How do I create a single post feed?

You can display a feed comprised of specific single posts by using the single shortcode setting. To use this, first set the feed “type” to be “single”, then paste the ID of the post(s) into the single shortcode setting, like so:

[instagram-feed type="single" single="sbi_1349591022052854916_10145706" cols=1]

Finding a Post ID

You can find the post ID by clicking on a photo in your feed (while logged in as a site administrator) and then clicking the “Hide Photo” link in the popup lightbox. This will display the ID of the post as shown below.


Multiple photos

To display multiple specific photos in the same feed you can simply separate multiple post IDs using commas, like so:

[instagram-feed type="single" single="sbi_1349591022052854916_10145706, sbi_1345700465773696453_10145706" cols=2]