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Instagram API Changes – December 11, 2018

On December 11, 2018, Instagram made some major changes to their existing API which affected certain parts of our Instagram Feed Pro plugin. Some parts of their API have been deprecated, and other parts have been migrated over to their new API. We have released updates to the plugin to accommodate these changes or remove deprecated features. The main changes are outlined below.

Location, Coordinate and Single Post feeds

Unfortunately, Instagram have deprecated location, coordinate, and single post feeds for all developers and so it is no longer be possible to display these kinds of feeds.  It is possible that Instagram will add support for these feeds in their new API, but have currently not officially announced any plans to do so.

Hashtag feeds

Instagram Business profile required
Hashtag feeds have been migrated from the existing Instagram API to their new API. They will continue to work but Instagram requires you to have an Instagram Business profile and connect it to a Facebook Page. V4.0 of the plugin was recently released which includes support for the new Hashtag API. See here for directions on how to transition to the new API in order to avoid any disruption in your feeds.

Number of hashtags
Another change related to hashtag feeds is the number of hashtags that you can query. Instagram’s new API has a 30 hashtag limit per 7 days. This means that you can only display feeds from 30 different hashtags within a 7 day rolling time period.

Removing dates and usernames
Posts in hashtag feeds will no longer include dates of when they were posted or the username of the person who posted them.

New ways to order hashtag posts
Hashtag feeds are now able to be ordered in two ways; most recent posts and most popular posts.

We understand that this news may negatively impact how you use our plugin to display Instagram content and apologize for any inconvenience caused by these major Instagram changes. We are continuing to work hard to update our plugins to reflect these new changes and to provide support to any affected users.


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