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Social Wall

The Social Wall plugin integrates effortlessly with all of our plugins and allows you to create a social media wall that brings all of your content into one place where you can engage website visitors and grow followers for all of your channels. Get the bundle to display Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube content all in one single wall.

Looking to supercharge your social media presence?

Smash Balloon's TikTok Feed Pro plugin lets you embed your captivating TikTok videos directly onto your WordPress site with hassle-free setup!

Here's why you'll love it:

✅ Boost Engagement: Keep your visitors hooked on your website with the power of viral TikTok trends!
✅ Drive Traffic: Convert viewers into loyal fans and followers by directing them straight to your TikTok profile!
✅ Simple & Seamless Setup: Get your TikTok feed up and running on your website in no time!
✅ Multiple Display Options: Choose from a variety of layouts to perfectly suit your website's style.

Head over to our blog for a step-by-step guide on how to use the TikTok Feed Pro plugin ⤵️

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How to Create a TikTok Widget for Your Website (2024)

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Is your Facebook Business Page feeling a little… quiet? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us!

The good news? There are tons of ways to turn your page into a vibrant online community and attract tons of Likes and engagement!

Here are a couple of quick tips to get you started:

❇️ Craft a Memorable URL: Ditch the generic page name. Choose something catchy and easy to remember, so people can find you with ease!

❇️ Website Integration is Your BFF: Don't let your website visitors slip away! Integrate your Facebook Page seamlessly, so they can Like and follow you in just one click.

Our video dives deep with even more effective strategies! ⤵️

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How to Get More Likes on Facebook | 5 Proven Tips That Work!

Want to know how to get more likes on Facebook?Are you sick and tired of promoting your Facebook page — only to see minimal results?Worry no more….

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Ever wonder how to showcase your best YouTube Shorts on your website? Look no further.

Smash Balloon's YouTube Feed Pro plugin makes it easy to embed your captivating Shorts directly onto your WordPress site!

Here's why you'll love it:

💥 Effortless Integration: Seamlessly display your Shorts alongside your other YouTube content.
💥 Boost Engagement: Keep your visitors hooked with engaging video snippets.
💥 Drive Traffic: Encourage viewers to explore your full YouTube channel.
Ready to take your social media to the next level?

Head over to our blog ⤵️ for a step-by-step guide on how to embed your YouTube Shorts with Smash Balloon!

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How to Embed YouTube Shorts on Your Website in 2024 (5 Steps)

Want an easy way to embed YouTube shorts videos on your website? I’ll show you the best way to embed YouTube short widgets so you can share YouTube…

Looking to boost engagement on your Instagram Reels?

Engagement is crucial for getting discovered in the Instagram algorithm! We explore some proven tactics in our latest blog post:


Here are some key takeaways:

👉 Ask questions! Spark conversations and encourage viewers to interact with your content.
👉 Run contests and giveaways. Generate excitement and attract new followers.
👉 Respond to comments! Show your audience you care and build a connection.

Turn your Reels into engagement machines!

Read the blog post for more tips on creating reels that get viewers excited and interacting! #instagramreels #engagement #socialmediamarketing #growyourcommunity #socialmediafeeds #smashballoon

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How to Get More Views on Reels: 9+ Proven Instagram Tips

Interested in how to get more views on reels you post in Instagram? In this post, we share tried-and-tested tips to help you promote your Instagram…

We're excited to announce a major performance boost for Smash Balloon Instagram Feed Pro!

Now you can showcase stunning Instagram photos on your website with blazing-fast loading times thanks to WebP image format support.

WebP offers significantly smaller file sizes compared to traditional JPEG and PNG formats. This translates to:

⚡ Lightning-fast loading times: Keep your visitors engaged and improve SEO.
⚡ Reduced bounce rates: Faster loading means happier visitors!
⚡ Enhanced user experience: A smoother browsing experience for everyone.

Ready to experience the power of WebP for your Instagram feed?

Head over to our blog post to learn more and see how to easily enable WebP for your Instagram Feed Pro plugin!

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[UPDATE] Get Faster Instagram Feeds with WebP Images

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a major performance boost for Instagram Feed Pro with the addition of WebP image format support!

We've got a step-by-step guide to help you seamlessly showcase your videos using the Smash Balloon YouTube Feed Pro plugin on Divi.

Here's what you get:
✅ Effortless integration: Seamlessly add YouTube content to your Divi pages.
✅ Beautiful layouts: Choose from a variety of layouts to match your website's style.
✅ Full customization: Control how your YouTube videos are displayed.
✅ Increased engagement: Boost visitor interest with engaging video content.

Take your Divi website to the next level with embedded YouTube videos!

Head over to the blog post and learn how to effortlessly integrate YouTube into your Divi website:

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How to Embed YouTube Videos in Divi WordPress Site [2024]

If you want to learn how to add YouTube videos in the Divi theme with ease, you’ve come to the right place. All you have to do is follow our…

Looking to showcase your vibrant TikTok presence on your WordPress site? Smash Balloon's FREE TikTok Feeds plugin can help!

No coding required! Easily display your awesome TikTok content and keep your website visitors engaged.


Here's what you get with the FREE plugin:

🎈 Effortlessly connect your TikTok account.
🎈 Customize your TikTok feed's design in just a few clicks.
🎈 Seamless integration with your WordPress website.

Ready to supercharge your website with engaging TikTok content?

Check out how you can download the FREE Smash Balloon TikTok Feeds plugin today! #wordpress #tiktok #freeplugin #growyouraudience

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How to Get Smash Balloon TikTok Feeds Plugin (FREE Download)

Want to get the Smash Ballook TikTok Feeds plugin for free? Just follow this guide, and you can get an unlimited free trial of TikTok Feeds today!

Let your happy customers speak for themselves! Boost trust and conversions with testimonials on your WordPress site.

Our latest blog post shows you powerful ways to showcase positive reviews and build social proof:


Why testimonials matter:

💡 Increase trust and credibility: Potential customers trust real-life experiences.
💡 Highlight product/service benefits: Showcase how you solve customer problems.
💡 Boost conversions: Positive reviews can convince viewers to take action.

Ready to turn satisfied customers into brand advocates?

Head over to the blog and discover how to easily add compelling testimonials to your WordPress website! #wordpress #testimonials #socialproof #customerconversions

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How to Add Customer Testimonials to Your WordPress (6 Ways)

Want to get more customer testimonials and boost your conversions? Just check out this in-depth guide on how to add testimonials in your WordPress…

Struggling to get your Instagram Reels seen?

Hashtags are key to reaching a wider audience!

In our latest blog post, we share some powerful hashtag tips to help you get your Reels discovered:


Here's a sneak peek:

👉 Don't go overboard! Use a mix of relevant hashtags with varying popularity.
👉 Target niche hashtags related to your content.
👉 Create your own branded hashtag to build a community.

Ready to take your Reels to the next level?

Head over to the blog post and learn more about effective hashtag strategies! #instagramreels #hashtags #socialmediatips #growyouraudience #instagramsocialfeed #socialmediafeeds

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How to Get More Views on Reels: 9+ Proven Instagram Tips

Interested in how to get more views on reels you post in Instagram? In this post, we share tried-and-tested tips to help you promote your Instagram…

Skiing during totality 🤯 #GoProFamily member Mike Hayes experienced the magic of today's total solar eclipse while backcountry skiing in Vermont. Shot on #GoProMAX + #GoProHERO12 Black.

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The top of the food chain 🦅 $1,000 #GoProAwards recipient + landscape photographer Baldovino Midali captured this majestic golden eagle using GoPro Labs’ Motion Detection.

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Photo of the Day: Polar perfection 🥶 GoPro Subscriber Thomas Mogensen ventured into Northern Greenland to experience the incredible sea ice. His #GoProPOV earned him $500 after submitting to

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We're proudly partnering with @TickfordRacing + driver Cam Waters in the #6 car for this season's Australian @supercarschampionship 💨 Tune in to see us on track at over 180 MPH.

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Photo of the Day: Weekend mode engaged 🏝️ Snapped on #GoProHERO12 Black by
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Skiing on clouds with #GoProAthlete Dennis Ranalter + #GoProMAX ☁️ Have you heard about the #GoProLineOfTheWinter Challenge? We have $120,000 up for grabs for 8 riders this season. Learn more at

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What it's all about ❄️ #GoProSnow Challenge award recipient Álvaro Penadés
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Because 2 wheels is too many 🚲 #GoProAwards recipient Victor Albach earned $500 by putting his manual skills to the test in the South of France. Shot on our 360° camera, #GoProMAX.

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Photo of the Day: Simply wow. 🥹 Captured in Northern Finland using Night Photo Mode by $250 #GoProAwards recipient, Yoshihiro Sanada

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Photo of the Day: Big blue world 🌎 Captured by #GoProFamily member Sachiyo Okumori using a custom underwater housing for our 360 camera, #GoProMAX.

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Photo of the Day: Nature walks cure all 😌 Snapped in Norway's Lofoten Islands by $250 #GoProAwards recipient Alf Benjamin Friis.

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Photo of the Day: It's shoulder day for GoPro Subscriber Andrews Santana 😉 Shot on #GoProHERO12 Black for a $500 GoPro Award.

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Excellent Product, Excellent Support. I’ve been using this plug-in for years, and it’s the best one I’ve found. Not only that, but the folks who reply to emails are smart and speedy, and they answer your questions comprehensively and patiently. Finally, I’m happy to pay for this plug-in because I want to support indie developers.
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A super customizable plugin which gives you full control, saves you a lot of time complemented with fantastic support from @smashballoon.
amvanleeuwen Marcel van Leeuwen(amvanleeuwen)

8 reasons why our customers love YouTube Feed Pro

We build our plugins so that anyone can use them. No complicated setup steps, no headaches.

All our plugins are highly customizable and provide tons of options to configure or style your feed.

Websites should be fast. That means your YouTube content should be too. Speed is one of our top priorities.

All YouTube videos are embedded into your page source code equals regularly updated bot-readable content.

All of our plugins include integrations with popular privacy consent plugins and a one-click GDPR setting.

Easily remove posts from your feed you don't want to show, or create feeds of specially curated posts.

Built with rock solid reliability in mind so your feeds don't go down when the rest of the web does.

We're not just in the plugin business, we're in the customer support business! And pride ourselves on it.

Learn more about our feeds

Learn more about our feeds

YouTube Channel Feeds

Easily display videos from any public YouTube channels, with multiple post layouts and configurations. With the YouTube Feed Pro plugin you can automatically pull in new YouTube videos to your site without lifting a finger. Just connect your YouTube channel, sit back, and relax! The plugin will automatically pull in your latest content, allowing you to customize how it’s displayed in a range of layouts, moderation settings, and much more.

YouTube Live Streams

Use our Live Streaming feature to automatically feed live videos into your WordPress site. You can use it to show a feed of your currently playing and upcoming live streams so you can just focus on creating the content rather than having to deal with embedding players on your site every time you go live.

YouTube Gallery

Easily create multiple different YouTube galleries from various channels, lists, favorites, or search queries. Add galleries anywhere throughout your site to display your YouTube content in a variety of ways, engaging your visitors and keeping them on your site for longer.


Aggregate social media content into an easy social media wall for WordPress

Ever wish you had an easy way to combine your social media feeds in one place?

With the Social Wall Pro, now you can!

Use Social Wall Pro to display social media feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube on a centralized wall posted on your website.

This easy-to-use tool can help you boost your followers in all 4 platforms, increase user engagement and grow your business via successful social media marketing.

Boost Your Brand Awareness and Followers

Are you struggling to build your social media presence? You’re not alone.

Businesses like you need social media to grow. 51% of the world’s population now use social media, after all.

That’s why Social Wall Pro was made. The plugin helps you:

– Target your ideal audience: Social Wall Pro shows all your social media feeds to targeted traffic — website visitors who are already interested in your brand.

– Boost your brand awareness: The more people know you, the more likely they’ll trust you. Make your brand more consistent and recognizable by using Social Wall Pro to display a centralized wall with your top social media accounts on your website.

– Supercharge your social media followers: Get more followers on not just 1, but 4 social media accounts! Adding your social media feeds to WordPress gives your site visitors an easy way to follow and engage with you.

The result? The more your ideal audience engages with you and trusts your brand, the more likely they are to do business with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Smash Balloon plugins?

Smash Balloon plugins are perfect for business owners, marketers, bloggers, influencers, agencies, and basically anyone else who wants to integrate social media content into their website to help grow their following, increase conversions, save time, or engage more with their users.

Do I need coding skills or a developer app?

Nope! We understand that many WordPress users aren’t technical and so have built all of our plugins to be as easy as possible to set up and use. The easy feed setup process just requires you to login into your social media account and the plugin will do the rest. By default the plugins will inherit the styles from your theme so no customization is required, but in case you want to tweak things we have a wide variety of customization settings built in.

Will Smash Balloon plugins slow down my site?

Our plugins are specifically built with speed and performance in mind. All the data retrieved from the various social media platforms is cached by the plugin in order to minimize requests. We also dynamically load data as needed to ensure that your page speed stays lightning fast.

Do Smash Balloon plugins work on non-WordPress sites?

Our plugins are designed and built for WordPress and so don’t work with other platforms.

Can I use Smash Balloon plugins on client sites?

Yes, you can use Smash Balloon plugins on client sites in two ways. Either you can purchase the Developer license or All Access Bundle OR purchase an appropriate license for each client sites (yes you can refer them and earn 20% commission through our affiliate program).


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