My TikTok Feed is Not Displaying

If your TikTok Feed is not displaying, go to the page where you added the feed (while you are logged in as an administrator) or to your WordPress Dashboard > TikTok Feed > Settings page to check for any error messages. Most times if there is a problem occurring with your feed, there will be a message in one of these locations explaining more about the problem with links to documentation to help resolve the problem.

If you do not find a solution there, here are some common issues to check for:

The connected TikTok account does not have any videos

Check that you have connected the correct TikTok account and that there are videos published to the account

A JavaScript error is occurring (due to a theme or plugin conflict)

Conflicts with your site’s theme or other plugins on your site can cause JavaScript errors that prevent the feed from displaying. You can check for JavaScript errors by opening your browser’s developer tools and checking the Console tab.

A good way to troubleshoot theme or plugin conflicts is to use the Troubleshooting Mode of the free Health Check plugin. With Troubleshooting Mode, you can temporarily set a default WordPress theme and disable all other plugins. This will only affect the logged-in administrator and regular visitors to your site will not see any change. If your feed works normally like this, you can turn the other plugins back on one at a time or switch themes, checking your TikTok feed after each change, to find what is causing the conflict.

Site Caching is showing an out-of-date version of your page

If you have site or page caching enabled on your site, this could be causing an out-of-date version of your page to be shown. Site or page caching can be set up with a plugin installed on your site, or it can be set up directly from your web host. You can check with your web host for more details on your specific site.

If site caching is enabled, try clearing the site cache. You can also go to the cache settings and set a lower TTL or Cache Timeout value to ensure that your page updates more frequently.

If you still cannot find why your feed is not displaying

If you checked the items above and you still can not find why your feed is not displaying, please reach out to our support team here and we’ll help investigate what is causing the problem.


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