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Guide to Creating Custom Templates

Since version 1.13 of the Pro plugin, the HTML for Custom Twitter Feeds can be customized using a setting and PHP files added to the active theme’s folder. Please note that using custom templates may require maintenance when updating the plugin and may limit the amount of support Smash Balloon can offer.

To enable the use of custom templates, enable the setting “Enable Custom Templates” found on the “Customize” tab, “Advanced” area.

Next, create a new folder in the current active theme’s directory with the name “ctf”.

In the new folder, add templates files to customize. You do not need to add any files that you do not want to customize.

Copy and paste the contents of the existing templates found in the Custom Twitter Feeds plugin’s folder under the “templates” directory. Make edits as you would like. Please note that removing existing content/code may result in certain features of the plugin not working.

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