7+ Best Google Analytics Plugins For Your Business (Expert Pick)
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7+ Best Google Analytics Plugins For Your Business (Expert Pick)

Are you looking for the best Google Analytics plugin to help your business?

If you want to make the right business decisions, Google Analytics is one of the best tools out there.

But using Google Analytics right out of the box can get confusing. Not only do you have to work with code snippets to set up Google Analytics, just finding the information you want can be challenging.

This is where a Google Analytics plugin can help you out. With these, you’ll have a much easier time setting up and using Google Analytics.

And to help you find the right one, we’ve listed out the best Google Analytics plugins in this post:

Before we get to our list, let’s see how using a Google Analytics plugin can help your website.

Why Use a Google Analytics Plugin?

google analytics tool

Google Analytics is a free tool that can help you track your website’s performance and collect data from your visitors.

Using this, you can easily check important information like website visits, sales, revenue, duration of visits, location of visitors, and much more.

But if you want to add Google Analytics to your website, it means having to manage complicated code snippets.

google analytics code snippet

Plus, using Google Analytics effectively can get tough, especially if you’re a newbie. There’s a ton of information to manage, and finding the one you want isn’t easy.

To help you with all these problems, you can add a Google Analytics plugin to your website.

Using a Google Analytics plugin, you can:

  • Easily set up Google Analytics for your website
  • Check Google Analytics data from your dashboard
  • See the important statistics highlighted
  • Receive regular reports about your website’s performance
  • And much more!

When it comes to getting the most out of Google Analytics, the best option is to use a Google Analytics plugin for your website.

Let’s go ahead and check out the best Google Analytics plugins for your site.

7+ Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress

In this post, we’ve listed out the best Google Analytics plugins in the market. Just take a look below, and you can find the best option for your website.

1. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin and a fantastic tool if you want powerful features in a user-friendly package.

All it takes is a few simple clicks, and you can enable Google Analytics for your website — no coding needed.

You can then quickly check all the important insights from Google Analytics directly from your WordPress dashboard. Plus, the plugin will highlight important data from Google Analytics so you can immediately see how your website is doing.

There’s no need to open Google Analytics and spend time browsing through the reports.

With this plugin, you also get tons of advanced features like link tracking, affiliates tracking, Google Ads tracking, and much more.

MonsterInsights can make it much easier to get actionable insights about your site to improve your marketing strategy.

Want to get started? Check out this simple guide on how to add Google Analytics to WordPress.


  • Easy Setup: You can set up the plugin in just a few easy clicks with absolutely no coding needed.
  • Google Analytics Dashboard: The plugin allows you to easily check all the important statistics such as site visits, click rate, visit durations, and much more, right from your WordPress dashboard.
  • eCommerce Analytics: MonsterInsights also works with the biggest eCommerce plugins for WordPress, including WooCommerce. So, you can track your sales, refunds, conversion rates, coupon codes, and more.
ecommerce report monsterinsights
  • Custom Reports: You can also get regular reports on your website’s performance, site speed, visitor behavior, and much more.
  • EU Compliance: MonsterInsights can set up your site’s Google Analytics settings to follow privacy regulations like GDPR.
  • Google Adsense Integration: You can easily check how many clicks your ads are getting and place them at the perfect place to get more attention.


You can get MonsterInsights for a low price of just $99.50/year or $8.29/month.

What are you waiting for? Get your copy of MonsterInsights today, and you can get actionable insights from the best Google Analytics plugin.

2. ExactMetrics

Another amazing Google Analytics plugin in the market, ExactMetrics can help you get insights without touching a single line of code.

Using ExactMetrics, you can easily check your Google Analytics data from your dashboard and see which parts of your website are popular, and which ones aren’t.

Just like MonsterInsights, you can use ExactMetrics to track downloads, affiliate links, SEO scores, form submissions, and much more.

This user-friendly plugin will make sure you can quickly set up Google Analytics, find helpful insights, and start making informed decisions about your business.


  • Cross-Device Tracking: ExactMetrics can help you track your visitors, even if they switch to another device.
  • Store Tracking: Like MonsterInsights, it works with plugins like WooCommerce and MemberPress to track the statistics for your online store.
  • Advanced Tracking: Similar to MonsterInsights, you can see data for your downloads, SEO score, affiliate links, form submissions, and much more from your dashboard.
exactmetrics report
  • Audience Reports: ExactMetrics can also help you understand your audience, with information on their location, device, browser, age, gender, interests, and more.
  • Popular Posts Widget: You can show the popular posts from your WordPress site using a simple widget, just like with MonsterInsights.


You can get ExactMetrics for a price starting at $99.50/year or $8.29/month.

If you want a user-friendly Google Analytics plugin for your website, then give ExactMetrics a try.

3. Analytify

The next option on our list is Analytify, a simple but effective Google Analytics plugin.

Just like MonsterInsights, you can use Analytify to get your Google Analytics data on your dashboard quickly.

Then, you can track your visitors, find your top pages, check your conversion rate, and more. It also has special features to check visits from social media platforms.

While it comes with many useful features, you’ll need to purchase extra add-ons for essential features like eCommerce tracking and email notifications.


  • Easy Install: You can easily add Google Analytics to your site, just like with MonsterInsights. All it takes is 1 simple click to enable Google Analytics.
  • Google Analytics Dashboard: Like the other options on this list, you can use Analytify to check your visitors, page views, top pages, and much more from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Frontend Tracking Reports: Analytify can also show your stats to your website visitors. All you have to do is paste a simple shortcode on your WordPress post or page.
  • Social Media Tracking: To check how successful your social media marketing efforts are, Analytify allows you to check visits from different social media platforms.
  • eCommerce Tracking: While it doesn’t support as many platforms as MonsterInsights, you can use Analytify to track sales, revenue, conversion rate, and more if you buy the add-ons.


You can get the lite version of Analytify for free.

But if you want all of its features, you need the paid version, which starts at $59/year or $4.91/month.

4. 10WebAnalytics

10WebAnalytics is a lightweight tool that can give you valuable insights into your site.

With this plugin, you can quickly add Google analytics, start tracking your site and get helpful reports to grow your business.

Plus, you can even set up goals for your business and then get regular reports about your progress.

All in all, 10WebAnalytics is a good option if you want a basic analytics tool for your website.


  • Dashboard Goals: You can create goals for your website and then check your progress on your WordPress dashboard.
  • Front End Reports: Using this plugin, you can also show your Google Analytics reports to all the visitors on your website.
  • Store Tracking: Just like MonsterInsights, 10WebAnalytics allows you to track the revenue, sales, and more for your online store.
  • Custom Alerts: You can set up 10WebAnalytics to send you notifications about important milestones, critical errors, or more.


To get your copy of 10WebAnalytics, you can purchase a bundle that costs $85 for 6 months of updates and support, which is $14.16/month.

5. Conversios.io

Made specifically to help online stores, Conversios.io is another excellent Google Analytics plugin.

Using this plugin, you easily see how your WooCommerce store is doing by tracking your sales, revenue, refunds, and more. On top of that, you can also get to know your customers better with its detailed insights.

But unlike MonsterInsights, it doesn’t support the other major eCommerce platforms outside of WooCommerce.

So, the plugin won’t be useful if you’re not using WooCommerce or plan to upgrade to another platform in the future.


  • Audience Reports: Like MonsterInsights, you can get detailed reports about your customers, including their location, device, gender, behavior, and more.
  • Google Shopping: You can send your store data to Google’s shopping ads, local inventory ads, and shopping actions so interested buyers can easily use those services to find you.
  • Conversion Rates: Using Conversios.io, you can get reports on how effectively each product, page, or listing is converting your visitors into customers.
  • WooCommerce Analytics: The plugin also gives you data on your site views, sales, add-to-carts, and much more. Unlike MonsterInsights, it doesn’t support other major eCommerce platforms.


You can get Conversios.io for absolutely free.

6. WP Google Analytics Events

WP Google Analytics Events is a unique plugin that can keep track of all the Google Analytics events.

What are events?

They’re simply the actions taken by the visitors on your website. This includes downloads, link clicks, form submissions, and more.

As you can see, events can give you valuable information about your website. And WP Google Analytics Events can help you track them all with absolutely no coding needed.

The downside here is that WP Google Analytics Events can only track the events on your website.

Unlike other great options like MonsterInsights and ExactMetrics, this plugin can’t give you complete information about your website.


  • Event Tracking: Using this plugin, you can track the events on your website. This includes purchases, form submissions, file downloads, and much more.
  • User Roles Management: You can choose which user roles get access to the plugin. So, your marketers can see the data even without getting admin permissions to your site.
  • Click Tracking: Using WP Google Analytics Events, you can see which parts of your site get more clicks. You can then find high-converting buttons, banners, links, images, and more.
  • YouTube Integration: The plugin works with YouTube as well, so you can see when your visitors watch the videos, where they pause, and if they complete the videos.


The lite version of WP Google Analytics Events is completely free.

To get the most out of the plugin, you need the premium version with YouTube support and link-tracking features.

The premium plan for this plugin starts at $79/year or $6.58/month.

7. GA Google Analytics

Another lightweight and practical plugin for our list is GA Google Analytics.

Like the previous options on the list, you can use it to quickly enable Google Analytics for your website and start collecting valuable insights.

Since this plugin has a smaller collection of features, it can’t track your contact forms, affiliate links, SEO score, or other advanced metrics like MonsterInsights does.

If you want a simple and user-friendly plugin without a lot of extra features, then GA Google Analytics can be a good option.


  • Easy Setup: To keep things simple, you can enter your Google Analytics tracking ID and get started with this tool right away.
  • Visitor Opt-Out: You can allow people to opt out of data collection when they visit your website. Like with MonsterInsights, this plugin can help your site follow privacy regulations like GDPR.
  • Disable Tracking for Admins: The plugin can avoid tracking people with admin user roles, so you only collect data from your visitors.
  • Different Tracking Methods: GA Google Analytics allows you to pick from 3 different tracking methods for your website.


To get this plugin, you can make a one-time payment that starts at $15.

8. WP Statistics

WP Statistics is a freemium plugin that can show your website data in an engaging way.

Unlike the other options on this list, WP Statistics doesn’t connect to Google Analytics to give you lots of in-depth data about your site.

Instead, the plugin focuses on some basic but valuable information like site visits, referring sites, visitor locations, and more.

WP Statistics will then show that information using graphs and diagrams that are easy to understand. As a result, tracking your website will be much more engaging.

But if you want lots of valuable data about your website, then you’re better off with other plugins like MonsterInsights and ExactMetrics.


  • Visitor Information: Although it’s not as detailed as MonsterInsights, you can use this plugin to find out the location, browser, visited pages, and other information about your visitors.
  • Engaging Graphics: WP Statistics uses clear graphs and diagrams to show you the data. That way, it’s much easier to understand.
  • Statistics Widgets: You can even show your statistics to your visitors by embedding the WP Statistics widget on your website.
  • Email Reporting: WP Statistics will also send you regular email reports. As with email reports from MonsterInsights, this is a great way to keep track of your website.


You can get your copy of WP Statistics for free.

Which is the Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress?

As you can see, there are a lot of amazing options out there if you want a Google Analytics plugin for your website.

But all plugins aren’t created equal, and there’s 1 option here that stands out above the rest: MonsterInsights.

After comparing all the features, it’s clear that MonsterInsights offers the most to your website. Using this plugin, you can easily set up Google Analytics, receive actionable data, and start making better decisions.

In fact, MonsterInsights can offer you:

  • Fast and easy setup so you can immediately start tracking your website
  • Simple and user-friendly design which will present all of your data in a clear way
  • More features than other options, with affiliate tracking, SEO scores, and much more
  • Lots of useful integrations so you can track your contact forms, email marketing campaigns, Google Ads, and much more
monsterinsights stats page

All this will make it super easy to boost your traffic, convert more visitors, and increase your sales. In fact, over 3 million business owners are already using MonsterInsights to get helpful analytics and grow their businesses.

While other options like ExactMetrics are also great, MonsterInsight has a perfect balance of powerful features, user-friendly design, and affordable price.

And there you have it!

This was our list of the best Google Analytics plugins in the market. There are some fantastic options in the market, but MonsterInsights is the clear winner.

With this amazing tool, you can easily integrate Google Analytics with your website and get some serious growth for your business.

Ready to grow your business with analytics? Grab your copy of MonsterInsights!

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