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Smash Balloon Twitter Changes (Free Version)

With our new solution, every feed update incurs a cost to us which was not the case in the past. For this reason, we will need to have limits on how often and how many feeds will update as well as some of the features related to types of feeds and number of sources.

Frequency of Updates

In version 2.1, a single feed and source will update with a limit of 1 update per week.

Supported Feed Types

Our solution supports only user timelines. We currently do not support the hashtag or home timeline feed types. Unfortunately, these are no longer available with the changes though we may be able to add support back in future updates.

Number of Feeds

Only a single feed can be updated.

Loading More Tweets

You will be able to load more tweets, with a varying number of total tweets available (not infinite). Tweets are cached and the number of available tweets when loading more will grow over time. You may see only 1 or as many as 30 of your tweets when first creating a feed.

Removing Limitations

As was announced at the beginning of April 2023, Twitter does now have an API that offers a limited number of API requests for a $100 monthly fee. As of version 2.2 you can enter app credentials and use the new Twitter (X) API. This will allow for more frequent updates.

Our paid pro version is available for purchase if you would like to create and display unlimited feeds that share 12 daily updates.

Thank you for your patience as we fight for your success with our plugin!


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