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How to Set Up Shoppable Instagram Feeds (For Small Businesses)

shoppable instagram feed

Do you want to know how to set up shoppable Instagram feeds?

With at least 1.6 billion users worldwide, Instagram remains a popular social network for brands to promote their products and services online thru shoppable Instagram feeds.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can quickly set up a shoppable Instagram gallery on your business account and also on your website.

What is a Shoppable Feed?

A shoppable Instagram feed lets you tag your products in the photos you post, so when your viewers click on those photos, they’re taken to your website where they can directly buy your products.

2 Types of Instagram Shoppable Galleries

There are two types of Instagram shoppable feeds that you can set up to get more sales for your business online.

1. Instagram Shoppable Feed on Your Business Profile

Instagram has a built-in shoppable feed feature available for selected business profiles.

For example, users browsing your Instagram account can see your post with a View Products icon on it.

When they tap on it, they’re directed to your Instagram store which has a View on website button so they can buy your product directly from your online store.

instagram shopping example

At first glance, this Instagram shopping feature seems easy to do, but it has tons of drawbacks like:

  • Limited accessibility – You can only submit your account for review if it’s a business account with a Facebook catalog and verified domain — full Instagram commerce requirements can be found here.
  • Limited availability to businesses – If your brand doesn’t get approved by Instagram, then you can’t use their Instagram shop feature.
  • Limited to physical products only – You can’t set up shoppable Instagram posts if you don’t have a physical product to promote.
  • Limited freedom to sell – If, for any reason, Instagram believes you’ve failed to meet their requirements, they can disable your account at any time, even after you set up your Instagram shop.

Most importantly, starting August 10, 2023, you can’t host a shop on your Facebook or Instagram or use Facebook product tagging in posts anymore.

So how can you set up shoppable Instagram feeds, then?

2. Instagram Shoppable Feed on Your WordPress Site

You can also set up a shoppable Instagram feed on your website with the help of a WordPress plugin.

Using Instagram Feed Pro, you can easily showcase a shoppable Instagram gallery like this on your site:

example of shoppable instagram feed on website

When your site visitors click on your Instagram photo, they’ll be directed to your products page where they can directly buy the item from your online store.

Which Instagram Shoppable Feed is Better?

If you’re not tech-savvy but you still want to promote your business using Instagram content, then it’s better to set up shoppable Instagram posts on your own website.

Here are several benefits of embedding shoppable Instagram feeds on your site:

  • More freedom to control the way you sell – Your shoppable feeds are displayed on your WordPress site. This lets you freely control where to direct your site visitors when they click on your Instagram feed.
  • Save more time – Every time you post your photos to Instagram, your embedded shoppable feed on your site is automatically updated so you can show up-to-date content effortlessly.
  • Get more sales – When a user clicks on your Instagram post embedded on your site, you can direct them to the product’s page so they can buy from you faster.

Now that you know which is the better way to implement Instagram shoppable feeds, let’s talk about how to set it up below.

How to Set Up Shoppable Instagram Feeds

Ready to get more sales via Instagram marketing?

Here’s the best way for you to set up shoppable Instagram posts on your site — no coding needed.

Easiest Way to Set Up Shoppable Instagram Feeds on Your Website

The #1 way for you to display shoppable Instagram feeds on your site is by using Instagram Feed Pro.

best instagram feed pro plugin

With this best Instagram feed plugin for WordPress, you can create, customize and embed Instagram feeds with just a few simple clicks — zero coding required.

You can use Instagram Feed Pro to showcase different types of Instagram content on your online store, such as:

Instagram Feed Pro also has lots of features to help you effectively promote your Instagram content on your e-commerce website, like:

  • Quick and Simple Setup: Install and activate the plugin, then start your shoppable feed in just a few minutes!
  • Match Your Site’s Theme: Right out of the box, your Instagram feeds copy your site’s design, so you’ll get shoppable feeds that perfectly match your branding — automatically.
  • Easy Feed Customization: Using Instagram Feed Pro’s visual customizer, you can change the feed layout, design and content with just a few clicks, no need to hire a designer.
instagram hashtag feed example

With over 1 million users and a solid rating of 4.9/5 stars, Instagram Feed Pro is trusted by the world’s biggest brands such as Coca-Cola, Indeed and more, so you’re in great company.

Now, let’s see how you can use Instagram Feed Pro to set up shoppable Instagram galleries on your online store.

How to Display Shoppable Instagram Feeds on WordPress (Step by Step)

In just a few minutes, you can embed a shoppable feed on your website by following the steps below:

Step 1: Install and Activate the Instagram Feed Pro Plugin

First, you can get your copy of Instagram Feed Pro here. Next, you can install and activate the plugin on your website with the help of this guide on how to install WordPress plugins.

After you’ve installed and activated Instagram Feed Pro, it’s time to move on to step 2.

Step 2: Create an Instagram Feed

Now, you can freely use Instagram Feed Pro to create a new Instagram feed for your site. To get started, navigate to the Instagram Feed » All Feeds menu from your WordPress admin dashboard.

Next, click on Add New to make a new Instagram feed.

create new feed instagram feed

In the next screen, the plugin will ask you which feed type you want to create.

Since we’re embedding shoppable Instagram feeds, choose the User Timeline feed to show Instagram posts from your business profile. Then, click on Next.

select your feed type instagram feed pro

Once you’ve chosen the feed type you want, it’s time to connect it to your Instagram account so it can show Instagram posts on your website.

On the next page, click on the Add Source button.

instagram add source for feed

Then, you’ll see a popup asking you to choose the Instagram account type you want to connect: personal or business.

Connecting a personal account means you can embed Instagram posts from your account only.

On the other hand, connecting a business account means you can display Instagram hashtag feeds, tagged feeds and shoppable feeds.

Since we want to enable shoppable feeds on WordPress, let’s choose the Business account type and then click on the Login with Facebook button.

Next, check the box next to the Instagram account that you want to use as source for your shoppable feed. Then, click on Next.

choose your instagram business account

After this, check the box next to the Facebook page that’s linked to the Instagram account that you want to use as source for your shoppable images.

Then, click on Next.

On the next page, you can give the plugin read-only access to your Facebook account. This way, Instagram Feed Pro can view your Instagram content but can’t make any changes so it’s 100% safe to use.

Simply click on the Done button to finish your connection set-up.

To finalize your account connection, you’ll see a popup with the Instagram account you just added to your website. Just check the box next to that account and then click on Add.

Now, you’ll be directed back to the plugin’s dashboard. To create an Instagram feed, check the box next to the Instagram account you just connected, then click on Next.

Instagram Feed Pro will now create an Instagram feed that automatically matches your site’s design. How easy was that? In just a few clicks, you’ve easily made an Instagram feed of your posts!

Let’s go to the next step to activate shoppable feeds for your website.

Step 3: Enable Shoppable Feeds

You can now see your Instagram feed on the plugin’s visual customizer. From here, you just need to turn on the “shoppable feeds” feature so you can display shoppable posts on your website.

To activate shoppable feeds, click on Settings » Shoppable Feed.

shoppable instagram feeds

On the next screen, make sure to toggle the Enable slider to it turns blue. This means that shoppiable feeds feature is now activated.

Then, select the Instagram post you want to make shoppable and click on Add to add a link to your product’s page.

For example, for this Instagram post, we’ll add a link to the product’s page. So when a visitor clicks on this post, they’re taken to the product’s page instantly.

Now, you can simply repeat these steps for your posts to make every Instagram post shoppable.

Every time you add a link to your Instagram posts, make sure to click on the Save button to confirm your changes.

Step 4: Customize Your Shoppable Instagram Feed

You’ve done a great job creating a shoppable Instagram feed for your site. Now, it’s time to customize it.

To start customizing your feed, click on the Customize tab on the left-hand side of the visual feed editor.

Under the Template menu, you can choose from tons of professionally-made templates so you don’t have to build your shoppable feed from scratch. Simply click the template you’d like and the plugin will automatically change your feed’s template in a few seconds.

Next, you can select the Feed Layout menu. Here, you can choose several layouts for your Instagram shoppable feed, such as grid, carousel, masonry and highlight.

You can also personalize your feed height and padding here.

Make sure to click on the Customize link after making any changes. Clicking on it takes you back to the main visual customizer so you can change your next customization menu, Color Scheme.

Instagram Feed Pro automatically copies your site’s existing theme, but you can always customize the color settings for your shoppable feed with the Color Scheme menu. There are 4 options you can choose from:

  • Inherit from Theme: Automatically copy your website’s design
  • Light: Choose a light color for the background and a dark color for the font
  • Dark: Use a dark background and a light font
  • Custom: Select the colors of your shoppable Instagram feed yourself

Every time you click on a customization option like templates, feed layouts or color schemes, the preview will update in real-time so you can see how it looks.

Using the plugin’s visual feed customizer, you can easily personalize your shoppable feed’s layout, template, color scheme, header style, posts style, buttons, lightbox style, and much more in just a few clicks. No need to hire a developer or designer.

Make sure to click on Save once you’re done with customizing your shoppable feed.

Step 5: Embed Your Shoppable Instagram Feed

After you’ve customized your shoppable feed, it’s time to showcase it on your website so you can start growing your sales.

First, click on the Embed button at the top of the plugin’s visual customizer.

Next, you’ll choose where you want to showcase your shoppable feed. Click on the Add to a Page button.

add instagram feed to page instagram feed pro

Then, you can just select the page where you want to display your shoppable Instagram gallery. Once you’ve chosen your site page, click on Add.

add instagram feed to a wordpress page

Instagram Feed Pro will now automatically take you to the page you selected.

Here, add a new content block by clicking on the small plus (+) icon. Then, type “Instagram” in the search bar and click on the the Instagram Feed block.

instagram feed block

Next, you’ll instantly see a preview of your shoppable Instagram gallery on your site page. To make sure it’s embedded on your website, click on Publish to make it live on your site.

Good work embedding your shoppable feed on your WordPress website!

Now, when your site visitor clicks on your Instagram post, they’re automatically directed to your product’s page so they can buy from you directly.

Embed Shoppable Feeds on Your Site Today

And so, there you have it! We hope this article helped you how to set up shoppable Instagram feeds on your website so you can boost your sales.

Ready to improve your Instagram marketing? Get started with Instagram Feed Pro and grow your business faster today.

Do you have Elementor? Here’s how you can embed an Instagram feed on your Elementor website.

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