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Smash Balloon Twitter Changes (Free Version)

Thank you for your patience while we launch our solution for updating feeds! We have launched our solution for our paid pro users with success. We plan on allowing our free users to use the same solution with limitations.

With our new solution, every feed update incurs a cost to us which was not the case in the past. For this reason, we will need to have limits on how often and how many feeds will update as well as some of the features related to types of feeds and number of sources.

Our paid pro version is available for purchase if you would like to start showing feeds today.

When Will Feeds Start Updating Again?

We are planning a release of our solution for free users by early June. Look for a plugin update around this time that will allow you to connect your website and start updating a feed with new tweets.

What Limitations Will There Be?

With our new system, we will provide updates to one source in one feed for our free users. At a minimum the update will occur once a week automatically so you won’t need to do anything to update your feed.

We will also limit the feed types available. Only user timelines will be available for free users.

The number of total tweets available in a feed may also be reduced. Up to 30 initial tweets will be returned and then these tweets will accumulate as more tweets fit the feed source you’ve set up. Keep in mind that reply tweets are filtered out automatically so you may see fewer than 30 tweets in your feed initially.

Removing Limitations

As was announced at the beginning of April 2023, Twitter does now have an API that offers a limited number of API requests for a $100 monthly fee. We are working on integrating our plugin with this new API which would allow for more features. You may even be able to add your own App credentials to then restore the unrestricted use of our plugin for both free and pro users. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your patience as we fight for your success with our plugin!


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