Specifying exact image sizes using the cff_resized_image_sizes filter

As Facebook only provides large image sizes in their API for timeline feeds then it often results in images being displayed in your feed which are much larger than needed. […]

Link to the Facebook Page of Group after loading posts X number of times

If you’d like to link users to view your Facebook page or group after loading more posts into your feed X number of times, then just add the following snippets.

Change text of Facebook post Call-To-Action buttons

By default, the plugin uses the text provided by the Facebook API, but this can be changed by adding the following snippet to the plugin’s “Custom JavaScript” section (Customize > Misc):

Changing the size of the Facebook author avatar

The standard size of the Facebook author avatar is 40px but this can be increased by using the following snippets.

Add dates to Photo, Video, and Album feeds

You can use this snippet to add dates below the posts in your Photo, Album, and Video grid feeds.

Create a custom title in your Facebook posts

This allows you to grab a certain piece of text from your Facebook post and create a title out of it.

Add captions text to Photos grid layout

To add caption text below each photo in your Photos grid feed simply add the following to the plugin’s Custom JavaScript section (Facebook Feed > Customize > Misc):

Can I display my Facebook posts horizontally or in multiple columns?

There is now a built-in setting to create a multi-column masonry layout for your feed. Just use the setting in the following location: Facebook Feed > Customize > General > […]

Custom Snippets

CSS WordPress Plugin: Copy and paste these into the Custom CSS section, found under the Misc tab on the plugin’s Customize page. Standalone Plugin: Add these snippets to your website’s […]

Create a “pinned post” in your Custom Facebook Feed

Pin a post to the top of your Facebook feed using this handy code snippet.