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Reconnecting an Instagram Business Profile

Version 6.0 and above

If you are having issues with your Instagram Business Profile not connecting successfully inside the plugin, errors trying to display an Instagram Hashtag feed, or the API error 190 inside the plugin settings, please follow these steps:

1) First, remove your Business account from the plugin by using the “Remove” button.

2) Click the “Add Source” button to reconnect your account.

3) Select “Business

4) Select “Yes

5) Select “Connect with Facebook

6) When redirected to Facebook, click the “Edit Settings” button

7) Make sure you select all your Instagram Profiles by clicking the “Select All” box, then click the next.

8) Make sure you select all your pages by clicking the “Select All” box, then click the next.

9) Make sure you select all the permissions, then click “Done“.

10) Click the “OK” button to be redirected back to your site.

11) Select your Instagram Business profile and click the “Add” button, then save the changes.

IMPORTANT: In some cases, you may need to reset your Business Profile status:

This should only be done as a last resort, as it will reset your Insights and specific Business settings. All of your content will remain intact. You can revert your Business Profile back to a Personal Profile by using the Instagram app.

1) Open the Instagram app on your mobile device, click on the “menu” icon in the top right and then select “Settings” at the bottom.

2) Select “Account” then scroll down and select “Switch Account Type”, then “Switch to personal account. Please note, that doing this will result in you losing any “insights” attached to your Business Profile. If these are important to you, then you may want to view/save them before reverting to your account. You can confirm by clicking “Switch to personal account” again.

3) Once you have switched your account back to a Personal one, please follow the directions here again to convert it back to a Business Profile.

4) After doing so, please try connecting your Business account again by following the directions below.


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