Change Log

= Version 1.7.1 – November 12, 2019 =
* New: Added hooks for applying custom filters to feeds “ctf_filter_out_tweet”.
* Tweak: Quoted tweets with videos now open a video in the lightbox instead of linking to the original tweet.
* Tweak: Added aria-label attributes to SVG icons for improved accessibility.
* Fix: Fixed PHP warning that occurred when a URL in the tweet text did not have a full length URL available from the Twitter API.
* Fix: Using the setting to link the tweet text to Twitter would cause nested links and invalid HTML.
* Fix: Fixed Twitter logo not displaying if avatar, author, and date were hidden.

= Version 1.7 – October 17, 2019 =
* New: Twitter logo added to the top right of each tweet to fit with Twitter’s display guidelines. Customize the logo on the “Style” tab, “Author” area or hide it using the settings on the “Customize” tab “Show/Hide” settings.
* New: Minified versions of JavaScript and CSS files now used.
* New: Tweets that are replies to the same account or mention the same account can be included in the feed by enabling the setting “Always include replies to self in the feed”.
* New: Added a setting to completely disable Twitter intents widget.js file.
* New: Full urls now displayed in tweet text. You can display the shortened urls by enabling the setting on the “Customize” tab, “Advanced” sub-tab or adding shorturls=true in the shortcode.
* New: Added support for a “layout” setting. Choose the default layout of your feeds on the “Customize” tab or use layout=list, layout=carousel, or layout=masonry in the shortcode.
* New: Added hooks for changing Twitter card data: “ctf_tc_text” and “ctf_tc_data”. Also added support for executing JavaScript after a Twitter card is added to the page.
* New: Added hooks for changing media data before being added to the page: “ctf_item_media”. This can be used to present certain media types, such as youtube embeds, in a custom way.
* New: Custom JavaScript can now be executed when the lightbox opens and changes slides by assigning a function to ctfLightboxAction.
* Tweak: Combined widgets.js file with native JavaScript file for the plugin.
* Tweak: Twitter widgets.js will only be enqueued when “actions” are included in the feed.
* Tweak: Several improvements in includewords and excludewords filtering.
* Tweak: Twitter cards will default to summary_large_image type if card type is not valid.
* Tweak: Added support for list= as well as lists= in shortcodes to display tweets from a Twitter list.
* Tweak: Tweet text line height style set to 1.4.
* Tweak: Urls being checked for Twitter cards are hidden instead of removed to allow for customization.
* Tweak: Improved compatibility with lazy-loading scripts.
* Fix: Using custom header text for a search or hashtag feed would result in the link to twitter being incorrect.
* Fix: “Verified” icon was not rendering as an svg causing accessibility issues.
* Fix: Added additional check for incorrect encoding of “å” character.
* Fix: Fixed duplicate checks of a url when no Twitter card data was found for it.
* Fix: Fixed invalid CSS.
* Fix: Box-sizing unset for SVGs.

= Version 1.6.1 – May 13, 2019 =
* Tweak: Added support for Spotify embeds.
* Tweak: Audio file embeds are now shorter and easier to click the play button in the lightbox.
* Fix: Removed images not used in feed.
* Fix: Updated widgets.js code to prevent conflicts with tweet embeds.
* Fix: Welcome page updated to work with CSS changes in WordPress 5.2.

= Version 1.6 – April 4, 2019 =
* New: You can now choose to only display a certain amount of text characters in your Tweets, with a clickable link to display the rest. This is set to be 280 characters by default, but can be changed by using the following setting: Customize > Style > Tweet Text > Text Length, or by using the textlength shortcode setting.
* Tweak: The HTML element used for icons has been switched from “i” to “span” for better accessibility
* Tweak: License renewal notice only visible to admins
* Tweak: Twitter intents JavaScript not loaded on the page if tweet actions are removed
* Tweak: Includewords and Excludewords filters are now case-insensitive
* Fix: An empty space was being displayed for Twitter cards that were missing images
* Fix: Several other accessibility improvements

= Version 1.5.8 – February 15, 2019 =
* Fix: Cron clear cache feature was not working under certain circumstances
* Fix: Links missing when Twitter Cards were unavailable for a link in the post text
* Tweak: Added a “Test Connection” button to the License page to help troubleshoot license activation issues

= Version 1.5.7 – January 1, 2019 =
* Fix: Twitter Cards will still display when source website is missing some information
* Fix: If a Twitter Card can not be produced for a link, the link will still display

= Version 1.5.6 – September 6th, 2018 =
* Tweak: Added a filter for Tweet text length
* Tweak: Updated the plugin updater class to latest version
* Fix: Avatar would appear to the right of Tweets or not at all in some versions of Firefox
* Fix: Twitter Card image URLs that were already escaped were not displaying
* Fix: Minor bug fixes

= Version 1.5.5 – August 9th, 2018 =
* Tweak: Changed the media layout to be similar to that of Twitter. When the media layout setting is set to “auto” then the plugin will display tweets with 2 images side by side, and tweets with 3 or 4 images with a large first image and the other images as smaller thumbnails.
* Tweak: Height of Twitter card images increased for narrow displays
* Fix: PHP warning caused by trying to count a boolean
* Fix: The “includewords” setting was not detecting all tweets that include the target word

= Version 1.5.4 – June 20th, 2018 =
* Fix: Lightbox wasn’t showing full caption for certain posts
* Fix: New lines causing word detection issue when using filtering
* Fix: Fixed issue with linkifying code missing tags in parentheses

= Version 1.5.3 – February 19th, 2018 =
* Fix: Added icon source setting for AJAX themes
* Fix: SVG icons box-sizing set to “unset” to prevent issues with SVG icon sizes
* Fix: Auto load more on scroll was causing problems for other features on sites that are triggered by scrolling
* Fix: Extra check added to prevent infinite loop of displaying welcome screen when installing the plugin
* Fix: Missing alt tag and empty links in lightbox causing accessibility errors

= Version 1.5.2 – January 23rd, 2018 =
* Fix: SVG icons not displaying correctly in IE11
* Fix: Styling of retweet icons fixed to match other icons
* Fix: JavaScript file included twice when option “Are you using an AJAX theme” enabled

= Version 1.5.1 – January 10th, 2018 =
* Fix: Fixed carousel navigation arrows not being converted to SVGs

= Version 1.5.0 – January 5th, 2018 =
* New: Added setting to include only secure (https) images in Twitter Cards
* New: Icons are now generated as SVGs for a sharper look and more semantic markup
* Tweak: JavaScript file for plugin is now enqueued only on pages with the feed displayed
* Tweak: More Twitter Cards are displayed the first time a feed updates
* Tweak: Minor changes in Twitter Card code to capture more images, descriptions, and titles
* Fix: Changed “alt” tags for images for better accessibility

= Version 1.4.3 – August 23rd, 2017 =
* New: Added “Welcome” and “Getting Started” pages when first activating or updating the plugin
* New: Added screen reader labels for improved accessibility
* Tweak: Updated Font Awesome files to version 4.7.0

= Version 1.4.2 – August 9th, 2017 =
* Fix: Encoding of umlauts and certain quote styles were fixed for Twitter Cards
* Fix: Escaped additional urls, attributes and html
* Fix: Added a workaround for a minor formatting issue caused by some themes
* Tweak: Added notice if license is expired or will expire soon

= Version 1.4.1 – July 27, 2017 =
* Fix: Fixed an issue where some embedded YouTube videos were not playable

= Version 1.4 – July 20, 2017 =
* New: Added a “Loop Type” option to the Carousel settings which allows you to select how the carousel should loop. Choose from “None”, “Infinite”, or “Rewind”. You can also use the carouselloop shortcode option.
* Tweak: Updated the carousel code version
* Fix: Several fixes for Twitter Card retrieval. If some of your Twitter Cards are not generating as expected, check the box next to “Use cURL to retrieve Twitter Cards” on the “Customize” tab near the bottom of the page. You may also need to click “Clear Twitter Card Cache” after doing so to generate missing Twitter Cards.
* Fix: Links would sometimes be removed if no Twitter Card data was found.
* Fix: Additional resize triggered to help images being cut off under certain conditions

= Version 1.3.8 – May 18, 2017 =
* Fix: Fixed missing avatars in Firefox for some accounts
* Fix: Changed account links to https
* Fix: Mentions timeline now uses the same layout as the home and user timelines
* Fix: Fixed links from Facebook disappearing under certain situations in tweets
* Fix: Fixed retweets always being included in persistent caches during the initial tweet retrieval
* Fix: Fixed a Twitter card security issue

= Version 1.3.7 – April 3, 2017 =
* Fix: Fixed an issue where link information sometimes wasn’t able to be displayed as a Twitter Card due to the standard “get_meta_tags” function not working on some servers. A backup method was added as a workaround using cURL.
* Fix: Fixed an issue with include/exclude string to array conversion warning

= Version 1.3.6 – January 17th, 2017 =
* New: Images in feeds are now the smallest resolution available relative to the actual size of the image on the page
* Fix: Certain characters in “search” feeds were causing inconsistent results in feed

= Version 1.3.5 – January 3rd, 2017 =
* Fix: Line breaks were not being recognized in tweet text

= Version 1.3.4 – December 28th, 2016 =
* Fix: Persistent cache was not saving all data in some circumstances. Data is now encoded to ensure that it saves.

= Version 1.3.3 – December 7th, 2016 =
* Fix: Occasionally a format other that .mp4 would be used for videos in the feed. Mp4 will now always be used when available.
* Fix: PHP warnings would appear when updating a persistent cache when all of the new tweets were filtered out due to duplication.

= Version 1.3.2 – October 18th, 2016 =
* Fix: Fixed an issue that would occur when no tweets were available after filtering with the includewords setting
* Fix: Fixed an issue where empty tweets would show up in certain situations

= Version 1.3.1 – October 10th, 2016 =
* Fix: Fixed an issue introduced in the previous updated where some images were not being shown in Tweets
* Fix: Fixed a layout issue when a quote Tweet contained multiple images

= Version 1.3 – October 4th, 2016 =
* New: The plugin now uses persistent tweet caching for search and hashtag feeds. By default, when displaying hashtag or search feeds Twitter only returns Tweets from the last 7 days, but the persistent cache now allows you to display these Tweets indefinitely.
* New: You can now display Tweets from a “List”. Just select the “Lists” feed type on the plugin’s Settings page, or use the lists shortcode option, eg: lists="18480038". You can use the helpful List ID finding tool on the plugin’s Settings page to help find your list ID.
* New: Retweets can now be filtered out of user and home timelines. Retweets are filtered out by default for search and hashtag feeds.
* New: Added options for media layouts including the max number of visible images and the number of columns used in the tweet. These can be found under the ‘Media Layout’ section on the ‘Customize’ page, or you can use the following shortcode options: imagecols and maxmedia, eg: imagecols=2 maxmedia=2.
* Tweak: Removed links at the end of tweets when media or a twitter card link was available
* Fix: Fixed an issue where ajax calls for twitter cards and additional tweets would return the page url

= Version 1.2.2 – August 19th, 2016 =
* Fix: Fixed an issue with the Twitter Access Token and Secrets not automatically being saved when initially obtaining them
* Fix: Fixed an issue related to the checkbox used to show the bio text in the header
* Fix: Fixed an issue with the header background color not being applied in some feeds
* Fix: Fixed and issue with the custom date format setting not working correctly

= Version 1.2.1 – August 16th, 2016 =
* Fix: Fixed an issue with icons not displayed in the carousl navigation arrows
* Fix: Fixed an issue when creating a Search feed using the built-in Custom Twitter Feeds widget box
* Fix: Fixed an issue with the “Load More” button in the carousel when multiple feeds were on the same page
* Fix: Fixed an issue with the checkbox that allows you to toggle links on/off in the Tweet text

= Version 1.2 – August 12th, 2016 =
* New: Added a Carousel feature which allows you to display your Tweets in a carousel/slideshow. Use the settings on the plugin’s “Customize” page, or set carousel=true in your shortcode.
* New: Added mentions=true as a shortcode setting
* Tweak: Display feed header and bio by default when plugin is first installed
* Tweak: Added a header when combining multiple types of feed into one single feed
* Tweak: Separated the “Hashtag” and “Search” fields on the plugin’s Settings page
* Fix: Adjusted the spacing in masonry so that boxed tweets have equal padding
* Fix: Fixed a masonry layout issue
* Fix: Fixed an issue with transient names for search feeds which affected caching
* Fix: Fixed an issue with punctuation in the “includewords” setting
* Fix: Fixed an issue with some setting checkboxes
* Fix: Fixed a rare URL encoding issue which occurred on some server configurations
* Fix: Misc bug fixes
* Tested with the upcoming WordPress 4.6 update

= Version 1.1 – July 12th, 2016 =
* New: Now supports YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, and SoundCloud embeds
* New: When quoting/sharing Tweets it now shows images when applicable
* New: Added support for “Amplify” Twitter cards
* New: Added a Mentions setting to allow you to display Tweets which @mention you
* New: Added a 2 column option for the Masonry layout
* Tweak: Prevented duplicate Tweets from being displayed
* Fix: Fixed a bug with Masonry and Autoscroll checkbox
* Fix: Fixed an issue with the “Disable lightbox” setting not working correctly
* Fix: Added a play button overlay to videos
* Fix: Miscellaneous bug fixes

= Version 1.0.1 – June 30th, 2016 =
* Fix: Fixed an issue with some customize settings not saving successfully
* Fix: Minor bug fixes

= Version 1.0 – June 27th, 2016 =
* Launch!