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Add Custom Pause and End of Video Actions to Your YouTube Videos

Below version 2.0

The plugin offers 3 custom displays that can be used when a user of your site pauses or finishes a video. This option can be found by going to Feeds for YouTube > Customize > Video Experience > Call to Action

Related Videos

This is the default option enabled when first installing the plugin. With this option enabled, your site visitors will see an overlay that displays other videos from the feed on the page.

Custom Link

This option allows you to display a custom link that can be used to drive users to any page or website such as a shop page or to an external site using an affiliate link. There are options to customize the button text, background color, and button text.

YouTube Default

This option will display the default YouTube overlay of suggested videos from your page. This option will display a variety of videos, not just the videos that are shown in the feed on your site.


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