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What are Instagram Collab Posts and Can I Show These in My Feed?

What is a Collab Post?

An Instagram Collab (Collaborative) Post is a single post that appears in two different Instagram accounts. The creator of the original post can invite another account as a collaborator. If the account accepts the invite, their username will be added to the post and the post will be shared with their followers.

You can tell that a post is a Collab Post when you see two authors listed like this:

You can see more details about how Collab Posts work in this guide from Instagram’s Help Center.

Can I Show Collab Posts in My Feed?

It is possible to show Collab Posts in your feed if these two requirements are met:

1) You must be the original author of the post. If you were invited as a collaborator on the post, Instagram’s API unfortunately will not include the post when our plugin requests the posts from your feed.

2) You must be using an Instagram Business Profile connection. When you use a Personal account connection, Instagram’s API does not include Collab Posts. For help with setting up a Business Profile connection, see our guide here.


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