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How to Embed an Instagram Feed on WordPress Without a Plugin

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Want to know an easy way to add an Instagram feed to your WordPress website without using a plugin?

Displaying your Instagram feed on your site allows you to boost your account’s exposure without a lot of work. It also gives you a fresh way to engage with your prospects.

Plus, based on our research, showing your Instagram content can increase your customer conversion rate in the long run.

Here’s the short answer based from our experience: It’s not possible to embed a feed without a plugin unless you know how to code an app yourself.

In this post, we’ll show you how to embed a single Instagram post in WordPress without a plugin.

If you want to embed an Instagram feed, the best and easiest way to do that is with a plugin, so we’ll show you that, too.

Don’t worry, using this plugin won’t slow down your site. It’s designed to be ultra-fast.

Here’s a table of contents to help you navigate this post:

How to Embed an Instagram Post in WordPress Without a Plugin

You can only display your Instagram feed to WordPress without a plugin if you’ve been approved as an app developer with Instagram first.

With that said, it’s easy to embed a specific Instagram post in WordPress without a plugin. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Pick the Instagram Post You Want to Display

First, you need to log into your Instagram account. If you don’t have the login details, you can visit the Instagram profile.

Then, click on the Instagram post you want to embed on your website. In the top right corner of the post, you’ll see 3 dots that look like this .

Click the dots and select Embed from the menu that appears.

embed option instagram post

Now, you can see the embed code for the Instagram post on a popup. If you want to embed the caption along with your post, check the Include caption option here.

After that, just click on the Copy Embed Code button.

get embed code

You’ve now copied the embed code of the Instagram post. Now open your WordPress site so you can paste this code into a post or page.

Step 2: Make a New Page on WordPress

Next, go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Pages » Add New to create a new page.

add new page

You can also use a WordPress post here instead. For that, go to Posts » Add New from your dashboard area.

add new post

Now that you have the WordPress editor open, you can paste your Instagram embed code from earlier.

Step 3: Paste Your Embed Code

To paste the embed code, first, click on the plus icon (+) and select the Custom HTML block.

add custom html block

Now paste the embed code into the Custom HTML block. To check how your Instagram post looks, you can click on the Preview button at the top.

paste embed code instagram

Once you’re happy with how it looks, click on Publish to see your Instagram post embedded on your website.

And that’s it! You’ve now learned how to embed your Instagram posts on WordPress without using a plugin.

The next question is: Is it better for you to use a WordPress plugin or not when adding your Instagram feed to your website?

3 Reasons to Use an Instagram Plugin

Maybe you know someone who had a problem with using a plugin on their website, so now you’re scared to use it, too.

Perhaps random people on the Internet gave you not-so-helpful advice telling you that plugins slow down your site, so you shouldn’t use them.

Or maybe you used a plugin before, and it was great. But when you needed their help with an issue, no one gave you the solution to your problem?

Whatever your reason may be for not wanting to use a plugin, the truth still stands: it’s much harder and more complicated when you don’t use an Instagram WordPress plugin in embedding your Instagram feed on your website.

Here are 3 real reasons why:

1. Without a Plugin, It’s Harder and More Complex to Display Your Instagram Feed

If you don’t use a social media plugin, you need to:

  • Register as an app developer with Instagram: They need to review your application and approve you only if you meet their standards
  • Register a new client on the Instagram Developers website: Plus, you have to set up Implicit Authentication after.
  • Generate an access code: To do this, you have to authenticate your own app and grant access to your media.
  • Use JavaScript: And work on HTML codes, too.

The worst part about this?

After spending a lot of your time and effort into doing all these, you can only show your last 20 images in your feed. What a bummer.

Meanwhile, if you use a WordPress plugin to embed an Instagram feed on WordPress, you can easily:

  • Download and install an easy-to-use plugin: You can try Smash Balloon’s Instagram Feed Pro plugin, it’s the best Instagram plugin for WordPress.
instagram feed pro plugin new

In under 5 minutes, you can easily add your Instagram feed on WordPress. Yes, without tackling confusing HTML code snippets and JavaScript!

Plus, you can also customize how your Instagram feeds look on your website with just a few clicks.

And if you’re using Instagram Feed Pro, your feeds can automatically copy the design of your website and match your branding.

Embed your Instagram feed in a few minutes when you get started with Instagram Feed Pro here!

2. It’s More Time-Consuming if You Don’t Use a Plugin

Want to add an Instagram feed to WordPress without using a plugin?

You need to set up Implicit Authentication for every website you want to display your Instagram feed on.

So if you want to show your Instagram feed to 3 different websites, you have to do Implicit Authentication 3 times.

sample instagram api code

What’s more disappointing is your access is limited, too. You can only display your own Instagram feed. 

What if you want to display accounts that you don’t own?

You need to contact the account’s admin and ask them to get their own Client ID first. Then, you have to go through the complicated process we mentioned before. See #1 again for a refresher.

Now, don’t be too down, though! We’re here to tell you the good news.

Showing your Instagram feed on your website is easier, faster, and better — if you choose to use a great plugin like Smash Balloon’s Instagram Feed Pro.

Want to hear another piece of good news? You can use the plugin to display multiple feeds on your website.

You simply need to connect the Instagram accounts you want to show to the plugin, and they’ll take care of the rest.

multiple accounts instagram

Easy-peasy. And that’s because you decided to use an Instagram feed plugin that’s designed to integrate Instagram content on your site in a few clicks.

3. Without a Plugin, You’re Left on Your Own

What if you still went ahead and tried to add an Instagram feed to your website without using a plugin — even after reading the real reasons above?

If you have any issues registering as an app developer or generating an access code, you need to contact Instagram directly.

There’s no 100% guarantee that they’ll solve your problem, though.

What if you messed up your website’s HTML code? Or you can’t figure out how to do JavaScript?

Well, you can either study HTML or hire a developer to help you — but these options cost a lot of time and money.

And it doesn’t make sense to invest thousands of dollars just to add a simple Instagram feed on your WordPress, of course.

If you choose to use Smash Balloon’s Instagram Feed Pro plugin, though, you’ll know you’re in great hands.

instagram feed pro user reviews

The plugin’s customer support team is composed of WordPress experts who’ll gladly help you, every step of the way.

With over 1,000,000 active users and a strong 4.9-star rating, the plugin must be doing something right, don’t you think?

user reviews for instagram

If you’re looking for an easy way to add your Instagram feed to your website, you can use the Instagram Feed Pro plugin instead. It’s easier and faster. You can set it up and display your feed in under 5 minutes, remember?

Plus, using a plugin is better than wasting your precious time with confusing HTML.

It’s also way cheaper than hiring an expensive developer to do it for you.

With only one Instagram feed plugin, you can use Instagram Feed Pro to also:

…and so much more. Check out everything that Instagram Feed Pro can do for you here.

Now that you’ve read about it, you may be asking, “How easy is it really to display an Instagram feed on my website using a plugin?”

Let’s move on to the next section below to answer your question, shall we?

How to Embed Your Instagram Feed in WordPress

In under 5 minutes, you can easily set up the Instagram Feed Pro plugin to display your feed on your site. Here’s how you can do this:

Step 1: Download and Install Instagram Feed Pro

First, you need to get your own copy of Instagram Feed Pro here. Then you can go ahead and install it on your WordPress website.

Not sure how to install a plugin? Check out this helpful tutorial on installing WordPress plugins so you can easily do this.

Once you’ve installed and activated your plugin, go to the next step.

Step 2: Create a New Instagram Feed

After that, you can now create an Instagram feed using the plugin.

First, navigate to Instagram Feed » All Feeds from your WordPress admin dashboard.

On this page, click on the Add New button.

create new instagram feed

You can now select your Instagram feed type from 3 options:

You can select multiple options and combine different feed types into one.

Once you’ve selected your feed type, click on Next to proceed.

For this tutorial, we’ll select a user timeline here.

choose Instagram feed type

In a few clicks, you now have a new Instagram feed that the plugin will create for you. You can proceed to step 3 and connect it to your account on Instagram.

Step 3: Connect Your Instagram Account

If you want your feed to show photos and Instagram videos, you can connect it to your Instagram account.

To get started, click on the Add Source button.

add source instagram feed

Next, you can choose the type of Instagram account that you want to connect: a Personal account or a Business account.

A personal account gives you access to all the usual Instagram features. Using this account, you can only embed your own Instagram content.

With a business account, you get features like analytics and a contact button to help you promote your brand on Instagram.

You also get more options for your Instagram feed, including shoppable Instagram feed, hashtag feed, Instagram reels and much more.

Simply pick an account type from the options and then click on the Login with Instagram button.

connect instagram account

You can now give read-only access to the plugin so it can embed content from Instagram. With this access, Smash Balloon can only view your posts and can’t make any changes at all.

So, it’s completely safe to use Smash Balloon.

Click the Allow button on the popup to give the read-only access.

allow access to instagram

The plugin will now bring you back to your website so you can finish connecting your new feed to Instagram.

For that, click on the Next button and you will confirm this Instagram account as a source for your new feed.

select source for instagram feed

You can now go ahead and customize the design of your new Instagram feed in step 4.

Step 4: Customize Your New Instagram Feed

After connecting your Instagram account, you’ll see your feed open in the live feed editor.

instagram live feed editor

On the left, you can see the customization options for your Instagram feed. You can use these options to change your feed layout, header style, color scheme, post style, and much more.

When you change the customization options of your Instagram feed, you can see how it looks using the live preview on the right side of the customizer.

Let’s go ahead and begin designing our Instagram feed. First, click on the Feed Layout option to get started with the customization.

select the feed layout option instagram

You can now choose from 4 options for your feed layout: Grid, Carousel, Masonry, and Highlight.

layout options instagram feed pro

The first option is the Grid layout which shows your Instagram posts in rows and columns.

Since all your photos have the same size, your Instagram feed looks clean if you pick this layout.

grid layout for your instagram feed

With the Carousel layout, you can display an Instagram slider on your website. That way, you give your visitors another way to interact with your site and boost your engagement.

carousel layout for your instagram feeds

Want to show Instagram posts with their original proportions? You can choose the Masonry layout then.

It’s a great way to embed Instagram galleries on your website and show the whole photo to your visitors.

masonry feed layout for instagram

Finally, you have the Highlight layout that can make specific Instagram posts highly visible. Using this layout, you can show off your best products in your shoppable Instagram feeds.

highlights layout

Once you’ve chosen your layout, remember to click on Save Changes.

To return to the main customization options, click on the small Customize button.

customize button instagram

After that, you can click on the Color Scheme option to pick the colors for your Instagram feed.

select the color scheme option instagram

With Instagram Feed Pro, you can choose from 4 different color schemes:

  • Inherit from Theme: Inherit the colors of your website
  • Light: Show a light background along with a darker font
  • Dark: Choose a dark background and a light font color
  • Custom: Pick all the colors of your Instagram feed manually
color options instagram

Once you’re happy with the color scheme, click on Save.

This way, you can use the remaining customization options to set the post layout, header style, feed size, lightbox, and much more. And once you’re done with customization, click on Save again.

After that, you can go to the final step and embed your Instagram feed.

Step 5: Embed Instagram Feed on Your Website

Finally, it’s time to embed your Instagram feed on your website. With this plugin, you have 2 super easy ways to do that:

  • Embed Instagram feed on your page
  • Embed Instagram feed on your sidebar or footer

Embed Instagram Feed on Your Page

You can start embedding your Instagram feed right from your live feed editor. To get started, click on the Embed button at the top.

embed button instagram feed pro

Next, you can choose where to embed your Instagram feed on a new popup. Click on the Add to a Page button to continue.

add instagram feed to a wordpress page

Next, select the page where you want your Instagram feed and then click on the Add button.

add instagram feed to a page easy

Now, the plugin will send you to that page so you can embed your Instagram feed.

To do that, click on the small plus (+) icon and add a new content block to the page.

add new gutenberg block

Now, use the search bar to look for “Instagram” and then click on the Instagram Feed option in the search results.

embed instagram feed block

Finally, click on Publish and your Instagram feed will be live.

By simply following the steps in this tutorial, you now have an Instagram feed on your WordPress page. You can now open your website and see how your Instagram feed looks.

example of elementor instagram feed

After that, let’s see how you can embed your Instagram feed on the sidebar or footer of your website.

Embed Instagram Feed on Your Sidebar or Footer

You can also embed Instagram Feeds on your sidebar or footer areas as an Instagram widget.

First, open your Instagram feed in the live feed editor. If it’s not open already, use your WordPress dashboard to navigate to the Instagram Feed » All Feeds.

Now click on the Instagram feed that you created earlier.

open instagram feed in the live feed editor

You’ll now see the Instagram feed open in the live feed editor. Click on the Embed button in the top right corner to start embedding your feed.

embed button instagram feed pro

After that, you’ll see a popup that asks where you want to embed your feed. On the popup, click on the Add to a Widget button.

add instagram feed to a wordpress widget

The plugin will now open your Widgets page so you can add the Instagram feed widget.

To embed your Instagram feed on the sidebar, you can go ahead and click on the Sidebar panel here.

select sidebar for widget

If you want to embed your Instagram feed on the Footer instead, click on a footer panel.

For this tutorial, we’ll embed the Instagram feed on the website footer.

select footer for facebook widget

Now, click on the plus icon (+) here to add a new widget and then select the Instagram Feed widget from the options.

embed instagram widget

Go ahead and click on Update to publish your Instagram feed widget on your website. When you open your website, you can see how it looks.

footer instagram feed example

And that’s it!

In this article, you’ve learned how to add an Instagram post to your website without using a plugin.

You also know how to embed an Instagram feed to WordPress using a plugin so you can boost your account’s engagement and increase your website traffic, too.

Want the easiest way to display your Instagram feed on your website?

Get started with Smash Balloon’s Instagram Feed Pro now!

Want to take it a step further and display all your social media feeds? This next article about adding social media feeds to WordPress is for you.

You may also like this next post on how to get more views for your Instagram reels.

Finally, if you enjoyed this article, feel free to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more social media marketing tutorials.

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