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Setting up the Free Custom Twitter Feeds WordPress Plugin

Version 2.0 and above. 

1) To upload the plugin click Add New at the top of your WordPress Plugins page.

Add New Plugin - Facebook 4.0

2) Click Upload at the top.

Upload Plugin Button - Facebook 4.0

3) Browse to the zip file which you downloaded when you purchased the plugin and click Install Now

4) Activate the plugin.

5) You’ll now see the Twitter Feed menu appear in your WordPress menu.

6) Click on All Feeds and then click on the button labeled Add new.

7) Select the Feed type you want to display, then click Next

8) Add your Twitter handle name

9) Select the template you want to use

10) Customize your feed using the options on this screen, then click Save

Note: the new API can not discern sponsored Tweets from other Tweets. As such, you may see unrelated Tweets in your feed. 

11) Once you are ready to embed your feed, click the Embed button and copy the shortcode.

12) To display your feed simply add the shortcode you created to any page, post, or widget, like so:

13) Navigate to the All Feeds page and click the Edit button to customize your feed.

If you have any issues setting up or using the plugin then check out our support section for solutions to common problems. If you need help beyond that, then you can also open a support ticket below.


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