How to Create a Testimonial Carousel in WordPress (Easy Guide)
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How to Create a Testimonial Carousel in WordPress (Easy Guide)

How to Create a Testimonial Carousel in WordPress

Looking for an easy way to make a testimonial carousel for your WordPress website? You’re in the right place.

Here’s a fun fact: 83% of shoppers trust customer reviews over advertising. So it’s only natural to post them on your site.

But with different options available, it’s confusing to figure out which testimonial plugin is the best for WordPress.

So in this post, we’ll show you the easiest way to create a testimonial carousel for your website. With just a few clicks, you can show your customer reviews in just under 5 minutes. Yes, even if you’re not an IT expert.

Before we dive into the tutorial, let’s find out what type of testimonial you should place on your site first.

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Generic Reviews vs. Social Media Testimonials

In creating a testimonial slider for your site, you can just add generic customer reviews and call it a day. Right?

Not really.

In today’s online world, you’re missing out if you’re only posting generic customer reviews on your website.

generic testimonial on wordpress example

Why? Generic reviews are easy-to-fabricate and usually too-good-to-be-true. They’re also more likely to be seen as fake. After all, who’s to say that the reviews were written by real people who actually used the product?

What about displaying social media testimonials?

Now, more than half of the world’s population uses social media. Out of these active social media users? Almost 55% are on Facebook.

In addition to boosting user engagement, posting Facebook testimonials on your website increases profit, too. The majority of online shoppers say that Facebook is still the most influential social media platform.

That’s why getting Facebook reviews for your business page and displaying them on your website can skyrocket your sales.

Embedded Facebook reviews are more believable. They’re also easier to trust. It’s not just a random name that posts the testimonials. There’s a name, a picture, and a Facebook profile that publicly praises your brand.

testimonial carousel wordpress

Now, the question isn’t, “Will your brand use Facebook?”

It’s “How well should you use Facebook to grow your business?”

Ready to start creating your Facebook testimonial carousel on your website? Check out the next section below to find out the easiest way to do this.

Easiest Way to Make a Facebook Testimonial Carousel

Facebook doesn’t give you an easy way to create a testimonial carousel on WordPress. Using the platform, you can only embed single Facebook reviews on your site.

The good news? You can still easily create a Facebook testimonial carousel.

How? Install a newbie-friendly plugin like Smash Balloon’s Custom Facebook Feed Pro. Then, add the Reviews extension so you can display Facebook reviews. And add the Carousel extension to show your reviews using the sliding carousel layout.

Or, if you want unlimited access to all of Smash Balloon plugins so you can use them on unlimited websites, go ahead and get the Social Wall Pro All Access bundle here.

The All-Access bundle lets you use all of Smash Balloon’s social media feed plugins and all of our extensions, together with the Reviews extension and Carousel extension, on unlimited websites.

Once you do this, you can make a Facebook testimonial carousel and display it on your website. Easily. Hassle-free. Even if you’re not tech-savvy.

best testimonial plugin for wordpress

As the most popular Facebook feed plugin for WordPress, Custom Facebook Feed Pro helps you display customizable testimonial carousel feeds on your site. With just a few clicks and in just a few minutes. No need to hire a developer — the plugin does it for you.

The best part about this plugin? It’s designed to be ultra-fast. So you don’t need to worry about the plugin slowing down your site. Don’t just take our word for it. Over 200,000 users give the plugin a solid 4.8/5 star rating.

testimonial plugin for wordpress

By using the plugin, you get to enjoy the following features:

  • Super easy to set up: Even with zero technical knowledge, you can install the plugin, add Reviews extension, and set everything up in just a few minutes.
  • Responsive: The plugin inherits your existing theme’s style. Plus, it looks awesome on any screen size and on any device.
  • Risk-free: Want to change your testimonial feed’s background color? Or font color? No need to tweak lines of code and risk breaking your site. You can easily customize your Facebook timeline just by checking or unchecking options.
  • Ultra-fast loading: Using smart technology, the plugin loads your Facebook reviews feed super fast — in a carousel layout on your website.
  • Updated on time: WordPress or Facebook updated their platforms? No worries. The plugin’s guaranteed to be also updated at the right time to continue working smoothly with them.

These are just some of the plugin’s features. Check out the plugin’s full list of features that can help grow your business here.

Want to have access to all of Smash Balloon’s plugins? By getting the All-Access Bundle, you can download the Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin, together with all the Facebook extensions, including Reviews Extension and Carousel Extension.

best plugins for wordpress all access

The All-Access Bundle also comes with the Instagram Feeds Pro, Twitter Feeds Pro, and even YouTube Feeds Pro plugins. These plugins help you display customer testimonials from all 4 social media accounts!

Since the majority of shoppers are influenced by Facebook, we’ll focus our tutorial on adding a Facebook testimonial carousel to your website.

Ready to display a customer review carousel on WordPress? Start using the power of social proof by following the step-by-step tutorial below:

Step 1: Install the Custom Facebook Feed Pro Plugin

First, get your own copy of the Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin here. Then, download your copy of the Reviews Extension here.

Finally, you can get the Carousel extension here.

Finished downloading all the plugins? Great! You can now install and activate them on your WordPress site.

For your guidance, we have a step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

After installing the plugins, navigate to the Facebook Feeds » Extensions menu from your WordPress dashboard.

There, look for the Carousel section and then click on the Activate button on the right.

activate the carousel extention

Next, look for Reviews and then click on the Activate button there as well.

activate the reviews extention

You can now move on and create your Facebook testimonial carousel using the Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin.

Step 2: Create Your Facebook Testimonial Feed

To create your testimonial feed, you’ll need to go to the Facebook Feed » All Feeds menu from your dashboard. 

After you do that, click on the Add New button at the top to create a new Facebook feed.

add new feed with custom facebook feed pro

Next, you can choose the feed type on this new page.

You’ve got 9 different feed types here, including timeline feed, albums feed, videos feed, photos feed, and much more.

all the facebook feed types

Here, select Reviews and then click on Next to continue.

select the reviews feed type

You can now go ahead to step 3 and connect your testimonial feed to your Facebook account.

Step 3: Connect Your Testimonial Feed to Facebook

If you want your new Facebook feed to show a testimonial carousel, you need to connect it to a source. That source can be a Facebook page that has your testimonials.

So click on the Add New button to proceed.

add new source for facebook feed

In the next popup, just select Page to embed testimonials from your Facebook page. Next, click on Connect.

select facebook page

With that, you can now allow your new Facebook feed to fetch the testimonials from your Facebook page.

To complete this process, you need to give read-only access to the plugin.

The good news is, the plugin can only read your Facebook posts and can’t change anything on your account. So, Custom Facebook Feed Pro is completely safe.

To do that, first select the pages on the popup and click on Next.

select the facebook pages

Now click on Done to finish giving the read-only access.

allow read only access to plugin

After you do that, the plugin will send you back to your site. To continue, click on Add on the new popup.

add new source confirmation

Just select Next after that, and you’ve now connected your testimonial feed to Facebook.

pick your source for custom facebook feed pro

So, you can now go to step 4 and start personalizing the design of your Facebook testimonial feed.

Step 4: Customize Your Facebook Testimonial Feed

Now that you’ve connected your testimonial feed to Facebook, it will be open in the live feed editor.

facebook live feed editor for the facebook testimonial feed

From this live feed editor, you can customize your Facebook feed using the options on the left. With these options, you can set the feed type, layout, color scheme, header style, post layout, and much more.

When you customize your feed, you can see the live preview of the changes on the right side.

To continue, you’ll need to enable the Facebook carousel layout for your new testimonial feed. For that, select the Feed Layout option.

feed layout customization options facebook

After you do that, just select the Carousel option from the list.

feed layout options facebook testimonial carousel wordpress

Now, your Facebook testimonial feed will appear as a carousel slider.

choose the carousel layout for testimonial

Then you can just click on the Save button at the top.

You can use the small Customize button to go back to the main customization options and continue editing your Facebook testimonial carousel.

go back to facebook customization options

From here, you can set the colors of your Facebook feed. For that, click on the Color Scheme option on the left.

color scheme customization options facebook

Now you can pick from 4 different color options here:

  • Inherit From Theme: Copy your website’s colors
  • Light: Pick a bright look with a light background
  • Dark: Show dark colors for your feed
  • Custom: Select all the colors yourself

color schemes facebook testimonial carousal wordpress

Once you find a color scheme that you like, just click on Save.

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to customize your testimonial carousel feed using the live feed editor. You can now go on and pick your header style, post elements, post layout, feed margins, background, and more.

Finally, click on the Save button and you can go ahead and embed your Facebook testimonial carousel.

Step 5: Embed Your Facebook Testimonial Carousel on Your Website

With the customization done, you can now go on and embed your Facebook testimonial carousel.

You’ve got 2 different options depending on where you want to show your feed:

  • Embed the Facebook testimonial carousel on your WordPress page
  • Embed the Facebook testimonial carousel on your WordPress sidebar

Let’s take a look at how they work.

Embed the Facebook Testimonial Carousel on Your WordPress Page

It’s super easy to embed your Facebook testimonial carousel from your live feed editor.

First, click on the Embed button that you can find at the top right.

click on the embed button

Now you can choose where to embed your Facebook testimonial carousel on the popup. For now, you can select Add to a Page here.

add facebook feed to page

You will now see a list of your WordPress pages. Once you select the one you prefer, you can click on Add to proceed.

select page for facebook feed

Now, the plugin will open that WordPress page so you can embed your Facebook testimonial carousel.

On the WordPress page, click on the small plus icon (+) at the top left and then select the Custom Facebook Feed widget.

add facebook custom feed block

With that, you can just click on the Publish button to finish adding your Facebook testimonial carousel feed on your site.

You can now open your website and see how it looks.

example of facebook testimonial carousel in wordpress

Aside from this, you can try the other way to embed your new Facebook testimonial carousel feed.

Embed the Facebook Testimonial Carousel on Your WordPress Sidebar

You can also embed your Facebook testimonial feed on your sidebar as a Facebook widget.

First, you need to open your Facebook testimonial carousel in the live feed editor.

To do that, navigate to the Facebook Feed » All Feeds menu from your dashboard.

select your facebook feed

Here, you can find all of your Facebook feeds listed out. Just click on your testimonial carousel feed to proceed.

Now on your live feed editor, click on the Embed button.

click on the embed button

After that, click on Add to a Widget on the popup.

add facebook feed as a widget

Now, the plugin will send you to the Widgets page of your WordPress website.

Here, select the Sidebar option to see all of your active widgets.

select sidebar for widget

Finally, just click on the plus icon (+) and then select the Custom Facebook Feed widget from the options.

choose custom facebook feed pro widget

And you have a Facebook testimonial carousel feed on your WordPress sidebar!

Now you can open your website to see how it looks to your visitors.

example of facebook testimonial carousel in wordpress sidebar

And that’s it!

By reading this tutorial, you now know how to create and display a Facebook testimonial carousel feed on WordPress. And you can do this easily, conveniently, and hassle-free, even if you’re not tech-savvy!

Level up your Facebook marketing with Custom Facebook Feed Pro today.

Here’s the best deal for you:

If you want unlimited access to Smash Balloon plugins so you can use them on unlimited websites, go ahead and get the All Access bundle here.

The great part about Smash Balloon’s pricing method? It comes with a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee, so you can try out the plugins first and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Use social proof to skyrocket your brand’s credibility and sales over time. Get started with the Social Wall Pro All Access bundle here.

Interested in another social media marketing channel? You may also want to read this next post on how to embed Instagram carousels on your WordPress website.

And if you found this article useful, please connect with us on Twitter and Facebook for more helpful social media marketing tutorials.

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