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Facebook Events

Due to Facebook API changes previous events are no longer available. In the Pro version 4.5.1 and higher we have a new workaround to be able to display future events. You will require an additional “iCal URL”. For information on how to find this, please see our documentation here.


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Reads license API response and sets whether it’s priority support or not
View the plugin version number on your WordPress Plugins page. Find the current latest version numbers here:

Updating the plugin to the latest version will solve most common problems. Please try updating the plugin to the latest version before submitting a support ticket.


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<!– Start Facebook Fields –>

<!– End Facebook Fields –>

<!– Start Instagram Fields –>

<!– End Instagram Fields –>

<!– Start Twitter Fields –>

<!– End Twitter Fields –>

<!– Start YouTube Fields –>

<!– End YouTube Fields –>

If available, please add a link to the specific page where the feed is added. If no feed is available, add the home page or intended location.
This helps us resolve any technical issues much faster Where do I find this?

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