Setting up the Free Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin

Version 6.0 and above

1) To upload the plugin click Add New at the top of your WordPress Plugins page.

Add New Plugin - Facebook 4.0

2) Click Upload at the top.

Upload Plugin Button - Facebook 4.0

3) Browse to the zip file which you downloaded when you purchased the plugin and click Install Now

4) Activate the plugin.

5) You’ll now see the Instagram Feed menu appear in your WordPress menu.

6) Click on All Feeds and then click on the button labeled Add new.

Note: If you are connecting an account on behalf of someone else.

Then you can send them this link and ask them to send you their Facebook ID and Access Token. You can then add a new source and select the “Add Account Manually” button to enter their info. For more detailed information on how to use the Access Token tool see this link.

7) Click on the User Timeline option, then click Next

Select user timeline

8) Click on the button labeled Add Source

9) Select the Add New option

10) Select the Type of account, then click the Connect button

11) Depending on the type of account you selected you’ll be redirected to Instagram (Personal profile) or Facebook (Business profile). If you are not logged in then will be prompted to do so. Once logged in, follow the prompts by clicking the Allow/Continue button.

12) The list of Facebook pages will be displayed. Select a page and click the Add button.

13) Add a name to your feed and customize it using the options on this screen, then click Save

14) Once you’re ready to embed your feed, click the Embed button and copy the shortcode.

15) To display your feed simply add the shortcode you created to any page, post, or widget, like so:

Below version 6.0

1) Once you’ve installed the plugin click on the Instagram Feed item in your WordPress menu

Click on the Instagram Feed menu item

2) Click on the large blue button to connect your Instagram account.
Note: Connecting as a “Business” account requires logging in to Facebook
Connect Instagram account

3) Once you’ve connected your Instagram account you can use the associated buttons to add or remove it from your Primary user feed, or to add it to another feed on your site.

Connected Instagram Account

4) Navigate to the Customize page to customize your feed.

Instagram Feed WordPress Customize tab

5) Once you’ve customized your feed, copy the [instagram-feed] shortcode into any page, post or widget where you want the feed to appear.


6) You can use either the built-in “Instagram Feed” widget, or the default WordPress “Text” widget, to display your Instagram Feed in a sidebar or any other widget area.


For an overview of setting up the plugin check out the video below, or see our guide on how to add an Instagram hashtag feed in WordPress.
Note: The video demonstrates the Pro version of the plugin, which includes more features than the free version, however, the initial setup process is the same for both the free and Pro version.


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