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Installing and Configuring the Custom Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin

1) Once you’ve purchased the Custom Facebook Feed plugin click on the “Downloads” tab in your account to download the plugin. Your download link, license key, and purchase information are also emailed to you at the address which you provided during checkout.

2) Once you’ve downloaded the .zip file there’s no need to open it. You’ll be uploading and installing this .zip file directly to WordPress.

Note, If you’re using Safari:

Then the .zip file will be automatically extracted after downloading it. You can disable this feature by navigating to Safari > Preferences > General > Deselect the box with the text “Open safe files after downloading“. After that, the plugin will now download as a .zip file and can be uploaded directly to WordPress.

3) If you are using the Free version of the WordPress plugin then be sure to deactivate it prior to installing the Pro version.

Note: To transfer your settings from the Free version to the Pro version just do the following.

Check the ‘Preserve Settings if plugin is removed’ setting, which can be found in the following location in WordPress: Facebook Feed > Settings Preserve Settings - Facebook 4.0

4) To upload the Pro version of the plugin click Add New at the top of your WordPress Plugins page. Add New Plugin - Facebook 4.0

5) Click Upload at the top. Upload Plugin Button - Facebook 4.0

6) Browse to the zip file which you downloaded when you purchased the plugin and click Install Now Choose File - Facebook 4.0

7) Activate the plugin. Activate Plugin - Facebook 4.0

8) You’ll now see the Facebook Feed menu appear in your WordPress menu. Click on it and navigate to Settings to enter your license key. Facebook Feed - Facebook 4.0

9) Paste your license key into the field and click Save Changes License Tab - Facebook 4.0

10) Click Activate License (It may take a few clicks before it shows Active) Activate License - Facebook 4.0 Active License - Facebook 4.0

11) Click on All Feeds and then click on the button labeled Add new. Add New Feed Pro - Facebook 4.0

Please note, if you are connecting an account on behalf of someone else:

You can send them this link and ask them to send you their Facebook ID and Access Token. You can then add a new source and select the “Add Account Manually” button to enter their info. For more detailed information on how to use the Access Token tool see this link.

12) Click on the Timeline option, then click Next

Select the Source you want to use for the feed

13) Click on the button labeled Add Source Add New Source - Facebook 4.0

14) Select the Add New option Create a Feed - Add New - Facebook 4.0

15) Select the Type of source, then click the Connect button Connect Account - Facebook 4.0

16) You will be redirected to Facebook and if you are not logged in then will be prompted to do so. Once logged in, follow the prompts by clicking the Continue button.
Facebook - Continue as - Facebook 4.0

17) Facebook will then ask you what Pages you want to use. Select the pages you want to display then click Next. If setting up the plugin on multiple sites with different, select all pages in this step. You can specify which page specifically to display in step 15. Facebook - Select Accounts - Facebook 4.0

18) Review what permission our app is requesting, click Done, then click OK on the next page to return to your WordPress dashboard.

Important: Your feed may not work properly if you turn off one or more of these options.
Note: This does not allow our plugin to manage your page settings, edit, post to, or do anything else to your Facebook page. It simply allows the plugin to retrieve a “read-only” Access Token for your page which allows it to retrieve posts or other content you wish to display. Facebook - Permissions - Facebook 4.0

19) The list of Facebook pages will be displayed. Select a page and click the Add button.
Select Facebook Page - Facebook 4.0

20) Add a name to your feed and customize it using the options on this screen, then click Save Customize Feed - Facebook 4.0

21) Once you’re ready to embed your feed, click the Embed button and copy the shortcode. Embed Feed - Facebook 4.0

22) To display your feed simply add the shortcode you created to any page, post, or widget, like so: Embed Shortcode Pages - Facebook 4.0 Embed Shortcode Widget - Facebook 4.0

23) Navigate to the All Feeds page and click the Edit button to customize your feed. Edit all Feeds - Facebook 4.0

If you have any issues setting up or using the plugin then check out our support section for solutions to common problems. If you need help beyond that, then you can also open a support ticket below.

To see what else you can do with the Custom Feed Pro plugin check out the video below!


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