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Auto-renewal License Subscriptions Explained
Email Subscriptions
Updating a License Subscription Payment
Cancelling a Subscription


Auto-renewal License Subscriptions Explained

As of February, 2020 an “auto-renewal license subscription” is created with every purchase type (ie. new license, license renewal, or license/plugin upgrade).  If you prefer not to have a subscription payment in place on your purchase you can cancel it anytime within your Smash Balloon user account after the purchase has been made.   Cancelling the “auto-renew” subscription does not cancel the actual life term of the license itself but will only cancel the “auto-renew” payment that would otherwise occur automatically at the scheduled time of license expiration.

A renewal subscription is an automatic payment that is made set up to “auto-renew” a plugin license so you don’t have to worry about coming back each year and going through the inconvenience of having to manually renew a license that you manage in your Smash Balloon user account.

Subscriptions are automatically created when you either purchase a plugin, renew an existing license, or upgrade to another plugin type.

You can cancel or unsubscribe from any existing subscription at any time within your Smash Balloon user account.  Instructions are provided here on how to complete the process of cancelling a subscription.

There are many benefits to keeping a subscription in place such as:

  • You maintain and continue the benefits of the Pro features of the plugin.
  • You remain protected against the constant social media or WordPress changes via plugin updates and access to our team of support experts.
  • Your current renewal rate for your license subscription locks you into your current renewal rate so you won’t be affected if prices increase in the future.
  • You do not have to complete the purchase process required with a manual renewal.

Cancelling a subscription will not invalidate the current expiration date of the plugin’s license activation key.  It only affects the license auto-renewal benefits.



Email Subscriptions

When you create a Smash Balloon user account the email is added to our mailing list which periodically provides you with notices. These email notices may relate to changes recently made to the plugin(s) you own, tips and tricks that can be used with the plugin(s), specials that we are offering, or just reaching out to see how things are going for you with the plugin you own.

If you wish to no longer receive the notices just click on the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email.  Clicking that link it will permanently remove your email from the list and stop further notices from being sent to that email address.



Updating a License Subscription Payment

You can update or change your payment source used for “auto-renewal” subscription payments but it will depend upon which source (PayPal financial institution or Credit Card) you are using for the subscription.

If you have payments set up through PayPal then you must first log into your PayPal account directly. The location to make the change within PayPal is a bit difficult to find so follow the the directions in the “Changing the Payment Method for Subscriptions and Automatic Payments” section of this document to guide you to the correct location within PayPal.

Otherwise if you wish to update your payment information for a credit card you can do so by logging into your Smash Balloon user account here. Then click on the “Billing” section within your account, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Update payment info” next to the subscription listing of the purchase that you want to update the billing account information for.  (See image below).

Location to update your auto-renewal payment account information.

Location to update your auto-renewal subscription payment account information.

You should now be able to update your billing info for that subscription payment. If you don’t have a subscription yet (which may be the case for an older account) then you don’t need to update your billing information at this time. When you manually renew your license you can just use whatever credit card you like at that time and that is what will be used going forward for the auto-renew subscription payment source for future payments.

Please note that ​the ability to change the account information only applies to payments made by credit cards and is not available for PayPal payments. We are looking further into PayPal payments to see if this is something that can also be integrated into the customer accounts as well.



Cancelling a Subscription

1. Log into your Smash Balloon user account here.

2. After logging in, click on the “Billing” tab at the top of the page.

3. Scroll down to the “Subscription” section near the bottom of the page and click on “Cancel“. This will stop any future auto-renewals but your license will still be valid for the time frame it was purchased for.  (See image below).

Screenshot of how to cancel a subscription.

Screenshot of how to cancel a subscription.

4. Review the information in the cancellation popup advising of the benefits of having a subscription and the risks of cancelling.  To continue through the cancellation process be sure to check the boxes in the second pop-up screen.

Once you have cancelled the subscription your account should display the the subscription as being cancelled under the subscription “Status” column.

Please Note: Cancelling the subscription does not invalidate the license itself but rather it will remain valid for the time period that it was purchased or renewed for. Rather it just stops the “auto-renewal” process which means you then would have to perform the renewal steps from within your Smash Balloon user account at the time of the license expiration date.

After cancelling a “subscription” you can still check the actual license expiration date by selecting the link to the “Downloads” section at the top of the page.  Scroll down to the Order # relating to that purchase where you can find the actual license expiration date.  (See image below).

Screenshot of where to check the actual scheduled expiration date of the license after cancelling a subscription.

Screenshot of where to check the actual scheduled expiration date of the license after cancelling a subscription.

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