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How to reconnect your source to fix the error “Action Required Within 7 Days”

If you received an email or see an error on your plugin settings stating that:

“An account admin has deauthorized the Smash Balloon app used to power the Instagram Feed plugin. If the Instagram account is not reconnected within 7 days then all Instagram data will be automatically deleted on your website for this account (ID:#) due to Facebook data privacy rules.”

This could happen for one of the following reasons:

1- The admin deauthorized our Facebook app and all permissions were revoked (reference).

2- The Access Token of the account(s) connected to the plugin is no longer valid.

3- The feed is displayed using legacy shortcodes.

To fix this problem, please follow the steps below:

1- Reconnect your account to the plugin by navigating to your WordPress dashboard > Instagram Feed > Settings > remove the connected account(s) by clicking the red trash icon, then click the Save Settings button.

2- Click the Add Source button, select your Account Type, and click the blue Login with Instagram or Facebook button.

Note: If you selected a Business Account Type when sent to Facebook, you might need to click the Edit Settings button to review your connection settings and ensure all pages, profiles, and permissions are selected.

3- Once your account has been re-added, click the Save Changes button.

If your source shows the label “Source is not used yet” you’ll need to create a new feed, following the steps below:

1- Navigate to your WordPress dashboard > Instagram Feed > All Feed > Add New

2- Select the Instagram account you added to your sources.

3- Customize your feed, then click the “Embed” button to get your new shortcode.

4- Replace your old shortcode with the new one that should look like this [instagram-feed feed="1"]. The feed number could differ depending on the number of feeds you have created.


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