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How to Fix the WordPress oEmbed Not Working Issue (The Easy Way)

How to Fix the WordPress oEmbed Not Working Issue (1)

Is WordPress oEmbed not working on your website? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Using the helpful oEmbed feature, you can embed social media posts on your WordPress site just by pasting the link.

You can then use content from popular social media platforms to engage your visitors, increase your conversions, and boost your social media presence.

Sadly, posting social media content on your site is tougher since WordPress dropped support for Facebook and Instagram oEmbeds.

The good news? It’s super easy to fix WordPress oEmbeds for your site, and we’re going to show you how.

What is WordPress oEmbed?

WordPress oEmbed is a useful feature where your site will automatically embed social media posts after you paste a link.

That way, it’s fast and easy to show relevant content from social media and keep visitors engaged with your site.

But WordPress dropped support for Facebook and Instagram oEmbeds on October 24, 2020. So, embedding content from these 2 platforms is harder now.

wordpress oembeds before after

If WordPress oEmbeds is not working for your site, there are 2 ways you can solve it:

  1. Create an app after registering with Facebook as an app developer
  2. Use a WordPress social media plugin to enable oEmbeds

If you go for the first method, it takes a lot more time to turn on oEmbeds for your site. On top of that, it’s a lot more complex as well.

With the second option, you can fix WordPress oEmbeds in just a few minutes — no need to touch a single line of code!

Since it’s so easy, we’ll use the second method for our tutorial.

Let’s get started and see how you can use a social media plugin to fix WordPress oEmbeds if it’s not working.

How to Fix the WordPress oEmbed Not Working Issue

For the easiest way to enable WordPress oEmbeds on your site, you can just follow our step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Install the Facebook Feed Pro Plugin

The first step is to get your copy of Smash Balloon’s Facebook Feed Pro plugin here.

custom facebook feed pro plugin

Next, you can just install and activate the plugin on your website.

Not sure how to install WordPress plugins?

We’ve got a beginner-friendly guide on how to install WordPress plugins that you can check out.

Once you do that, it’s time to move to step 2 and install the Instagram plugin as well.

Step 2: Install the Instagram Feed Pro Plugin

Now grab your copy of Smash Balloon’s Instagram Feed Pro here and install it on your site, just like before.

best instagram feed pro plugin

Don’t forget to check out our guide on installing WordPress plugins if you need any help.

After that, you can go ahead and start enabling oEmbeds for your site.

Step 3: Enable the Facebook oEmbeds Feature

To turn on Facebook oEmbeds, you’ll first need to open the oEmbeds settings page of the plugin.

For that, just navigate to Facebook Feed » oEmbeds from your WordPress dashboard.

On this page, you can find the option to enable or disable the oEmbeds for Instagram and Facebook.

Click on the Enable button on the Facebook section to get started.

how to fix wordpress oembeds for facebook

To turn on oEmbeds, you can give the plugin read-only access to your Facebook account.

With read-only access, the plugin can view Facebook content but won’t be able to make any changes. That way, Smash Balloon is completely safe.

Just click on the Continue button on the Facebook popup to proceed.

choose your facebook account

After that, the popup will ask you which Facebook page you want to connect to your website.

All you have to do is select a page on the popup and then click on Next.

select facebook pages to connect

To finish giving the read-only access, click on the Done button.

With that, the plugin will bring you back to your website once more.

give read only access facebook

Just like that, you can now use oEmbeds to easily post content from Facebook on your website.

It’s now time to go to step 4 and enable Instagram oEmbeds on your site.

Step 4: Enable the Instagram oEmbeds Feature

To get started with fixing Instagram oEmebeds, first go to Facebook Feed » oEmbeds from your dashboard once again.

On that page, click on the Enable button in the Instagram section.

how to fix wordpress oembeds instagram

With that, you’ve now enabled Facebook and Instagram oEmbeds. You can now go to step 5 to start embedding social media posts.

Step 5: Embed Social Media Posts on Your Site

If you want to embed social media posts using oEmbeds, you have 2 options here:

  • Embed social media posts on your WordPress page or post
  • Embed social media posts on your WordPress sidebar or footer

Let’s see how to use both of these methods below:

Embed Social Media Posts on Your WordPress Page or Post

It’s super easy to start embedding Instagram and Facebook posts on your site using oEmbeds.

First, go to Pages » Add New from your dashboard to open a new page in the WordPress editor.

create new wordpress page

You can also use a WordPress post here instead. For that, go to Posts » Add New from your dashboard.

add new post wordpress

All you have to do now is paste the URL of the Facebook post, and Facebook Feed Pro will automatically embed it.

fix facebook oembeds wordpress

Similarly, you can paste the link to your Instagram post if you want Instagram Feed Pro to embed it automatically.

fix oembed instagram post example wordpress

Finally, click on Publish, and you’ve just embedded social media posts on your site using oEmbeds!

Now let’s take a look at the next way of using oEmbeds.

Embed Social Media Posts on Your WordPress Sidebar or Footer

The other option is to embed your post on the sidebar or footer area as a social media widget.

First, go to Appearance » Widgets from your WordPress dashboard to start managing your widgets.

widgets page of your wordpress site

To embed your posts on the sidebar, click on the Sidebar panel here.

open sidebar panel

You can just click on a Footer panel instead if you want to embed your posts there.

For this tutorial, we’ll use the sidebar to embed social media posts.

open footer panel

To proceed, click on the plus icon (+) to add a new widget and then select the Paragraph widget.

add paragraph block fix wordpress oembeds

Finally, paste the link to your Facebook or Instagram post in the paragraph widget to automatically embed it.

example of facebook oembeds

Remember to save the changes here by clicking on the Update button.

And now, you’ve used oEmbeds to post social media content on your website.

To check how it looks to your visitors, you can just open your website and see.

example facebook oembeds widget wordpress

As you can see, it’s super easy to enable oEmbeds for your website with these 2 plugins.

Plus, there’s a lot more you can do here. Using Facebook Feed Pro, you can show tons of engaging Facebook posts at once by embedding a Facebook feed.

facebook feed example

As the best Facebook feed plugin, you can use it to embed Facebook posts, photos, videos, albums, event calendars, and much more.

It’s a great way to engage your website visitors using Facebook and get more followers at the same time.

With Instagram Feed Pro, you can also embed tons of Instagram content on your site by adding an Instagram feed.

instagram feed example

You can show hashtag feeds, shoppable Instagram feeds, Instagram carousels, mentions feeds, and much more!

With the help of these plugins, you can even show reviews and testimonials on your site to convert website visitors into customers.

What’s more, you get a dedicated support team of WordPress experts with the plugins. So, you’ll always have people willing to help you out.

user reviews for smash balloon

Using social media feeds, you can show relevant content to engage your visitors, get tons of social media interactions, and even boost your conversions.

If that sounds good to you, check out our tutorial on how to embed social media feeds in WordPress.

And that’s it!

Now you know how to fix WordPress oEmbeds if it’s not working on your site. Using these 2 amazing plugins, all it takes is a few easy clicks to turn on oEmbeds.

After that, you can start using social media content to engage people, boost your brand’s social media presence, and get more sales.

You can use Facebook content to grow your business. Just grab your copy of Facebook Feed Pro here.

Want to get more out of Instagram marketing? We’ve got a list of the best Instagram marketing tips that can help you out.

If this article helped you out, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and stay tuned for more social media marketing tips and tricks.

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