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How to create an Access Token to Manually connect a Facebook Page

This guide outlines the process of creating a Facebook Access Token using our Facebook Access Token tool. This can be used if you have been asked to provide one for setting up a Facebook Feed on a website.

If you have been asked to provide an Access Token by your Web Developer or Web Content Manager to set up a Facebook Feed using our plugin, or if you for any other reason wish to create an Access Token to manually set up our plugin, you can follow these steps. Note: if you change your password or make other security changes to your account after Access Token setup, it will be deactivated automatically and you will need to redo the connection process.

You can find the Manual Account Connection Tool here:

1. Click the Connect Account button.

2. At the pop-up, select the type of Access Token you are creating. The options are Page and Group. Then click Connect.

3. If you have previously connected to Smash Balloon WordPress, click Edit Settings. If this is the first time connecting our app, click Continue as <your name>.

4. On the next page, you will be asked which page you want to connect to. You should select all for the Access Token to work. While you can only select a specific page, if your Access Token is used anywhere else it may break. You can choose which specific page in the last step. Then press Next.

5. You will then be asked which permissions to give the Smash Balloon WordPress app. All permissions are required for the Access Token to work. These are only asked for since they are necessary to retrieve all standard information to display. Our App will not make any changes to your page, nor post anything, at any point. Make sure all are selected, then press Done.

6. Press OK, you will then be redirected to our site.

7. When back on our page, click View Connection Info for the Page you want to create an Access Token for. Save the Page ID as well as the full Access Token as shown below. These can then be used to manually set up our plugin, or be sent to your Web Developer or Web Content Manager that will set it up for you.

Should you have any questions about the process, feel free to contact our support.


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