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Setting up the Free Custom Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin (v4)

1) Once you’ve installed the plugin click on the Facebook Feed item in your WordPress menu and then select All Feeds. To create a new feed, click Add New.

Add New Feed - Facebook 4.0

2) Select the Timeline option, then click Next. Other feed type options are available in the plugin Pro version.

Free Version - Create a Facebook Feed - Facebook 4.0

3) Click the Add New button to connect your Facebook page or group.

Create a Feed - Add New - Facebook 4.0

4) You will be redirected to our website to connect the plugin using our Facebook app. Select whether it’s a Page or Group, then click the Connect button.

Connect your Facebook account

5) You will be redirected to Facebook, if you are not logged in then you will be prompted to do so. Once logged in, follow the prompts by clicking the Continue button.

Facebook - Continue as - Facebook 4.0

6) Click Select All pages here. You will then be able to choose the ones you want to actually connect once returned to the plugin.

Facebook - Select Accounts - Facebook 4.0

7) Review what permission our app is requesting, click Done, then click OK on the next page to return to your WordPress dashboard.
Important: Your feed may not work properly if you turn off one or more of these options.
Note: This does not allow our plugin to manage your page settings, edit, post to, or do anything else to your Facebook page. It simply allows the plugin to retrieve a “read-only” Access Token for your page which allows it to retrieve posts or other content you wish to display.

Facebook - Permissions - Facebook 4.0

8) The list of your Facebook pages will be displayed. Select the pages you want to connect in the plugin and click the Add button.

Select Facebook Page - Facebook 4.0

9) Click Next and your feed will be created. You can use the built-in options to customize your feed.

Customize your Facebook feed posts

10) Once you’re ready to embed your feed, click the Embed button and copy the shortcode.

Embed your Facebook feed Embed Feed - Facebook 4.0

11) Use the built in Gutenberg block, WordPress widget, or Elementor widget to display your feed. Or, simply add the shortcode to any page, post, or widget, like so:

Facebook Feed shortcode

12) You can see and manage all of your Facebook feed on the All Feeds page. Use the actions to edit, duplicate, or delete feeds.

Manage all Facebook feeds

If you have any issues setting up or using the plugin then check out our support section for solutions to common problems.  If you need help beyond that, then you can also open a support ticket either here on our website, or on

For an overview video of setting up the plugin check out the video below.
Note: The video demonstrates the Pro version of the plugin, which includes more features than the free version, however, the initial setup process is the same for both the free and Pro version.


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