Where do I enter my Custom Facebook Feed license key?

WordPress plugin You enter your license under the ‘License’ tab, which is on the Settings page, as shown in the screenshot below: Please note, if you don’t see a ‘License’ […]

Will the plugin continue to work after my license expires?

If your license expires then the plugin will still continue to work but you won’t have access to plugin updates or customer support. However, if Facebook or WordPress changes something […]

I need to activate my Personal license on a development site prior to launch. Can I do this and still activate on my live site after launch?

A Personal license can only be activated on 1 domain at a time. You can activate your license on a development site, then when you’re ready to launch you can […]

Is the plugin a one-time purchase? Can I still get support after one year?

When purchasing a product there are two pricing options; Yearly or Lifetime. If you select Lifetime then it is a one time payment and you will be able to receive […]