How to swap out plugins

Perform the manual installation process by completing all four steps in the order outlined below which will completely replace all of the current plugin files with the latest version of […]

User Accounts

Contents: Creating a User Account Your Technical Support Email Address Multiple User Accounts Orphaned Purchases     Creating a Smash Balloon User Account A new user account is created when […]


Contents: Auto-renewal License Subscriptions Email Subscriptions Updating a License Subscription Payment Cancelling a Subscription     Auto-renewal License Subscriptions An “auto-renewal license subscription” is a renewal payment that is set […]

Site Management

Contents: Site Activations Managing License Slots How to Register a Site Site Management   Site management allows you to remove a registered URL from our database which will free up the […]

Plugin Downloads

Contents: Free Versions Pro Versions   Free Versions The “free” version of any Smash Balloon plugin can be downloaded here at While our free versions do not offer all […]

Passwords, Account Access and Lockouts

Contents: Passwords Who Can Access Your User Account? Account Lockouts     Passwords There are two ways to change an account password. Internally – while logged into your Smash Balloon […]

Ownership and Account Transfers

Contents: Plugin/License Ownership Transferring Ownership   Plugin/License Ownership Any purchase will initially reside within the user account containing the email which was provided on the Checkout page during the time […]

License Renewals

Contents: How to Renew a License Who can Renew a License? Why Renew A License?   How to Renew a License A license can be renewed two different ways: 1) A […]


Contents: Download the Original Invoice Create a Custom Invoice You can either download the original “Standard” invoice or you can also create your own customized invoice directly from within your […]

I’m having trouble updating the WordPress plugin

If you’re unable to update the plugin via your WordPress Plugins page then there could be a few reasons why: Your license key isn’t activated on the website If your […]