How do I customize my Facebook feed?

WordPress plugin You can customize the feed by setting the options on the Customize page, which can be found under the Facebook Feed menu in your left hand WordPress admin menu. If […]

Manually updating the Custom Facebook Feed plugin

If you’re experiencing an issue updating the plugin automatically via your WordPress Plugins page then you can manually update the plugin in one of three ways. Manually Update via the […]

How do I find my Facebook Page or Group ID?

Finding your Facebook Page ID If you have a Facebook page with a URL like this: then the Page ID is just smashballoon. If your page URL structured like this: then the ID […]

How do I display the Facebook feed in my WordPress page, post or widget?

Simply paste the following shortcode into your page, post or widget – wherever you want the feed to show up: [custom-facebook-feed]. If you are using a widget then just use […]

How do I migrate my settings from the free version of the WordPress plugin to the Pro version?

As the free version and the Pro version are two separate versions of the plugin then you need to deactivate the free version prior to activating the Pro version. You […]

Display posts from multiple Facebook pages

The Custom Facebook Feed plugin is very flexible and allows you to display posts from as many different Facebook pages as you like on either the same page of your website […]

Display posts from multiple Facebook pages in one single feed

It’s possible to use the core Custom Facebook Feed plugin to display posts from different Facebook pages in different feeds, but in order to merge posts from different Facebook pages […]

Where do I enter my Custom Facebook Feed license key?

WordPress plugin You enter your license under the ‘License’ tab, which is on the Settings page, as shown in the screenshot below: Please note, if you don’t see a ‘License’ […]

How do I embed the Facebook feed directly into a WordPress page template?

You can embed the feed directly into a template file by using the WordPress do_shortcode function: <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[custom-facebook-feed]’); ?>

How do I display the Facebook feed using the PHP Standalone version of the plugin?

Once you’ve defined your settings in the fbfeed-settings.php file then simply use the fbFeed($settings); function wherever you want the feed to be displayed. For more detailed instructions please refer to […]