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9+ Best WordPress Coming Soon Plugins You Can Use Right Now

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Looking for the best coming soon plugin for your WordPress site?

A coming soon page is a great way to let your visitors know why a website isn’t available yet, along with other important info. You can tell your visitors when it’ll be back or what future changes they can expect.

So, you can continue engaging your visitors, even when your site is down.

Don’t worry if that sounds complex — all you need is a good coming soon plugin. With that, it’s going to be super easy to show your own coming soon page in just a few clicks.

What Is a Coming Soon WordPress Plugin

A coming soon plugin can serve your visitors with a special pre-designed page when your site is down. In this coming soon page, you can add in all sorts of information and explain what’s happening to your visitors.

For example, here’s one made using SeedProd.

maintenance mode example

As you can see, you can let your visitors know that your site is only temporarily down. In fact, you can also let them know how long it will take so your visitors know when to return.

Seems like a small thing, right? Well, you can actually get a lot of use out of a coming soon page.

A big reason to use coming soon plugins is for the boost in SEO. When your site is down, you will not do well with search engines. After all, visitors can’t really enter your site.

With a good coming soon plugin, the search engines will be notified that your site is temporarily down. So, you get to keep your SEO ranking.

And that’s not all!

Let’s say you’ve got a new product or site redesign coming up. Your coming soon page can let the visitors know what you’ve planned. So, you can advertise even while your site is down.

Plus, you’ll look more professional with a coming soon page. If your visitors know why your site is down, then it won’t look like a technical error on your part.

That’s a good way to maintain your brand’s image of competence.

How to Pick the Best Coming Soon Plugin

Of course, picking the best coming soon plugin for WordPress can be confusing. There are tons of options out there, after all.

So, let’s see what you’ll have to watch out for:

  • Lightweight: If you want to stop visitors from leaving your site, then your coming soon plugin has to be fast and snappy.
  • User-Friendly: Your plugin should be easy to use, so you can make a great coming soon page even if you’re new to WordPress.
  • Mobile-friendly: You need a plugin that works perfectly on mobile devices too. After all, mobile users now make over 52% of the total internet traffic.
  • Quality Support: If you ever run into problems with your coming soon page, you don’t have to worry if the plugin comes with high-quality support.

With that, let’s move on to the next step and check out the best coming soon WordPress plugins out there.

9+ Best Coming Soon Plugins for Your WordPress Site

1. SeedProd

seedprod best coming soon plugin

As the best WordPress landing page builder, SeedProd makes sure that you don’t have to touch a single line of code to create new pages.

With it, building your coming soon page will be a piece of cake. Plus, the drag and drop builder means it only takes minutes to create, customize, and publish your landing page.


You can do a lot with your coming soon page if you’re using SeedProd. Here’s a quick look:

  • Drag and Drop Page Builder: With SeedProd’s drag and drop builder, you’ll have a simple way of creating your coming soon page. No need to code or hire a developer, just drag and drop the blocks into place and you’re done.
  • Super Fast: Since it’s optimized for speed, your coming soon page would be fast and snappy. And this means a better experience for your visitors and more conversions.
  • Live Previews: When building a page with SeedProd, you’ll get a live preview right there. So, you can be sure how your page will look to the visitors. Plus, SeedProd even has a handy mobile preview feature.
  • 150+ Landing Page Templates: With so many templates to pick from, you can use SeedProd to create any kind of landing page.
  • Marketing Integrations: You can even integrate your coming soon page with a collection of fantastic marketing tools. With tools like MailChimp, you can grow your site, even when your site is inactive.
  • Spam Protection: SeedProd also supports ReCaptcha so your coming soon page will be protected from unwanted spam.

seedprod editor


For the premium version, the pricing plans start at just $39.50/year or $3.29/month.

So what are you waiting for? Get SeedProd today and build an amazing coming soon page that wows your visitors.

2. Nifty

nifty best coming soon plugin wordpress

Nifty is a simple plugin that allows users to make well-designed coming soon pages with little effort.

If you just want to build a coming soon page quickly, then this WordPress plugin is one of the best options around.


  • Built-in Subscription Form: Just like SeedProd, you can use your coming soon page to ask visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, mailing list, and more.
  • 300+ Google Fonts: This plugin doesn’t have SeedProd’s customization options, but you still get some useful options like Google Fonts to build a nice-looking coming soon landing page.
  • MailChimp Integration: With Nifty, you can also integrate a MailChimp sign-up form on your coming soon page.


While Google Fonts is nice to have, Nifty doesn’t give you many options to customize things. You’ll only have a handful of icons, slider animations, and some color options.

You can get this plugin for free.

3. CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance

cmp coming soon page builder

CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance comes with a lightweight and easy to use package that just about everyone can use.

With it, you can easily build a simple page for your WordPress site’s coming soon mode.


  • Blacklist & Whitelist: CMP allows you to blacklist certain parts of your site so you can replace them with your coming soon page. Similarly, you can also whitelist some pages to keep them up while the rest of the site is offline.
  • Translation Ready: Since CMP supports translation plugins, you can switch your coming soon page to another language in just a few clicks.
  • Background Media Player: As with SeedProd, you can also spice up your coming soon maintenance page with a fullscreen video or image.


If you want to access all the design options for CMP, then you’ll have to pay some money.

The price for the premium themes starts at $10 while the integrations for Divi, Elementor and Oxygen are $29 each.

4. Under Construction

under construction best coming soon plugin

If you want something with a nice bit of flexibility, then don’t worry. Under Construction has you covered.

There’s lots of great features here, so you’ll be able to build an engaging coming soon page. But if you’re new to WordPress, then navigating all the settings and configuration options can be confusing.


  • Google Analytics Support: Want to know how your coming soon page is doing? With Google Analytics, you can get a very clear picture.
  • Social Icons: Similar to SeedProd, this plugin allows you to link your coming soon page to your social media account with a collection of nice icons.
  • Multilingual: You can translate the coming soon page to over 100 languages in just a click.
  • Caching Support: Under Construction is also compatible with the popular caching plugins that speed up your site.


A lot of useful features like drag & drop builder are only available in the paid version.

You can use the free version with limited features. But the premium version starts at $25/year.

5. WP Maintenance Mode

wp best maintenance mode plugin

With WP Maintenance Mode, you can easily build coming soon and maintenance pages for your site.

You can switch to coming soon mode in just a simple click with this plugin. If you want a user-friendly option then WP Maintenance Mode is a decent option.

One downside of this plugin is that it shows ads on your WordPress dashboard. If you find this annoying, then it might be a deal breaker.


  • Countdown Timer: Same as SeedProd, you get an in-built countdown timer with this plugin. With that, your visitors will know exactly when they should return.
  • Multisite Ready: Got a multisite setup for WordPress? Well, this free coming soon plugin will work just fine for multisites.
  • GDPR Ready: WP Maintenance Mode will also follow the GDPR regulations, just like SeedProd. That means, it will respect the privacy of your visitors and won’t take their data without permission.


While the plugin has the advantage of being simple, there’s not a lot of features there. You can’t really customize the coming soon page aside from basic options like font size and background color.

You can get WP Maintenance Mode for free.

6. Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

minimal coming soon and maintenance page

Like the name suggests, Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode helps you build a clean and minimal coming soon page.

If you want a lightweight landing page, then this is one of the best coming soon plugins you can get.


  • Beautiful Design: With its clean and minimal look, your coming soon pages are going to leave a positive impression on your visitors.
  • Email Marketing: Like SeedProd and other coming soon plugins on this list, you can integrate this plugin with services like Mailchimp and grow your business.
  • Customization: While it doesn’t have a powerful builder like SeedProd, there’s a nice collection of customization options here. You can control the background, images, typography, color, positioning of the elements, and more.


A lot of its features are exclusive to the premium version. With the free version, you don’t get advanced themes, animations, and sample images.

Plus, some useful tools like SEO analysis are only in the paid version.

You can get the premium version starting at $79/year.

7. EZP Coming Soon Page

ezp coming soon page

Want a plugin that can quickly set up a simple coming soon page? Then EZP Coming Soon Page might interest you. Plus, there are some nice features here too.

You even get pre-built backgrounds to create an engaging landing page in minutes.


  • Super Fast: If you want a plugin that doesn’t waste any time, like SeedProd, then this is an option. You’ll have a coming soon page ready to go within a minute.
  • Marketing Integration: Your coming soon page can automatically connect to email marketing plugins like MailChimp.
  • In-built Backgrounds: While it doesn’t have tons of templates as SeedProd does, you get engaging backgrounds that you can use.


You can get this lightweight plugin for free.

8. Coming soon and Maintenance mode

coming soon and maintenance mode

Another great option in this list is Coming soon and Maintenance mode.

Like you’ve seen with SeedProd, you can set up a coming soon page super fast with this plugin.

It has a basic collection of features but it can be great if you’re not looking for anything fancy.


  • Instant Coming Soon Page: Switching to coming soon mode is almost instant with this plugin. Just a few simple clicks and you’re good to go.
  • Meta Description and Keywords: For better SEO, you can set the meta description and keywords for your coming soon page as well. That way, search engines will know if your site is down.
  • Disable Search Robots: If you don’t want people to find your maintenance site, then you also have a handy option to just take your site off the reach of search engines.


Unless you pay for the plugin, you can’t do much except set the fonts and pick a background. But while the premium version of this plugin gives you video backgrounds, it doesn’t really work on mobile devices.

As a result, the majority of internet users won’t see the best version of your coming soon page.

You can get a free version as well but the paid version starts at $14.

9. Coming Soon by Supsystic

coming soon supsystic

Coming Soon by Supsystic is another candidate for the best coming soon plugin for WordPress.

With it, you can present a professional-looking page that can collect emails to grow your mailing list. Plus, it also has social sharing to help you out with social media marketing.

Unlike SeedProd, this plugin won’t allow you to integrate your site with many other tools. If you want a feature-rich coming soon page, this plugin will be a disappointment.


  • Drag and Drop Builder: Coming Soon also has a nice drag and drop builder that makes it easier to create your maintenance page. Although it isn’t as advanced as SeedProd’s, it’s still a good feature.
  • Google Analytics: You’ll be able to check how well the coming soon page is working since it supports tracking through Google Analytics.
  • Live Preview: Like with SeedProd, having a live preview makes the experience of customizing so much easier. No need to worry if something will look different on the front-end.


While there are useful templates for this plugin, you don’t get access to them in the free version.

To upgrade from the free version, the plans start at $46.

10. Slim Maintenance Mode

slim maintenance mode

Slim Maintenance Mode is a simple plugin that does its job with no extra bells and whistles.

The “slim” in the name is really accurate here. You can use this plugin to quickly take your site offline and not much else.

Your coming soon page can’t do anything but inform your visitors that your site is down. Its design is also really basic so your visitors may not find it engaging either.


  • Easy to Activate: You can just activate the plugin, and your site will show a basic coming soon page. No need to configure anything else here.
  • Lightweight: Since it cuts out all the other features, the plugin is completely free of bloat that might slow down your site.


You can get this plugin for free.

Which is the Best Coming Soon Plugin?

As you can see, you’ve got some nice options for the best coming soon plugin. However, it’s clear that one stands out from the rest here.

As the best landing page builder for WordPress, SeedProd is also the best coming soon plugin in the market. Its user-friendly drag and drop builder means customization won’t be a problem, even if you’re a WordPress newbie.

On top of that, you also get 100+ templates as well. Just import them, change the details, and your coming soon page is instantly ready!

And remember the highlights of the other plugins on this list? Well, you can get almost all of those features with SeedProd too. From Mailchimp integration and countdown timer to Google analytics support, you get a lot with this one plugin.

So, we can safely say that SeedProd is the best coming soon plugin for WordPress.

And there you have it!

If you’re still unsure, check out our detailed review of SeedProd where we take a closer look at it.

And if you’re ready to build a coming soon page that leaves your visitors wanting more, get started with SeedProd today!

Want more amazing tools like SeedProd? Check out our list of the best WordPress plugins here.

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