11 Best YouTube Marketing Tools to Grow Your Channel (2024)
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11 Best YouTube Marketing Tools to Grow Your Channel (2024)

Best YouTube Marketing Tools to Grow Your Channel

Want to use the best YouTube marketing tools out there to promote your content?

For videos, YouTube is easily the biggest platform with the most active users.

At the same time, you’re also facing a lot of competition on YouTube. With so many other businesses marketing their content on YouTube, you’ll need something new to stand out.

That’s exactly how using YouTube marketing tools can help you.

With the help of these tools, you’ll have an easier time getting more views, subscribers, and likes on YouTube.

And today, we’re bringing you our list of the best YouTube marketing tools that you can use.

11 Best YouTube Marketing Tools to Grow Your Channel

Let’s get started and check out the best tools to market your YouTube content.

1. YouTube Feed Pro

Want an easy way to promote your YouTube videos and get more engagement? Then check out YouTube Feed Pro.

If you’ve got people visiting your website, you can directly show them videos from your YouTube channel using YouTube video feeds.

This way, you can get lots of people to watch, like, and subscribe to your YouTube channel. And for that, YouTube Feed Pro is the best YouTube feed plugin out there.

You can easily create, customize and embed YouTube feeds on your website using this tool. Since it’s so easy to use, you can do all that with no coding needed.

gallery layout for your youtube feeds

Plus, you can show video reviews, testimonials, or product demonstrations that can work as social proof. When your website visitors see real people using your products, they’re much more likely to purchase something.

As you can see, it’s one of the best YouTube marketing tools if you want a supply of new subscribers and interactions with ease.


  • Quick and Easy Setup: You can finish setting up this YouTube marketing tool in just a few minutes with absolutely no coding needed. So, you can easily market your channel even if you’re new to WordPress.
  • Different Feed Types: Not only does it allow you to post video feeds of your YouTube channel, but you can also embed YouTube playlists, livestreams, search results, and much more.
video feed livestream example
  • Lightweight: You can embed as many YouTube videos as you want since this YouTube marketing tool will still keep your website lightning fast. And a faster site means better SEO.
  • Unlimited Feeds: YouTube Feed Pro has absolutely no limits when it comes to the number of YouTube feeds that you can create, customize, and embed on your website.
  • Popup Media Lightbox: Visitors can watch your videos directly on your website in a beautiful popup lightbox.
  • High-Quality Support: A huge advantage of this YouTube marketing tool is the support team of WordPress experts who’ll be ready to help you out.


When it comes to the pricing plans for YouTube Feed Pro, they start at $4.08/month or $49/year.

If you want to get more views, subscribers, and conversions for your business, give YouTube Feed Pro a try.

2. OptinMonster

With OptinMonster, you’ll have a much better way to get your website visitors to engage with your YouTube content.

You can use it to create eye-catching popups with your YouTube videos on them.

Plus, this YouTube marketing tool can show the popups at the right time so you can easily get views and convert visitors into YouTube subscribers.

optinmonster video popup

Since people on your website are already interested in your content, you’ll have an easier time getting new YouTube subscribers this way.

For more information, you can check out our review of Optinmonster and see how it can help you.


  • YouTube Video Popup: You can show your YouTube content using engaging popups that draw people’s attention and convince them to watch.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Your YouTube popups will work perfectly on mobile devices as well. As a result, you can reach a lot more people with your videos.
  • Drag and Drop Builder: Using the simple drag and drop builder, you can easily create your popups without touching a single line of code.
optinmonster easy builder
  • Geo-Targeting: You can also show specific popups depending on the location of your visitors. As a result, you can target them with videos they’re more likely to be interested in.
  • Analytics: OptinMonster comes with helpful analytics tools so you can track how well each of your popups is doing.
  • Advanced Targeting Features: This tool allows you to pick which visitors will see your YouTube popups and when they’ll see them. So, you can make sure that the right people see the right videos at the right time.


You can buy OptinMonster starting at a low price of just $9/month or $108/year.

Grab OptinMonster, and you’ll have an easy time turning visitors to YouTube subscribers.

3. RafflePress

For an easy way to grow your YouTube channel, you can simply use RafflePress to run contests and giveaways.

Instead of just asking people to like, subscribe or share your YouTube content, you can give them a great reason to engage with your videos.

RafflePress allows you to run contests and giveaways where people will have to watch your video or subscribe to your channel to take part.

So, you’ll get tons of views, likes, and subscribers this way.

youtube contest landing page

What’s more, you can do all that without large prizes. Rewards like gift cards, discount vouchers, free trials, or exclusive content can also be effective.

And if you want to see just how effective it can be, check out this case study on our experience with RafflePress.

With this YouTube marketing tool, we managed to get 50,000+ site visits, 3,500+ new subscribers, 300+ comments, and hundreds of new followers.


  • Giveaway Landing Page: To promote your giveaways, RafflePress gives you a clean landing page that’s optimized to keep people engaged.
  • Drag and Drop Giveaway Builder: You can visually build your giveaways using the simple drag and drop builder.
  • YouTube Template: RafflePress even has a convenient YouTube template. So, you can just grab it, make some changes, and have a YouTube promotion giveaway ready to go.
rafflepress youtube template
  • Refer-a-Friend Bonus: To help your giveaways go viral, RafflePress allows you to give out bonuses to people who share them with others.
  • Responsive: Since your giveaways are compatible with all screen sizes, people on mobile devices can join without any hassle. So, you’ll reach more potential customers easily.


The pricing plans for RafflePress start at just $39.50/year.

Use RafflePress to create giveaways and boost the presence of your YouTube channel starting today.

4. Social Wall Pro

social wall pro homepage

If you want the best social media feed plugin to help market your YouTube channel, Social Wall Pro can be what you need.

Social Wall Pro allows you to build amazing social feeds for all the major social media platforms. That’s right, you can have social media feeds for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

As a result, anyone who visits your site can see your content on all these platforms. So, you’ll get tons of people subscribing or following you.

social wall pro feed example

That way, Social Wall Pro helps you build a following on all the major social media platforms.

Whenever you make a new YouTube video, you can share it to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to reach even more people.

At the same time, showing videos, photos, and more from all the different social media platforms can make your pages more engaging.


  • Supports All Major Social Media Platforms: Since Social Wall Pro allows you to embed feeds for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can get a following on the biggest social platforms with the largest audiences.
  • Easy to Use: Despite having tons of great features, Social Wall Pro is still user-friendly. So you can promote your YouTube channel even if you’re a WordPress newbie.
  • Unlimited Uses: Social Wall Pro allows you to make an unlimited number of feeds on unlimited websites.
  • Smart Feed Caching: The smart caching feature will make sure your feeds can load faster since they don’t ask the social media platforms for data. Plus, your feeds will stay online even if the platforms are temporarily down.
  • High-Quality Support: Social Wall Pro comes with a team of WordPress experts who’ll have your back if you run into any issues.


You can get the best social media feed plugins for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for a discounted price of $24.92/month or $299/year with the All Access Bundle.

Grab your copy of Social Wall Pro, and you can effectively market your YouTube channel on lots of social media platforms.

5. TrustPulse

For an easy way to convert website visitors into YouTube subscribers, you can use TrustPulse.

With this YouTube marketing tool, you can add push notifications to your website that’ll convince people to check out your YouTube channel.

And you can use these notifications to remind people whenever you get a certain amount of subscribers, likes, or views.

This way, you’re not just asking people to engage with you on YouTube. Instead, you’re also showing them that many real people enjoy your YouTube content.

As a result, you can cause a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in your website visitors.

So, you’ll have a much better chance of getting people to watch, like, and subscribe to your content.


  • Easy Setup: All it takes is less than 5 minutes, and you can set up your social proof notifications for your website. And you don’t need to bother with complex codes either.
  • Customization Options: You can even customize your notifications and change the message, color, images, and more. This way, you can have notifications that perfectly fit your branding.
  • Useful Analytics: By tracking the performance of your notifications, you can find out which are more effective and where to use them,
  • On-Fire Notifications: You can remind visitors about the number of people who’ve engaged with your YouTube channel at a specific time. This way, you can get them to join more easily.
  • Smart Targeting: TrustPulse can send out special notifications based on the behavior of your visitors, so that you can get more clicks.


You can grab your copy of TrustPulse for a price of $60/year or just $5/month.

Check out TrustPulse and use the power of social proof to grow your YouTube channel.

6. SeedProd

With SeedProd, you can present your YouTube content beautifully and easily convince visitors to subscribe.

As a landing page builder, SeedProd can help you easily create pages that will draw people’s attention and keep them engaged.

Plus, SeedProd has some fantastic video landing page templates that will help you grow your YouTube channel. With these, you can create a great first impression and boost the watch time on your videos.

youtube landing page

You can even add your YouTube content to your maintenance or coming soon page. So, people can check out your videos even while the rest of the site is down.

We also have an in-depth review of SeedProd where you can see why it’s the best landing page builder out there.


  • Drag and Drop Page Builder: Building beautiful landing pages will be super easy with SeedProd’s drag and drop builder. You can use premade blocks, layouts, color schemes, and more.
  • Live Preview: SeedProd gives you a live preview of your website as well, so you’ll have a clear idea of how everything will look.
  • Video Templates: You can get lots of templates designed specifically for video content to make it even easier to engage your visitors.
seedprod builder example
  • Super Fast: SeedProd comes with highly optimized code that makes sure you can build engaging landing pages in very little time.
  • Lightweight: All the landing pages you create with SeedProd will be super fast as well. That means your videos will load much faster without keeping anyone waiting.


You can get SeedProd at a price starting at $3.29/month or $39.50/year.

What are you waiting for? Go and grab your copy of SeedProd and create beautiful video landing pages to grab people’s attention.

7. Social Media Share Buttons

Looking for something that’ll get people to promote your YouTube channel? Social Media Share Buttons can be the tool for you then.

With this simple plugin, you can add icons that’ll allow people to subscribe or visit your YouTube channel right from your website. By adding them to your posts, you’re giving people an easy way to reach your YouTube video content.

And the great thing is, you can also promote tons of other social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.


  • Sticky Icons: With this feature, you can make your social media buttons visible all the time, even when visitors scroll up and down your site.
  • Social Media Counters: This tool allows you to show how many people have engaged with your YouTube content with a neatly placed counter.
  • 15+ Design Options: You even get different design options when it comes to your social media buttons.


The free version of this YouTube marketing tool is limited in terms of design options.

To get advanced design options and a few more extra features, you’ll have to grab the premium version for a one-time payment of $29.90.

8. YouTube Analytics

If you want to effectively promote your online video content, then YouTube Analytics is one of the best options out there.

YouTube Analytics will help you get a clear idea of how your channel is doing right now. And when you try any marketing tool or strategy, you’ll clearly see how effective it is.

As a result, you can now find YouTube marketing tools and strategies that work for your channel and focus on them.


  • Impressions Tracking: With this tool, you can track your impressions and see how people interact with your video content.
  • Demographic Data: YouTube Analytics lets you learn more about your audience, including their age, gender, location, subtitle language, and more. So, you can start creating content that your audience will find interesting.
youtube analytics to promote your channel
  • Revenue Tracking: You can even keep track of your YouTube revenue with this tool. As a result, you can clearly see how profitable your YouTube channel is.
  • YouTube Integration: Since it’s already integrated with YouTube, you can immediately start using it right now with no setup needed.


YouTube Analytics is completely free to use if you’ve got a YouTube channel of your own.

9. YouTube Subscribe Bar

For an easy-to-use video marketing tool, you can go for YouTube Subscribe Bar.

This one’s pretty simple: whenever you post your YouTube video on your website, it’ll automatically add a bar that allows people to subscribe to your channel.

With this simple plugin, you don’t need to repeat yourself and keep asking visitors to subscribe.


  • Lightweight: This plugin is extremely lightweight, so your website will remain as fast as ever.
  • Easy to Use: You’ll have an easy time adding a YouTube subscribe bar to your site, even if you’re not a techie.
  • Customization Options: You can set the layout, background color, call-to-action (CTA) text, and much more.


You can get this YouTube marketing tool for free.

10. TubeBuddy

One of the essential tools for YouTubers who want to grow their channel is TubeBuddy.

You’ll get a collection of digital marketing features that will help you research video ideas, manage SEO, and promote your YouTube content.

While it does have a ton of great features, you’ll need the right pricing plan to access them.


  • A/B Testing: You can compare the performance of different YouTube videos and see which type of video can help you reach more people.
  • Thumbnail Generator: With TubeBuddy, you can just grab a frame from your YouTube video, add image and text on it, and have an engaging thumbnail ready in no time.
  • Auto Translator: The automatic translation feature will allow you to instantly translate your YouTube video description and title to other languages so you can reach more people.
  • SEO Optimization: TubeBuddy also helps you manage the SEO for your YouTube videos to make them rank higher in search engines.


The pricing plan for TubeBuddy starts at $7.20/month or $86.40/year for the Pro plan.

But if you want features like video scheduling, auto translator, and A/B testing, you’ll need to get the Legend plan at $39.20/month or $470.40/year.

11. Canva

First impressions are super important when promoting your videos, and with Canva, you can make a great one.

Here’s a fun fact: adding a thumbnail can get you 40% more clicks!

As you can see, a thumbnail is super important if you want to create videos that get noticed. Since Canva is one of the best web design tools out there, you can use it to easily create great YouTube thumbnails.

In fact, Canva even comes with templates designed specifically for YouTube thumbnails.


  • User-Friendly Editor: With Canva, you can create amazing YouTube thumbnails using simple blocks, overlays, and templates.
  • YouTube Thumbnail Templates: You’ll get special templates to help you create thumbnails that’ll engage people and get them to click.
  • Team Projects: With Canva, you can collaborate on thumbnail designs with the other members of your team.


To access all the templates and blocks in Canva, you’ll need to get the Pro License for $9.99/month or $119.99/year.

Best YouTube Marketing Tool For Your Site

When it comes to marketing your YouTube channel, there are many tools out there to make it easier.

As great as they are, there’s one option here that stands out.

YouTube Feed Pro can help you create, customize, and embed beautiful feeds that will get you more subscribers, views, and likes in no time.

You can also use it to make your website more engaging with relevant YouTube videos. So, it’s super easy to boost your sales and conversions with this YouTube marketing tool.

And best of all, the support team of experts will help you out if you ever run into any issues.

As you can see, this really is the best YouTube marketing tool if you want to grow your channel.

And that’s it!

That was our list of the best YouTube marketing tools out there. You’ll have an easy time growing your YouTube channel with their help.

So what are you waiting for?

Just grab your copy of YouTube Feed Pro, and you can easily promote your YouTube channel and get tons of new subscribers.

And if you want even more useful marketing tools, take a look at our article on the best social media plugins for WordPress.

You can also check out our post on the best social media marketing examples if you want to get a head start on using social media to promote your business.

If you found this helpful, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more tips on social media marketing.

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