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Twitter API Changes February 2023

Update July 10, 2023:

We have updated our solution that updates feeds. While most users will experience no changes, some feed updates may fail due to the changes from Twitter as well as some instability with Twitter itself. We are continuing our efforts to continually improve our solution.

Update June 30th, 2023:

Due to another sudden Twitter change, there is a disruption to our new API. We are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it as soon as possible. Existing feeds will show all cached posts, but it is currently impossible to update or create a new feed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and will update you with further details.

Update June 13th, 2023:

  • We have launched our new Twitter solution for our free users! This will require you to connect to Smash Balloon by verifying an email address and receiving a special site token that can be used to update a single feed. See this document for information about how the new system works.
  • Due to the higher costs of updating feeds, our free users will be limited to one feed that is updated once a week. For more updates and more feeds, consider upgrading to Pro.

Update May 2nd, 2023:

As our Pro plugin is stable and the limitations are being increased, we now also have a plan for our Free version of the Custom Twitter Feed. An update will be available early June. For details on how the Free version of the plugin will be different, please see our detailed documentation here.

Update April 17th, 2023:

We will resume sales of our Custom Twitter Feeds Pro plugin for new customers very soon, likely this week! Please contact support if you would like to be notified of when this sales resume.

The plugin will still have limitations based on the new request limit as well as some functionality limitations but we are working to remove as many of these limits as we can over time.

Update April 12th, 2023:

For Pro users, we are now rolling out updates to fix the issue. This is initially for Business and Developer/All Access Bundle licenses and Personal licenses will follow today. The update does come with changes to the plugin’s behavior. For details on this please see our documentation.

In the case of Free users, we are still investigating how best we can resolve the issue and will provide further details here as we get closer to a solution.

Update April 4th, 2023:

The Twitter API access was shut down for our application. Addressing this unexpected shutdown, we understand that this has caused inconvenience to many of our users and we apologize for any frustration that this may have caused. We have a solution ready for our Pro users which will be rolled out next week, but unfortunately, it will take some additional time to implement for our free users. While we are working on other solutions, we are also seeing whether we can get the existing version of our plugin back up and running.

We want to convey that this was unexpected for us, as Twitter did not communicate with us about when their decision to shut down their free API platform would take effect. However, we are committed to keeping our plugin working, and we are currently testing and finalizing a new solution that will enable us to do just that. Keep an eye out for coming updates to our plugin however for now, your feeds will not be working as expected.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time, and we will keep you updated as we progress with our new solution. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Thank you for your continued support!

Update March 31rd, 2023:

While the Twitter API has yet to undergo changes affecting our users, Smash Balloon has a solution ready for this change when Twitter does apply the changes. All that will be required by our users is an update to the plugin when this occurs.

Update February 15th, 2023:

The Twitter API is still currently working as it always has according to this Tweet. We are still working on potential workarounds while keeping an eye on the development of the Twitter API and which possibilities will exist with the launch of the new API Platform.

Update February 9th, 2023:

According to a new tweet from the Twitter Dev account, API access will continue until February 13th, 2023 when a paid plan will become available. However as of February 9th, 2023 there are reports of user timelines no longer working in our plugin and it seems this is due to the Twitter API blocking requests with no announcement.

The Smash Balloon team is working on potential workarounds and will provide additional information as soon as we have it available. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

February 2nd, 2023

According to a tweet on February 2nd, 2023 from the official Twitter Dev account, there are changes coming to the APIs that our Custom Twitter Feeds plugin relies on. This will likely affect how our plugins work but it isn’t clear what the changes are going to be at this time.

We have not received any information from Twitter other than what is publicly available, but we intend to do whatever is possible to adjust to the changes. As we have more information on how this change will affect our users, we will post it in this article. So check back for more updates on this matter.


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