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Displaying Facebook Events

It is currently only possible to display events that you are a host of and are from a Facebook “Page” that you have created a separate Events Access Token for. To do this, please see the Page Access Token instructions. To display events from Facebook pages that you’re not an admin of see this FAQ for a workaround.

The Custom Facebook Feed WordPress plugin makes it easy to display events directly from your Facebook Page or Group.

Displaying your Facebook events on your WordPress site using the Custom Facebook Feed WordPress plugin

How to show events

1) Open the Plugin configuration page, and click the Add New button Empty New - Facebook 4.0

2) Select the Events type, then click Next Event Create Feed - Facebook 4.0

3) Click the Add New to connect your Page or Group Add New Source - Facebook 4.0

Note: To display events you will need to create a specific Page Events Access Token for which we have outlined instructions here.

4)  Add the ID and Access Token generated following these instructions. Click Add Source. Add Source Events Feed - Facebook 4.0

5) Add a name to your feed and customize it using the options on this screen, then click Save Settings Page - Facebook 4.0

6) Once you’re ready to embed your feed, click the Embed button and copy the shortcode. Embed Feed - Facebook 4.0

7) To find the shortcode you need to use to display this feed click All Feeds All Feeds - Facebook 4.0

Events from multiple different Facebook pages

To combine events from multiple different Facebook pages into one single feed you would need to use our Multifeed extension. This allows you to specify multiple Facebook IDs and can then merge all of the events into one single feed, ordered by date.

Multifeed Source - Facebook 4.0

Displaying specific single events

To display specific events you need to use our Featured Post extension. This allows you to display single posts or events based on their ID

Event Settings

The plugin contains a range of settings that allow you to control how events appear. These options are available on the specific feed’s Customize page within the Facebook Feed plugin.

Number of events to display

This is the same setting used when choosing how many Facebook posts to display. You can find these settings under Facebook Feed > All Feeds > Select the events feed settings > Feed Layout > Number of Posts.

If you have any issues setting up or using the plugin then check out our support section for solutions to common problems.  If you need help beyond that, then you can also open a support ticket here on our website.


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