Includewords, Excludewords, or White List Feature Not Working

If you are using the setting show/remove posts that contain these words or phrases, otherwise known as the includewords/excludewords settings, you may be filtering out too many posts for the feed to display any. Instagram does not send posts from a specific user that also have a specific hashtag, so the plugin will request all posts from the user account or hashtag feed and then will filter based on includewords/excludewords. It’s also possible that your feed caches are conflicting with one another. If the first 3 letters of the includewords/excludewords for multiple feeds are the same this may be the case. Here are some possible workarounds for this:

Fixing Caching Conflicts (version 4.1 to 5.12.9)

Please note: In Version 6.0 and above of the plugin, this is handled automatically and you do not need to make any changes for caching conflicts.

If the feed displays sporadically and you have similar includewords in multiple separate feeds (i.e #vacationHawaii and #vacationAlaska) the feed caches may be conflicting. Add the shortcode setting “feedid” to set the name of the cache explicitly and fix the conflict. For example:
[instagram-feed includewords="#vacationAlaska" feedid="alaska"]
[instagram-feed includewords="#vacationHawaii" feedid="hawaii"]

Using Permanent Feeds (version 2.9 and above)

1) Add the setting “permanent=true” to your shortcode [instagram-feed permanent="true"]
This will disable the feed’s ability to look for new posts and instead will create the feed from a permanent cache saved in the WordPress database.

2) Make your white list feed permanent in moderation mode
If you create a “white list” feed that never needs to be changed, you can save the white list as a “permanent” white list using the relevant setting while in Moderation Mode.

Note: If you make a feed “permanent” the plugin will attempt to gather enough posts to fill the feed when it’s first created. Even if no posts are retrieved initially, you can click the “load more” button until all posts that you were hoping to include in the feed are collected.

Using Other Settings

Raise the “Max concurrent API requests” setting (Version 6.0 and newer)
This setting will retrieve more posts initially to help with the filtering issue. Find it by going to Instagram Feed > All Feeds > (click the name or pencil icon to edit the feed) > Settings > Advanced > Max Concurrent API Requests

Raise the “Max concurrent API requests” setting (Below version 6.0)
This setting will retrieve more posts initially to help with the filtering issue. Find it at the bottom of the “Customize” tab for Instagram Feed.


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