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How do I display the Facebook feed in my WordPress page, post or widget?

Simply paste the following shortcode into your page, post, or widget – wherever you want the feed to show up: [custom-facebook-feed feed=1]. If you are using a widget then just use the built-in default ‘Text’ widget to paste the shortcode into.

Note: The feed number will depend on the specific feed, you can get the exact shortcode by navigating to Facebook Feed > All Feeds

Below version 4.0

The [custom-facebook-feed] shortcode will by default use the options set on your Custom Facebook Feed settings pages, but you can also define options within the shortcode itself which will override the defaults that you set. For example: [custom-facebook-feed include=text,date] would only display the post text and the post date. See all of the available shortcode options here.

Check out the WordPress plugin documentation for more detailed directions.

You can also embed the shortcode into a page template or other PHP template file. See this FAQ for more information.


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