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Plugin/License Ownership
Transferring Ownership


Plugin/License Ownership

Any purchase will initially reside within the user account containing the email which was provided on the Checkout page during the time of purchase.

  • If the user account already exists the purchase is placed into the existing user account.
  • If the user account does not exist then a new user account is created using the email address entered on the Checkout page at the time of purchase with the purchase being placed into the new account instead.

Using different name/emails for purchases relating to the same license is not recommended as it causes purchases to become orphaned from one another as they will reside in different user accounts.

The “owner” of a plugin/license will be the user account where the original purchase of a plugin/license resides.  The plugin/license owner can:

  • Look up license activation keys.
  • Perform plugin downloads, license renewals, plugin upgrades and manage site registration from within the owner’s account but none of these things can be done from a user account having an orphaned purchase.



Transferring Ownership / Account Transfers

Paying for the renewal of a license does not transfer the plugin’s ownership to a person making the payment.  Rather your payment simply extends the life of an existing license that still resides in the owners account.

An owner can request to have a plugin/license they own be transferred to a different Smash Balloon user account either by contacting us here or through our plugin support pages.

When a transfer request is received from the owner we will assist in establishing the new ownership of the plugin/license by moving it to the user account indicated.  After being transferred to a different account the purchase will no longer appear or reside in the previous owner’s account. Instead, the new owner now has full control, responsibility and ownership rights, to the plugin/license.


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