website is a great way to boost user engagement and follower count in not just 1 — but 4 social media channels! And with the help of Social Wall Pro, you can easily integrate your social media into your website in just a few minutes, like this:

get more social media followers

Want to get more social media followers? Cross-promote your social media content on your website. How? Take a look at this post on how to add social media feeds to your WordPress site today.

10. Post Audience-Targeted Content

Remember your buyer personas? Knowing about them helps you find out the right tone and type of content you need to directly talk to your target audience.

In addition to your buyer personas, what’s another important thing you should know about? Find out why your Facebook fans “liked” your page in the first place.

Luckily, you don’t need to search far to find the answer. According to research, 58.8% of people like Facebook pages because they’re interested in promotions. So, posting exclusive discounts can get more people to like your business page.

how to get more likes on facebook business page promotions

Also, it’s better for you to post Facebook photos rather than plain text. With a whopping 87% interaction rate from Facebook fans, it’s one of most engaging types of Facebook content!

how to get more likes on facebook business page

Finally, posting audience-centered content to get more likes on your Facebook page means that you should follow the rule of thirds:

  • The 1st 1/3 of your Facebook posts should promote your content;

how to get more likes on facebook business page

  • Second 1/3 should share other’s content;

  • Third 1/3 of your Facebook posts should interact with your fans.

11. Post When Your Fans are Online

Research says that the best time to post on Facebook is from Thursday to Sunday at 9 am, 1 pm and 3 pm.

Naturally, this doesn’t mean it’s the best time for your own Facebook fans, right? To optimize your Facebook page engagement, you need to know when your page-specific fans are actually online.

Not sure where you can find this data? Simply go to Insights » Posts » When Your Fans are Online.

You can then see the days and times your Facebook fans are most active. So, the next time you schedule a Facebook post, use these information to get maximum engagement from your active fans.

12. Show Free Facebook Events on Your Site

Here’s the truth: as emotional creatures, people love free items. And as a business, it’s important that you understand how to turn a freebie into something positive for your brand.

A free product, like holding a free webinar on Facebook, comes with:

  • Low expectations (Hey, it’s free!); and,
  • Neutral perceptions (I’ll try this out. What’s the worst that can happen?”)

how to get more likes on facebook business page

This is a good thing for your business. Because if your fans found value in your free Facebook webinar, a neutral perception can change into a positive impression on your brand.

Are you a coffee shop? Do a free webinar about the benefits of coffee to the human body.

Do you sell a digital service that caters to small businesses? Make your webinar about how you’ve helped several businesses achieve their business goals by using your product.

In the travel industry? You can do a free Facebook webinar on “20 free things you can do in Korea” or “How to spend $10/day in Korea”.

With over 700 million people using Facebook events monthly, though — how can you promote your event and stand out from the crowd? Display your free Facebook event on your website.

With an easy-to-use plugin like Smash Balloon’s Custom Facebook Feed Pro, you can add your Facebook events feed to your website so your target audience can see it every time they visit your website. It’s trusted by over 200,000 users with a high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, after all.

The best part about this plugin? It’s beginner-friendly, as you don’t need to write code just to customize and show your Facebook feed!

For the step-by-step tutorial, go here to know how to display a Facebook events calendar on your website.

13. Use Facebook Live to Your Benefit

Broadcasting live videos on Facebook is one of the best ways to get more likes on your Facebook business page.

Why? Because even though average brand engagement in Facebook fell by 20%, live videos that trigger conversations will be shown higher in Facebook’s news feed.

how to get more likes on facebook business page live

Don’t take our word for it: Facebook itself said that live videos get 6x as many interactions as regular videos. So, they’re more likely to be shown on people’s news feeds. This helps friends of your fans discover your brand and potentially engage with you.

Head on over to your page and click on Live. Then, follow the onscreen instructions to start broadcasting live videos from your business page.

As an added bonus, when you do live videos, your Facebook fans and followers are notified. So it’s like Facebook’s already helping you promote it, too!

Plus, you can extend the relevance of your Facebook’s videos when you also display them on your website. This way, your website visitors can discover your page on Facebook, engage with your visual content and even “like” your Facebook page because you provided value to them.

how to get more likes on facebook business page videos

Want to cross-promote your Facebook videos on your website as well? Check out this post on how to embed Facebook videos on WordPress for your guide.

14. Run Relevant Contests or Giveaways

81% of marketers said that interactive content like contests is better for grabbing your audience’s attention.

And if you run a giveaway on Facebook, you can easily get more likes on your Facebook page and boost brand engagement at the same time.

how to get more likes on facebook business page giveaway

How can you host a successful Facebook giveaway if you’re not tech-savvy, though? It’s simple.

Use a newbie-friendly tool like RafflePress, the best WordPress giveaway plugin. With RafflePress, you can easily use their Grow Your Facebook Page template to run a giveaway on Facebook.

how to get more likes on facebook business page rafflepress

In addition to asking people to visit your Facebook page, you can also ask them to earn extra entries by completing bonus action items such as:

Check out the step-by-step tutorial on running your own giveaway on Facebook here.

15. Boost Engagement by Asking Questions

Did you know that asking questions on your Facebook posts skyrockets interaction by a whopping 162%, compared to posts without questions?

A quick and easy way to increase fan engagement is by asking them questions — not just random questions, but relevant questions related to your industry.

For example, WPBeginner does a great job by asking their fans about their first-time experiences with website creation.

how to get more likes on facebook business page

To double your engagement metrics, you can also ask a question and post a photo, just like what Starbucks did in this Facebook post.

16. Convert “Post Likers” into “Page Fans”

Want to know another easy way to get more likes for your Facebook page? Invite people who’ve reacted to your posts before to like your Facebook page.

After all, if they’ve already liked your posts, there’s a higher chance they’ll like your page too, right?

It’s super easy to do this, too! Just click on the reactions button on your post, like this:

Clicking on this brings up the names of the people who’ve liked your post, but haven’t liked your page yet. How will you know? Look for anyone who has an Invite button next to their names. Then, click on Invite to ask them to like your Facebook page.

Piece of cake, right?

17. Create a Facebook Group

Finally, you can also create a Facebook group to boost likes for your Facebook business page. Over 1.4 billion people participate in groups, after all.

To do this effectively, you need to build a give-and-take relationship with your group members. Provide value to them by helping them with their struggles and pain points.

As soon as you’ve built a trusting relationship with them, asking them to like your Facebook page will be a cinch. And if you want to increase your group’s audience reach, you can embed your Facebook group feed on your WordPress by checking out this article.

So, there you have it!

We hope you found these Facebook page marketing hacks helpful in growing your fans and improving your business over the long run.

Stop wasting time and start taking your Facebook marketing to the next level. Get Smash Balloon’s Custom Facebook Feed Pro today!

Interested in another high-value article about Facebook marketing? Check out this post on why you should never buy Facebook followers right now.

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