How to Add Facebook Posts to WordPress (5 Easy Steps)

By Lianne Laroya on March 25, 2021

Are you looking for an easy way to add Facebook posts to your WordPress website?

You’ve worked hard on increasing your Facebook page engagement, so now you want to cross-promote your Facebook on your website to boost your audience reach. It’s also a great way to skyrocket your followers and sales over time.

So in this article, we’ll show you how to embed your Facebook posts by adding a timeline feed to your WordPress.

By following our tutorial, you can set up your Facebook feed on WordPress in 5 simple steps.

Ready? Let’s jump into it.

2 Ways to Embed Facebook Posts

There are 2 ways to add your Facebook posts to your WordPress:

1. Manual — When you manually embed Facebook posts on WordPress, you need to get each Facebook post’s embed code.

Then, you have to manually paste the embed code wherever you want to display the Facebook post on your website.

This method gets confusing, because you have to switch between different webpages.

And it’s also complicated. Why? Because if you want to customize your Facebook feed’s layout, you have to tweak lots of code snippets — or hire a developer to help you.

Finally, the manual method is risky because you can accidentally break your website when you do this. Make just one tiny mistake in your coding and you may see the unwanted “error” page pop up.

The worst part? When you do the manual method to embed Facebook posts on WordPress, you’re on your own, because Facebook doesn’t have a dedicated support team to help you.

This means that if you run into some issues while doing the manual method, you have to spend lots of time and resources to fix them yourself, or to hire someone to help you.

2. Automatic — On the other hand, automatically adding Facebook posts to WordPress is super simple. It’s as easy as installing a WordPress plugin, connecting it to your Facebook account and letting it do the hard work for you.

You can make everything easier by using the best Facebook feed plugin for WordPress: Custom Facebook Feed Pro.

facebook posts to wordpress

This newbie-friendly plugin helps you create, customize and display Facebook feeds on your website — no coding needed. In fact, using this plugin, you can add your Facebook posts to WordPress in just under 5 minutes!

Another great thing about Custom Facebook Feed Pro? It lets you easily customize how your Facebook feed will look like on your website.

Just by checking or unchecking choices, you can readily control your Facebook feed’s design and layout. Yes, even if you don’t have any background in design or technical knowledge.

Don’t have time to set up your Facebook feed’s design? No problem! The plugin automatically copies your website’s existing design. So, you’ll have a Facebook feed that looks consistent with your brand’s design.

Custom Facebook Feed Pro is also built with speed in mind.

Because of its lightning fast performance, your Facebook feeds will load ultra fast on your webpage, so it’s great for boosting your site’s SEO.

Finally, you’d be glad to know that the customer support team behind Custom Facebook Feed Pro is top-notch. With its solid 4.8/5 stars rating, it’s happily trusted by over 200,000 users worldwide, after all.

facebook posts to wordpress plugin reviews

So if you run into some issues while embedding your Facebook posts on your site, you can send them a message and they’ll be glad to help you.

Adding Facebook Posts to WordPress (Easily)

With these in mind, let’s talk about step-by-step tutorial on how you can easily add Facebook posts to your WordPress website below.

1. Install Custom Facebook Feed Pro Plugin

To get started, the first thing you need to do is to get your own copy of Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin here. Simply download the plugin to your computer. Next, install and activate it on your WordPress website.

If you’re not familiar with installing WordPress plugins, don’t worry. You can check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to install a WordPress plugin for your guide.

2. Connect Your Facebook Account

Now that you’re done installing Custom Facebook Feed Pro, the next step is connecting it to your Facebook account.

It’s super easy to do this. First, go to your WordPress admin panel and click on the Facebook Feed menu. You’ll be taken to the settings page of the plugin.

connect facebook account

Next, look for the blue Connect a Facebook account button and click it. Then, just follow the onscreen instructions to link your Facebook account to the plugin.

Once you’re done connecting your Facebook account, you can also scroll down to the Settings section.

Here, you can specify if your connected account is a page or a Facebook group.

You can also customize your feed’s content by setting the number of Facebook posts to display, the post author, the frequency of checking for new posts and the timezone of your Facebook timeline.

Facebook feed plugin settings

Don’t forget to click on Save Changes before moving on to the next step below.

3. Choose Your Facebook Posts Type

Since you want to add Facebook posts to WordPress, the next step is choosing which types of Facebook posts you want to display on your website.

To do this, scroll up to the topmost part of the settings page and navigate to Customize » General. This page allows you to choose the type of Facebook posts you want to embed.

On the top part of the page, you can change the width, height and background color of your Facebook feed.

facebook posts to wordpress customize facebook feed

Scroll down to the Post Types section to control the content of your Facebook timeline. If you want to add all types of Facebook posts to WordPress, then check all the post type choices.

post types facebook posts to wordpress

If you want to show Facebook photos only, then check Photos and leave everything else unchecked. This way, you can display Facebook photos on your website, like this:

facebook photo posts to wordpress

Or if you’d like to embed Facebook videos only, make sure to check Videos and uncheck everything else. As a result, you can show off your Facebook videos feed on WordPress, similar to the example below:

facebook video posts to wordpress

For this tutorial, we’re adding all types of Facebook posts to WordPress. So, we’re checking all post types to show Facebook statuses, events, photos, videos, links and albums in the Facebook timeline feed.

After you’ve selected your Facebook post type, remember to click on Save Settings.

4. Customize Your Facebook Feed

If you want to further customize how your Facebook timeline will look like, Custom Facebook Feed Pro lets you easily do this, too.

Simply scroll down until you see the Header section. Here, you can choose to show or hide your Facebook feed’s header. You can also choose between a visual or a text header.

For example, here’s what a visual header looks like:

visual header

On the other hand, the text header uses a minimalist design, so it looks like this:

text header

You can also choose to show or hide your “like” box or “load more” button on the same page. We recommend showing these buttons on your Facebook feed to encourage users to stay longer on your website and engage more with your Facebook posts.

header like button

When you’re happy with how your Facebook feed looks like, don’t forget to click on Save Changes before moving on to the final step below.

5. Add Your Facebook Posts Feed to WordPress

Finally, it’s time to embed your Facebook feed on your WordPress website.

Using the Custom Facebook Feed plugin, there are 2 different ways to do this:

  1. Facebook Feed WordPress Block: Use this to add your Facebook feed to a post or page using the new WordPress block editor.
  2. Facebook Feed Shortcode: Use this to add your Facebook posts to the classic WordPress editor or to your sidebar or footer areas.

Let’s talk about both options below.

Embed Facebook Posts on WordPress Page

To add a Facebook timeline to your WordPress page, first go to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to Pages » Add New. This will create a new page for you.

add new page

Next, inside the block editor for your new page, click the Plus (+) icon to add a new WordPress block. Then in the search box, type “facebook” to find the Custom Facebook Feed content block. Click on it to add it to your WordPress page.

facebook posts to wordpress block

The plugin will automatically display a preview of your Facebook feed on your page. Feel free to edit it before you click on the Publish button.

Once you’ve published your Facebook feed on your website, your visitors can now see it when you navigate to your website, like this:

facebook posts to wordpress example

Embed Facebook Posts on WordPress Sidebar

To add your posts as a Facebook widget on your sidebar area, first go to your WordPress dashboard. Then, navigate to Appearance » Widgets. Here, you can simply drag a Text widget over to your sidebar area.

facebook posts to wordpress sidebar

Inside the Text editor area, paste this shortcode: [custom-facebook-feed]

Finally, click on Save to finalize your settings. And when you check out your website, you’ll now see your Facebook posts embedded on your sidebar area, like this:

facebook posts to wordpress sidebar example

And so, there you have it!

In just 5 easy steps, you’ve now learned how to add Facebook posts to your WordPress website. And the cool part? You’re able to do this easily — even if you’re not tech-savvy.

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