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7 Best Facebook WordPress Plugins for Your Website

Best Facebook WordPress Plugins for Your Website

If you’re looking for a Facebook WordPress plugin, then you’re in luck.

By integrating Facebook with your WordPress website, you can boost your engagement, grow your Facebook following, and much more.

But with so many options in the market, finding the right Facebook plugin for WordPress can be tough.

Today, we’re going to help you out by sharing the best Facebook plugins that you can use for your website.

What to Look for in a Facebook WordPress Plugin

Since there are so many Facebook WordPress plugins available, it can be tough to find the best option.

To make it easier to find the best options, here’s what you need to consider before making your choice:

  • User-Friendly: Choosing a plugin that’s easy to use means that you’ll have an easy time setting up the plugin, connecting your site to Facebook, and more – no coding needed!
  • SEO Optimized: Your website will have a much easier time ranking high in search engine results and reach more users with an SEO-friendly plugin.
  • High-Quality Support: Need help or have any issues? A dedicated support team should always be ready to lend you a hand in that case.
  • Lightning Fast: By picking a lightweight Facebook plugin, your website will load as fast as ever and provide a great experience for any visitors.
  • Budget-Friendly: While features are important to have, the plugin should also come with plenty of pricing plans to choose from, as well as a trial period to try it out.

7 Best Facebook WordPress Plugins for Your Website (Handpicked)

Now that you know how to pick the right Facebook plugin for WordPress, let’s go ahead and check out our top picks:

Let’s get started and check out these plugins in detail.

1. Facebook Feed Pro

custom facebook feed pro plugin

With Facebook Feed Pro, it’s easier than ever to display content from Facebook on your WordPress site.

By embedding Facebook content that way, you can easily convert your website visitors into likes, comments, and new followers.

On top of that, showing a variety of Facebook content can help you keep your visitors engaged and even convince them to buy from you.

Lots of Feed Types

Using this WordPress plugin, you can embed a variety of Facebook content on your site.

When creating your Facebook feeds, you get to choose from:

  • Timeline: Show posts from a Facebook page or group
  • Photos: Display your Facebook images on your site
  • Videos: Engage your visitors with video content from Facebook
  • Albums: Embed Facebook photo albums on your website
  • Events: Show a Facebook events calendar in WordPress
  • Reviews: Choose to embed Facebook reviews of your brand
  • Single Featured Post: Highlight a specific Facebook post
  • Single Album: Display the contents of a single Facebook album
facebook feed pro types of feeds

All in all, there’s a huge variety of Facebook content that you can show on your website, including posts, photos, albums, live streams, and much more.

Plus, you can even get extensions for the plugin and unlock even more types of Facebook feeds.

3-Step Guided Flow

To help you get started right away, Facebook Feed Pro has a simple guided flow that you can follow:

  • Step 1: Connect your feed to a Facebook page or group
  • Step 2: Customize your layout, colors, filters, and more
  • Step 3: Embed your Facebook feed on your website

As you can see, the plugin can automatically guide you through the process of creating, customizing, and embedding your Facebook feeds.

The best part? You can do all that in just minutes – no coding needed!

Easy Customization

Another great feature of the plugin is that you can import a template and instantly have a beautiful Facebook feed with a unique design.

There are tons of templates available that you can choose from, including:

  • Default
  • Simple Masonry
  • Widget
  • Simple Cards
  • Latest post
  • Showcase Carousel
  • Simple Carousel

Want more control over your Facebook feed’s design? Facebook Feed Pro has you covered with its visual customizer.

From here, you can easily customize your layout, header, colors, post elements, filters, like box, and much more – no need for HTML, Custom CSS, or any kind of code.

live feed editor for facebook feed pro

Moreover, you’ll see all of your changes in real-time with the live preview on the right.

So, personalizing your Facebook feeds is quick, easy, and super accurate.

Plus, the plugin is extremely lightweight, so you can create elaborate designs for your feeds, and it’ll still load as fast as ever.

High-Quality Support

In fact, the best part of Facebook Feed Pro is the quality of the plugin’s support team.

You get a team of WordPress gurus who are always ready to help you out or answer questions. Just reach out to them from the support page whenever you want to talk to them.

support page smash balloon

Since the plugin has such high-quality of customer support, Facebook Feed Pro has grown to become the biggest Facebook feed plugin in the market,

Better yet, the plugin is trusted by some of the biggest brands out there, including household names like Coca-Cola!

With over 250,000 users and an average rating of 4.9/5 stars, it’s clear that customers are more than happy with the quality of support.

facebook feed pro reviews

To learn more, you can check out this step-by-step guide on how to add a Facebook feed to your WordPress site.


You can get the premium version of Facebook Feed Pro for a price starting at just $49/year.

Ready to embed Facebook feeds? Grab your copy of Facebook Feed Pro today.

2. Reviews Feed Pro

Next on our list, we have the #1 Facebook reviews aggregator in the market: Reviews Feed Pro

With this plugin, you can start embedding your Facebook reviews in WordPress in just a few simple clicks.

Just like that, you can show positive reviews of your brand and convince your website visitors to buy from you.

Supports Top Platforms

On top of being the biggest social network out there, Facebook can be a trusted source of online reviews.

Plus, you can even use the plugin to embed reviews from the biggest platforms out there: Tripadvisor, Google, and Yelp.

supported platforms reviews feed pro

With reviews from all these platforms, you can show everyone that plenty of regular people trust your brand. 

Using this social proof, you’ll have a much easier time converting visitors into dedicated customers.

Visual Customizer

From the plugin’s live feed editor, you can easily customize your review feeds as well.

Using the panel on the left, you can change your layout, header, review elements, and much more – all with just a few easy clicks.

On the right, you can see a live preview of your reviews feed. So you can clearly see how the reviews will look on your website.

reviews feed pro live feed editor

What’s more, you can even choose to import a feed template – just like with Facebook Feed Pro!

Filters and Moderation

Reviews Feed Pro also lets you control which reviews will show up on your website.

You can add filters to only show reviews with your chosen star ratings. On top of that, you can also use filters to show or hide reviews with specific keywords.

reviews feed pro add filters

On top of that, you can choose which reviews to show or hide using the plugin’s moderation option.

As a result, you can showcase your best reviews and remove reviews from bots, trolls, or fake accounts.

With high quality reviews, you’ll have an easier time building trust and converting your visitors.

SEO Friendly

Since the plugin has been optimized for better SEO, Reviews Feed Pro can help your site rank higher in search results.

You can then reach more potential customers and grow your sales with ease.

smash balloon seo booster

Unlike many other review aggregators, Reviews Feed Pro will actually embed reviews on your website instead of using iFrames.

That means search engines will be able to recognize the keywords on your reviews and rank your site higher.

Plus, the plugin regularly updates your feeds and shows the latest reviews. Showing fresh content like this is a great way to boost your SEO.

google reviews example

On top of that, Reviews Feed Pro is lightweight, and a faster website means you get much better SEO.


The price for the Reviews Feed Pro plugin starts at just $49/year.

Want to display Facebook reviews on your website? Get your copy of Reviews Feed Pro today.

3. Social Wall Pro

social wall pro plugin smash balloon

Next, we have Social Wall Pro – the best social media aggregator out there.

Using this plugin, you can embed content from the biggest platforms out there, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!

On top of that, you can even combine the social media content into a single social wall.

It’s a great way to grow your brand’s social media marketing and keep your visitors engaged.

Lots of Feed Types

Since the plugin comes with support for so many social media platforms, there are tons of different feed types to choose from.

With Social Wall Pro, you’ll be able to embed:

instagram hashtag feed example

As you can see, Social Wall Pro lets you boost your engagement by showing a variety of social media content on your site.

Combine Posts Into a Social Wall

Another amazing thing about Social Wall Pro is that you can combine all these posts into a single social wall.

By showing a variety of content that way, you’ll have an easier time grabbing people’s attention and keeping them engaged.

add social wall to your site

What’s more, Social Wall Pro has been designed to be lightweight and fast.

As a result, you can show tons of posts on your social wall at once, and your website will load as fast as ever.

Instant Social Wall Builder

With the help of Social Wall Pro, you can instantly create your social walls without touching a single line of code.

From your dashboard, simply choose which social feeds you’d like to include on your wall.

Once you do that, you can create your social wall with just a single click.

easy social wall creation

Plus, you can embed the social wall on your website using a convenient WordPress block – no need for HTML embed codes or shortcodes.

Want to learn more? Take a look at this list of the best social media wall examples that you can copy.


To get Social Wall Pro, as well the best social media feed plugins for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, you can get the All Access Bundle at $299/year.

If you’re ready to embed social walls in WordPress, you can get the All Access Bundle here.

4. RafflePress

rafflepress plugin wordpress

If you want an easy way to go viral on Facebook, RafflePress can be a great option.

With it, you can create engaging giveaways and contests to convince visitors to follow your Facebook page, share your content, or join your group.

Just like that, you can grow your Facebook community with ease.


  • User-Friendly: As the best giveaway plugin, RafflePress can automatically start the giveaway, set up the rules, pick winners, block fake entries, and end the giveaway.
  • Drag-and-Drop Builder: You can create engaging giveaways for your brand in just a few simple clicks using the simple builder.
  • Facebook Template: RafflePress also comes with a pre-designed Facebook template to help you get more shares, likes, followers, and more.
rafflepress giveaway example
  • Viral Sharing: When people share your giveaways, you can even give them bonus entries. So, people joining your giveaways can help promote it as well.
  • Mobile-friendly: Since RafflePress is perfectly responsive, your giveaways will work perfectly on all devices — regardless of screen size.

All in all, RafflePress is one of the best options out there if you want an easy way to grow your brand’s Facebook presence.

For more details on using this plugin, check out this tutorial on how to run Facebook giveaways.


You can start using RafflePress for your site for a price of just $39.50/year.

Want to use giveaways to boost your Facebook following? Get your copy of RafflePress today.

5. SeedProd

seedprod facebook plugin

SeedProd is an amazing website builder that can help you promote Facebook content on your site.

You can create engaging landing pages to showcase your Facebook content, including posts, pages, and more.

That way, anyone visiting your website will be able to follow you or interact with your content.

To learn why SeedProd is the best website builder out there, check out our full SeedProd review here.


  • Page Templates: SeedProd comes with 150+ templates, so you can instantly import beautiful designs for your sales pages, coming soon pages, thank you pages, and more.
  • Visual Builder: Using the plugin’s drag-and-drop builder, you can create engaging pages simply by adding content blocks and sections — no coding needed.
  • Facebook Blocks: To get more Facebook followers and interactions, you can use content blocks to insert content from Facebook, like boxes, comments, pages, and embeds.
seedprod add facebook content to your site
  • Lightning Fast: SeedProd has been designed from the ground up to be lightweight, so you can embed tons of Facebook content, and your site will load as fast as ever.
  • 80+ Content Blocks: Since the plugin comes with 80+ content blocks, you can add a variety of content to your site, including giveaways, contact forms, and so more.

To get started, you can check out this tutorial on how to create a Facebook landing page.


The price for the SeedProd website builder plugin starts at $39.50/year.

Get SeedProd for your site today and promote your Facebook content with engaging pages.

6. Shared Counts

shared counts facebook wordpress plugin

If you want a lightweight and useful Facebook WordPress plugin, then Shared Counts can be a good option.

This plugin can help you add share buttons to your website’s content. That way, visitors can share your posts, pages, and more on Facebook.

In fact, you can even add share buttons for other major platforms like Pinterest and Twitter.

As a bonus, Shared Counts can also let users print a page or start emailing it directly from your website. It’s a great way to add extra features to your site.


Shared Counts is completely free to use.

7. Pixel Cat

pixel cat plugin

Finally, we have one of the best Facebook pixel plugins for WordPress: Pixel Cat.

You can use the plugin to start tracking the Facebook ads on your site and check the conversions your ads are getting.

It’s a great way to check how many interactions your Facebook ads are getting and if you’re actually directing people to your Facebook page or group.


Pixel Cat can be totally free to use if you want to stick to the base version.

For more features, like WooCommerce support, you can get the premium version for $59/year.

Our Verdict: Best Facebook WordPress Plugin

All in all, there are tons of great WordPress plugins that can help you boost your brand’s Facebook marketing. 

But when it comes to the best Facebook WordPress plugin, there’s 1 option that stands out: Facebook Feed Pro.

As the best Facebook feed plugin in the market, you can easily display your Facebook content and get tons of likes, comments, and followers.

facebook feed pro example

By growing your Facebook following this way, you can start reaching tons of potential customers to grow your sales.

What’s more, the plugin can help you engage visitors by embedding a variety of Facebook content, including posts, videos, photos, livestreams, and much more.

facebook wordpress plugin example video feed

Plus, you can embed all that Facebook content in just minutes by following the 3-step guided flow.

The best part? You get an expert support team that you can always turn to for help.

With all these amazing features, Facebook Feed Pro has become the best Facebook WordPress plugin in the market, with over 250,000 users and a rating of 4.9/5 stars.

facebook user reviews

Want to start embedding Facebook feeds? Grab your copy of Facebook Feed Pro here!

And there you go!

Now you know the best Facebook WordPress plugins that you can use for your website. With these, you’ll have an easy time growing your brand with Facebook marketing.

If you want an easy way to grow your Facebook following, get tons of interactions, and engage your website visitors, the best option that you can use is Facebook Feed Pro.

Ready to create engaging Facebook Feeds? Get Facebook Feed Pro for your site today!

Want to get more out of social media? You can also check out our list of the best ways to make money on Twitter.

For more social media marketing tips and tricks, you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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