Reviews Extension


The Reviews extension allows you to display reviews from your Facebook Page on your WordPress site. Please note, you can only display reviews from a Facebook page that you are an admin of.

Below is an example of using the Reviews extension to display Facebook Page reviews.

Facebook reviews WordPress plugin

Shortcode used above:

[custom-facebook-feed type=reviews]

See the How to use tab above for directions on how to use the extension.

How to use


  1. Upload and install the extension plugin zip file. Extensions are installed just like any other WordPress plugin. You can follow the same process used when uploading and installing the Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin.
  2. Obtain an Access Token by clicking the “Log in and get my Access Token” button on the plugin’s Settings page and then after approving the plugin, select the Facebook page that you wish to display reviews from.
  3. Once you have your Access Token then copy and paste it into the “Reviews Access Token” field which is added to the plugin’s Settings page.
  4. To display reviews simply set the Post Type to be “reviews”, as shown in the following shortcode:
    [custom-facebook-feed type=reviews]


Once the extension is installed, some customization settings will be added to the following location:

Facebook Feed > Customize > General > Reviews


You can choose to display only reviews which have received a specific rating, change the size of the star icons, and edit the “View all Reviews” text.

General review post customization

If you want to customize the general parts of the review posts (eg: background colors, text, links, etc) then you can do so by using the “Post Style” settings on the plugin’s “Customize” settings page.

Displaying your total Facebook Page rating

Unfortunately, Facebook’s API doesn’t include the total star rating for your page, however, you can manually display this on your page by adding the following to your page above the shortcode:

5.0 <i class="fa fa-star"></i><i class="fa fa-star"></i><i class="fa fa-star"></i><i class="fa fa-star"></i><i class="fa fa-star"></i>

This will display a 5 star total rating. You can change the number of stars by editing the code. Be sure to copy and paste it into the “Text” tab of the page editor so that it’s rendered as HTML.


The table below shows the available shortcode options for the Reviews extension:

Shortcode Options

Name Attribute Options Description Example
Display reviews type reviews Display reviews in your feed type=reviews
Show reviews rated reviewsrated 1-5 Show reviews with these ratings reviewsrated="4,5"
Star icon size starsize Any number The size of the star icons starsize=18
“View all Reviews” text reviewslinktext Any text The text to use for the link reviewslinktext="See all"
Hide reviews with no text reviewshidenotext true
Choose whether to hide reviews with no text in them reviewshidenotext=true
API retrieval method reviewsmethod auto
Most users should leave this set as “Auto” and only change it if directed by a member of the support team. reviewsmethod=batch
Page Access Token pagetoken The Access Token for the Facebook page you want to display reviews from. Note: this shortcode option only needs to be used if displaying multiple review feeds from different Facebook pages, otherwise you can set it on the main plugin Settings page. pagetoken=xxxxx