The Images in My Feed Are Missing or Showing Errors

If you are displaying a recent hashtag feed or are using GDPR related features and the images in your feed are showing as an error or as blank, there may be an issue with the image resizing feature.

There are two circumstances that this will cause images not to display at all:

Hashtag Feeds

In order to show posts in recent hashtag feeds that were made more than 24 hours prior, the plugin stores data related to these posts in custom tables. The image files are also stored locally after being resized so that they continue to be available.

GDPR Compliance

Since images served from a third-party website can reveal a visitor’s IP address, the plugin will use images that were created and stored on your local server for GDPR compliance. If this isn’t working properly, blank placeholder images will be used instead.

How to Resolve

In order for the image resizing and storing process to work, your server must have “Imagick” installed and configured properly. Imagick is an image resizing program on servers that WordPress uses to load and change images that you either upload, or in the case of Instagram Feed, are linked to from an outside source.

You may want to contact your host to see if there is any issue with Imagick. Here is an example of something you could say:

I use a plugin called Instagram Feed that uses the WordPress image editor code to save images locally. The WordPress image editor needs Imagick installed and configured on the server to work. It seems this is not working for my site. Would it be possible for you take a look at this?

For more information on how image resizing works, see this FAQ.


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