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Manually connect an Instagram Profile using an Access Token

If you want to display a feed from an Instagram profile that you are not an admin or owner of, you’ll need to ask the admin to generate an Access Token that you’ll use to manually connect the account to the plugin. To do so, follow the steps below:

1- Ask the page/group admin to generate a new Access Token using this tool; the result should look like this:

Important: If you are connecting an Instagram Business Account when redirected to Facebook, you might need to click the Edit Settings (see screenshot) button to review your connection settings. Ensure ALL pages, profiles, and permissions are selected.

2- Navigate to your WordPress dashboard > Instagram Feed > Settings > in the manage Sources section, click the “Add Source” button, then click “+ Add Account Manually” 

3- Enter the Instagram Account ID, and Instagram Access Token generated in step 1, then click “Add

If the Access Token is valid, your account Instagram profile will show up under the sources list, then you can create a new feed using this source. If you need more information about how to create a new feed, please check this guide: Setting up the Instagram Feed Pro WordPress Plugin.


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